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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Last week we picked out our fresh Christmas tree! Last year Remy was in love with the Christmas was sad to have to take it down.  We have been reading Christmas stories and watching Christmas specials and listening to Christmas tunes since Thanksgiving, so the spirit is really bright over here!  The tree was the icing on the cake for decorating!

We packed the kiddos up after hubby got off work last Friday and we did a couple errands beforehand so the lighting on these are pretty harsh as it was after dark.  It was a very chilly night and we still had snow on the ground which made it festive.  Last year we had bought a Christmas tree from Walmart, it wasn't a very good one, skinny and it dried out quickly.  This year, we had planned to try another one from there, but they actually didn't have in yet!  We had pumped the kids up about getting one, but I think I was more bummed!  So we drove by our local King Soopers and we got lucky!  REALLY lucky because we happened to pick out a GORGEOUS, 9 footer and it is so round and full and fresh!  For now...

Husband went inside to pay and Arlo and I hung around the trees, played on the crates a little, but she was so wiggly and squirmy,  and cold, so towards the end I plopped her in a shopping cart until hubby and Remy came out.  Usually they say you find a great fresh tree by doing these two things: pounding it on ground to see how many needles fall off, and seeing how heavy it is.  The heavier the tree, the healthier and more full of water.  Well, we totally forgot to do either of things!  We shop for a Christmas tree much faster now that we have two babies!  We put the tree up on the roof of the car and the kids thought that was awesome, of course the emergency granola bar calmed them right down too, and they were back in the toasty car, and we drove at a snail's pace home, less than a mile, as we only had a thin twine holding it on!

We sawed off the end, got a spot ready for it in the front room, thank goodness we have vaulted ceilings or it could have been a Griswald moment, and there she was standing tall and proud and smelling DELISH!  We cut the strings and let those pretty branches loose.  Our Christmas tree!  I LOVE a fresh tree!  I know some trek up to the foothills or out to a farm to get their trees, and maybe some day we would love to try that, maybe when the kiddos are older, but it was so convenient and NICe, and affordable, to be able to get a fresh beauty right here in town too!  We do spend a lot on trees every year, and we are thinking of possibly investing in a GOOD faux tree.  Maybe after the holidays we can stumble on a deal.  BUT.... I STILL love me real trees!

We strung the lights that night- me and the girls.  Remy actually did a great job of helping me!  I would wind them around and she would stand on one side and I would give her the ball to hold and around and around we went.  I just had her help like that a few times towards the end to get her involved.  She always wants to help lately!  Hubby actually had to coach so I had my little elves assist!  Let me tell you, stringing Christmas lights on a tree with two babies should be an event on that show about being an American Ninja. LOL!  But we did it!

We filled her up with water and let the branches rest over night and the next day we decorated her!  Remy LOVED pulling out the Christmas ornaments just as much as me!  I look forward to seeing my old friends every year.  My mother used to buy us one special ornament every year and now as we all have our own homes, she passed on the ornaments to each of us.  I started the tradition with the girls and we are getting a beautiful collection going!  I put the soft ones towards the bottom.  This year I found a knit ice cream cone ornament at Nest boutique, and on sale- score!, for Arlo's yearly ornament.  She loves taking it off and also listens to directions and puts it back on the branch, well, rests it on top, when we tell her to put it back!  We haven't lost any ornaments yet- fingers crossed!  Remy was so sweet, at World Market today we were looking at the ornaments and she pointed at a few and said, "That's glass!  That's glass!  That could break!"  Mommy must have been saying that- A LOT!  Remy was so cute when we were hanging the ornaments I would ask for her advice on where to hang them and she would say, "Up top, so Arlo can't get it."  Smart girl!

For a few days after Remy would say, "et's decorate it!"  But now she gets that it is decorated...Until we find another ornament!

Last night we were headed out somewhere, and I said, "Oh, I need to unplug the tree!"  Remy commanded me to leave it alone. "NO!!  No mommy, that's OUR Christmas tree.  Leave it alone!"  Yes, boss!  Speaking of bossy, today we tried out Great Play!- awesome place!  Thinking of joining- it was sooooo good!  Both girls LOVED it!  Anyway, before heading there we were at the bookstore and Remy had a mini tantrum.  She was fine after literally one minute, but in the car ride over to Great Play I explained to her that we would not take anything in with us, and I was stern and sort of loudly, okay I was yelling, that she needed to behave and listen.  She told me in a low grumble, " No momma.  You need to go find something else to do."  I always tell her to leave Arlo alone and go play with something else or find something else to do when they get into little spats!  Haha!  This was funny.  I chuckled and said I would love to go find something else to do by myself but I had to take care of her.  Kids...

I wore my new overalls from Wrangler that day!  Having so much fun styling these things!  This pair could have been a size or two smaller as they have a ton of stretch in them, but they were sold out and I had to have them!  But actually, I like the size I got.  Very comfy, and gives them a relaxed vibe.  I wore them again today with a striped long sleeve two underneath!  Stop in the new Wrangler store in Park Meadows- they have new stock in!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll try to share photos of the decorating going down over here soon!

We might head to the Parade of Lights this weekend and Remy starts soccer this Sunday!!!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. These pictures, well our outfits remind me of A Christmas Story for some reason...I think I was born in the wrong era...

Remy is wearing a thrifted Gap sweater, Zara pants and Hunter boots.  Arlo is wearing a thrifted hat, and her coat and tights, both Zara, and shorts, H&M, were passed down from Remy.  Glad they were able to get use again!  I am wearing new overalls c/o Wrangler, so comfy and stretchy!  and a thrifted blouse, hat and coat, and Clark's boots. 

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