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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

New York in February (Part 2)

New York in February (Part 2)

I can't believe this trip to New York was over a month ago! But alas, continuing on from Part 1, here is day two of my lovely solo trip to the big apple from back in February. One of my favorite takeaways from this visit was a brunch at Tartine in the West Village.  I arrived as they were opening and got a tiny corner table.  It was super cold out, luckily the deep maroon velvet curtain kept a lot of the cool out, the windows steamed up and gave the tiny French place an even more dreamy feel.  The eggs Benedict Florentine were superb, and the coffee was warm and tasty, and I sat next to very friendly strangers who happily engaged in my touristy giddiness and small talk.  I will never forget beautiful Farah and her date.  She shared with me about her teen and young adult children, she had four and was built like Padma Lakshmi, and she was going through a divorce.  She shared intimate parts of the discord, about how she hated weekends before and couldn't wait for Monday mornings, until meeting this gentlemen sitting across from her.  He was a designer who made a helmet for football players that helped prevent neck injuries and he energetically asked me if I wanted him to take my photo with my breakfast.

Before she left I decided to even the emotional battlefield.  I leaned in as she was getting out of the booth and shared with her that I thought they were a lovely couple and expressed she looked happy.  I said that I noticed how he offered her bites of his food and she didn't even blink, but took the forkfuls.  I told her that my husband offered me tastes of his food and how I often refused and pushed his hand away.  I knew when I saw these two at breakfast that a gesture of shiny silver prongs holding nutrition and flavor, held out towards another across a tiny table is more than offering a try, it's sharing in happiness and life with each other.  Enjoyment mutuality.  She frowned and in a tsk-tsk manner said, "Take the bites.  I WISHED my ex-husband would have done that for me."  And she put on her coat and left.  We both had misty eyes and had a shared knowing.  I watched them through the window as they left hand in hand and it made me wish my husband was there across my table, with me.

Another incredible thing about New York, the amount of cleaners/tailors found within steps in any direction!  Right when I got to New York the hook on my vintage fur had come loose and the coat is so heavy it kept falling off my shoulders.  It was the warmest, longest coat I had and the only one I brought.  I dropped my coat at a tailor before breakfast, just half a block down, and $10 later and with a full tummy, got my coat back with full reinforcement and ready to tackle the day!

I just wandered.  Around those blocks.  Pulling out my camera to photograph the architecture I took time to look up at.  The snow melting in flower boxes with new color.  I was still stuffed from breakfast when I wandered past Magnolia Bakery.  Husband called and shared this perfect story about how he got both girls up early and took them to register Remy for pre-school that day.  He told me that Remy was such a hit with some of the other kiddos and parents waiting to register that they actually changed the days they were thinking of attending to join her company in class.  This is what a social butterfly she is! I was so happy things were going smoothly at home I decided to indulge in a banana chocolate pudding from Magnolia Bakery. I packed that little cup away walking down the block!

I stumbled onto Washington Square a little while later and right into the heart of a protest for women's rights.  I captured a few photos of the event and listened to some of the speeches.  I was looking for a children's consignment shop when I ended up in the middle of signs for Planned Parenthood.  I eventually did find the shop nearby.  It was one of those detours that could not have been planned, and only occurs when you are able to be so leisurely and lost in a place and I was soaking up New York's political liberalness and listening to myself and how much of that particular conversation I wanted to hear, and was able to turn it off and walk away and slip into something else if I wanted to.  I had never been to anything like that before and it awakens the inner power of yourself, the freedom and patriotism you might have sleeping inside.  It was moving when I wasn't expecting it to be.

After shopping there was a long break for coffee at a Starbucks.  I meandered more and waltzed into a Bluestone Lane, something I've had on my NYC to-do list for sometime, and I had a mother first experience, avocado toast!  It was delicious!  Try the Avocado Smash at Bluestone Lane.  Since I had just had coffee, I opted for a glass of their Shiraz.  It might have been 3 pm on a Saturday, but it was such a lovely treat.  Again I found more strangers sitting next to me willing to be chatty back.  A cute young mama and her son and her sister who was in town.  Turns out, they were from Colorado! She gave me some ideas about what to do with my day in that neighborhood since she lived around the corner.  I didn't get to the comedy club, but I did do some used book shop browsing fro the girls, grabbed a ticket to Mr. Gaga, a documentary film at the Forum, for later that night, and had some pizza and a couple glasses of wine before the movie at an adorable little bar similarly named, Blue Ribbon.  Oh, and somewhere in there I had went to try Doh, a place that serves up all sorts of flavors of raw cookie dough that happens to be edible, but the line was literally around the block and a three hour wait!  Who has that sort of time?!

A wonderfully FULL Saturday in NYC.  The drizzly weather and cold did not keep me from exploring one bit.

Thank you husband...


I am wearing a thrifted turtleneck (similar) and thrifted, vintage jeans, Sorel snow boots.

Washington Park Denver

Washington Park Denver

"That's what love is..."

"That's what love is..."