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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

New York in February (Part 1)

New York in February (Part 1)

A couple weeks ago, I was able to get away for a long, luxurious, SOLO, trip to New York!  Thank you husband...and see my Mother's Day trip to New York last year here too. While I was a little, okay a LOT, bummed that I left like 70 degrees in Denver and arrived to NYC in big Sorels and my heaviest fur coat, encountering EVERY dreadful element (wind, sleet, snow, slush, did I mention wind?!) I was in New York!  NEW YORK all by myself without a worry in the world as to who needed a snack, a nap or a wipe!  That alone is a vacation.

I always feel I need to stress and share with you all that my husband stayed home with our girls and did an AMAZING job on his own too!  No nanny.  No sitter.  No Nana or Tete.  All by himself.  I am very blessed to have a hands-on, confident, fun and competent baby Daddy to partner this parenting thing with, cause its a pretty hard gig.  I was able to relax and be care-free because I knew I could count on him every second, whole-heartedly, to take care of my precious little girlies back home.  He was even probably MORE favored by them because he took them to Chuck E. Cheese's that Friday!  They had been talking about that place for a couple weeks, I think they saw a commercial, and who better to take them on rides, eat pizza with and dance with that life size mouse than their Baba?!  He also, woke them up EARLY on a SATURDAY and took them to register Remy for pre-school in the fall and then onto their soccer class!  Remy was such a flirt and social butterfly with the other kiddos their that morning at the pre-school registration, that some parents SWITCHED their days to be in her class?!  HAHAHA!  I am afraid Miss Popularity will have us running all over town for her social engagements in the coming years.  She also found herself a Valentine there giving a hug to a boy and proclaiming he was her Valentine!  I remember husband telling me about that morning as I was standing outside Magnolia Bakery in the West Village holding a delicious cup of chocolate banana pudding post brunch at Tartine.  After that heart warming call, I ate my happiness with that pudding and strolled through the village practicing shooting on my camera, just because.  I had nowhere to go, or anything to do, or groceries to get, or laundry to fold.... I could JUST BE MYSELF.  Sometimes you just crave to be by yourself and do what makes YOU HAPPY.  That is New York to me.

Husband doesn't truly "get it," but he gets that I have a thing for NYC and he casually mentioned once, "We should just send you there once a year."  Before he finished that sentence I was looking into flights!  I timed this one to go along with New York Fashion Week too!  While I am definitely NOT an A-lister, I most certainly put out SOME feelers and e-mails as soon as my trip was confirmed and I sought out a couple things I could partake in that were fashion related.

I was very fortunate to have been able to attend a blogger event at Lulu Frost one afternoon.  A FANTASTIC jewelry line I have long admired opened up the doors to their adorable studio to host a NYFW Style Soiree with Stylinity blogger event and the model Veronica Webb was there chatting with Fashion Is My Forte's, Gergana Ivanova, on their journey into the fashion and blogging industry.  Champagne was popping and there were mini cupcakes.  I RWALLY wanted one of the doughnuts, but they were clearly untouched and I would have been THAT girl, the ONLY girl, NOT in a crayon colored chubby fur coat, from Denver, devouring a doughnut.  So I didn't, but I took a picture instead.  Now I wish I had.   It was a fun little party to add to my NYC itinerary during fashion week to give me that fashion buzz mid-afternoon!

The zodiac line, especially that Aries ring, were really something.  I also loved the story behind the Plaza Hotel numbers!  Those pearl strands adorned with numbers are a nod to the old numbering at the Plaza Hotel!  These ones are now casts of the originals, and the staff at Lulu can better explain the line to you, but I loved the historic NYC reference!  Every blogger there was surprisingly APPROACHABLE, social, outgoing and LIKEABLE!  They came up to me and shook my hand and asked me about my blog and when I scoffed at it just being a little "mom blog," they stopped me from shoving it off and looked me up on Instagram right there.  That's a thing, I guess!  Everywhere I went in NYC, and if I met and chatted with someone, they asked if I was on Insta, and immediately looked up my handle.  Sort of like a bookmark.  Sure most have since deleted by now, but I love meeting new people and hearing their stories too.  The event also got me to a new part of NYC and I finally got to see that famous Flat Iron Building!  I also stumbled upon a Sex Museum!  While I did not pay $22 to bounce around the titty bouncy castle, my girls would have had a blast, I did spend some time with an expert discussing some very Valentiney things.  I wasn't quite ready to take the plunge and shell over $80-$220 on anything, but I was very informed, and confused, after I left.  Haha!

After that I cabbed it up to the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, for some art!  UNIQLO offers free Friday nights so I took advantage, because you know, that $40 breakfast!  It's all about balance and budget!  haha!  I was leisurely and even chatted with a friendly security gent who started talking me up.  He shared with me that this window behind him was actually a "piece of art"  collecting dust from the air and traffic floor, environment, and space, you can get the idea....I love that the energy in the place was BUSY and it didn't feel as late as it was or like it was as long of a day as it was.  I finished the day with a trip into Zara where I tried on clothes for myself for once.  While the boxy crop tops weren't my thing and nothing was fitting right, it was a nice feeling to be able to go into a dressing room alone!

On Sunday night, I was fortunate to be in attendance of the Art Hearts Fashion show which showcased several designers over the course of the weekend.  I was able to see a few talents Sunday evening.  The venue reminded me much of one we have here in Denver.  The lighting was difficult to handle, dark and lots of noes and fast movement, but I captured a couple lovely shots.  I REALLY liked the second designer of the evening, the flawy boho dresses and greenish/blue plaid fabrics and her leather accessories!  I love her styling from the messy hair to the glasses.  I love when a designer has a vision from head to toe, it just completes the look and really highlights the clothing.  I saw the February 12th show, 9 pm, featuring Temraza (Egypt), House of Byfield (Netherlands), I think that one was my fave, and Willfredo Gerardo (USA), lovely evening dresses.  I sadly missed their Kids Fashion Showcase earlier that day, but I wanted to choose one and thought a late evening might be best to maximize my time out during the day

I have to say these trips to New York aren't exactly what you call relaxing by any means of the word, but for me they are rejuvenating and energizing in the fact that I see and do and am inspired by so many things, I come back ready to tackle days on end of being completely selfless with TWO very energetic toddlers.  Until the next trip!  Haha!

Here are some photos of my trip from the first day, Friday, and a quick itinerary.  If you follow me on Insta, you probably got tired of my posts!


I hit the ground running!   After checking into the hotel, I grab breakfast at Bubby's in Meatpacking.  It was close and open.  Sadly, Cafe Gitane closed about three months ago where I ate on my last trip to New York last May.  Bubby's was good.  The atmosphere was spectacular, WARM, inviting, and I had a tiny little table with perfect people watching.  I sat next to a guy who goes there every morning, five days a week apparently.  We chatted, he was a retired writer for Elle decor and various other publications.  He seemed to know a lot about the neighborhood and the neighbors, a true, old-school New Yorka...  The pancakes were super yummy, but the bill wasn't.  Expect $40, no drinks, for one person!  The pancakes were $27, add a couple cups of coffee and a tip, and before you know it, you've spent what I spend on a take of gas back home. GULP.

That was hard to swallow.  I headed to Chelsea Market afterwards, more food!  What was I thinking going there at that time?!  I was so stuffed from breakfast I couldn't eat or get anything!  I will say I tried the Halva at Seed & Mill, AMAZING!  They had all sorts of flavors like Nutella and Hazlenut, and Peanut Butter, as well as the classic Marble.  They import the seed from Israel, but make the Tahini there on site.  Delish!  I also had fun in the Chelsea Markets Basket place.  They have every imaginable brand of specialty chocolate bar in there!  Such a fun store to get lost in!  In fact, while I was in there, I overheard a New York Eats food tour group in there.  I wanted to join just to hear what the guide had to say next!  He was a character!  He recommends bringing chocolates a s a hostess gift, NOT flowers, (they have to find a vase and mess with water), or candles, (you don't know what scent they are into), and recommended a bon bon from the case.  Then he gathered the group and said, "Alright everyone, we're off like a bride's nightie!"  I think I will forever remember that line!

After strolling Chelsea Market, I pulled over to an Apple store to charge up; seems like this location gets that from a lot of people and they have perfect bench seating all along their windows.  It was perfect people watching, especially with NYFW happening.  The getups on people!  And in a foot of snow and slush on the ground outside!

I headed back to the hotel.  stopped at Kava coffee for a jolt!  They serve up Ceremony Coffee, sweet place.  I did a quick change and cabbed it over to the Lulu Frost event.  (See above for the rest of Friday.)  Museum of Sex, MOMA, Le Pain Quotidien for a coffee, Zara, a subway train ride back to the hotel and BAD Indian take out, just way topi spicy and the rice had zero flavor) in my room, fell asleep to Friends episodes.  I was hoping for a better food day Saturday.

Now some visuals!  Thanks for reading guys!


Wearing vintage, thrifted high-waist acid wash denim (LOVE these!) BUT found these RAD jeans, ASOS original "Mom" jeans and they are $28!!! Also wearing a thrifted vintage purple and white cream knit sweater (so warm!)  White denim jacket is Tommy Hilfiger from when I was like 16!  I remember purchasing it with my Great Aunt at a department store!  Every time I try to donate it, it ends up back on a hanger.  It is still STARK white and has the most perfect elastic cuffs and puff sleeves, like a bomber.  HOW crazy similar is THIS one from Barney's?! I think this jacket is staying with me forever, glad it made the cut in packing for NYC!   

I Hate Toddlerhood.

I Hate Toddlerhood.

A Day at The Stanley Marketplace

A Day at The Stanley Marketplace