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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

New York Flow

New York Flow

Truth being, I use this space to escape the horrific events in the news.  Blogging is my guilty pleasure and my happy place.

Terrible. Disgusting. Unsettling.  Confusing.  Adjectives to describe feelings about the violence in America right now.  These are not situations you should have to think about what appropriate dialogue to use for explanation of this acts of evil to children.  Yet here we are.  How do I teach my girls about safety and build their confidence, show them faith in uncertain times when I am scared?  The number one we are all thinking, how do we stay safe, protected, alive?  

Alive and not just breathing, but REALLY living.  That pure life when fear and uncertainty are not weighing down on our spirits.  How do we raise children who are ALIVE?!  Who care about humanity.  That understand death, spirituality.  It's not about recycling, dog rescuing, marching, finding cures.  Sorry.  It's deeper.  It goes deeper.  

Appreciation for life, having a sense of humanity, it is not about focusing on the outward and the things around us, so much as it is about something much more personal. Us.  Our thoughts. Ourselves.  Our faith and beliefs in a higher being.  Our families.  Our connections to our family members and the complexities and dynamics that crystalize over time.  Rather than figuring out how to talk to my girls about specific events as of late, I am making a choice to focus this energy on talking about our relatives, our past, where we came from.  My girls are not school aged yet, and we do not watch television around them unless it is soccer, but I am certain the sludge is sneaking in the cracks and I am disturbingly aware.

So what can I do?  Glorianna.  What can I do as a mother.  I have had thoughts recently of taking my girls to visit the grave of my Great Aunt.  The closest thing to a grandparent I have that has passed away and in Colorado.  Perhaps seeing the burial grounds, walking by gravestones, visiting her mausoleum will open sweet and peaceful, loving discussion about the life she had and how her piece fits with theirs.  I somehow feel like exposing them to this HUGE life point at an early age, in a positive way will be something.

An important piece of being human is always trying to understand where we came from to really know who we are and give us direction and give guidance for where we want to go, and I feel modern America seems to erase this crucial corner piece.  I think, I FEEL, I want to put some love and attention into this subject with my girls.  Just late night thoughts.  (Never blog after watching the news!)

This post was and IS also about a wonderful day just BEING.  Being alone, all by myself in New York a couple weeks ago.  No, I wasn't there for work.  No, I wasn't there to see anyone.  Yes, I went and stayed alone.  Why?  Why not?!  I LOVE having space and time to just soak things in and flesh things out without noise.  Oh wait, New York is full of noise! Ha!

But it is in New York that I have found I feel comfortable to do this!

On this particular day I woke up and had an early walk to The Elk for coffee and a yummy bowl of oatmeal.  Superb reading materials and even better people watching.   I walked back to my hotel and changed up for dance class!  I took Graham Level II (modern dance) at the famous Martha Graham Dance School.  Insanely hard and my groin and my buttocks are STILL feeling it.  But amazing.  I was a dancer before, and I have maintained some ability, lost most, and dreaming the rest of the way.  But I am proud of myself for signing up, and showing up and doing it!

An Avocado Smash from Bluestone Lane hit the spot.  Something about it!  I visited a Bluestone Lane last trip, and had broke my avocado toast virginity in with this place.  This was a different location, and JUST as I remembered it.  So. GREAT.  AND- something about these places, but BOTH times, and at BOTH locations, I met the most social, friendly, beautiful young ladies.  The tables are tight and it somehow opens up neighborly chatter and just such great vibes in this place.  And the coffee.....mmmm...

I continued on my path.  I have a path now!  And I saw Washington Square, and then did a little shopping for the girls, and then meandered around Soho.  Stopped into Once Upon a Tart and warmed up with more coffee and an apple tart.  DELICIOUS!  I have ate here before but back on maybe my FIRST trip to NYC a looooong time ago.  Thank you D for introducing me! 

I did more Soho strolling and wound up gushing and talking fashion in DVF and Rag & Bone.  When you go late at closing time you can either get rudies who want to lock up, or you get what I got- AH-mazing staff who KNEW their product and lines inside out and were so happy to share and show me around.  Thank you! 

I finished the evening with a movie at the Forum.  I saw a film here last visit too.  Am I building repetitious patterns?! I was not actually going to end up seeing a film, but they were showing Night of the Living Dead, a classic, and apparently it was digitally remastered. A man buying his ticket said he came down from a ways away just to see it and he has seen it dozens of times.  I was nervous about being scared.  I don't like being scared.  See above.  But I talked myself into it and said that I should probably at least see it once.  I survived!  It was actually silly.  Was this film foreshadowing to my theory above?  Were people who say this when the film originally came out terrified and scared and we are just beyond desensitized at this point that we are laughing in horror films.  Or was it meant to be exaggerated and sill then as well?  Hmmm..


Wearing a track jacket from a LONG time ago, but this Adidas one may be going on my Christmas list- hint hint BABA....  

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