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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

New Yorker for a Day

New Yorker for a Day

My August Friday in New York City couldn’t have been better!

My last full day in the city this trip had to be done up right. I set out for the day in stripes! If you follow me on Insta, you might have saw before I left for my trip I had found this at a sale I went to at the end of July for Dress for Success- it is under my Thrifting Highlights reel still. Vintage gold! This whole little set! I HAD to wear it in New York and it was the perfect breezy trifecta to wear strolling New York in August.

I started with a stroll down Hudson Street in the West Village and popped in Joe and the Juice for…guess…yeah… I’m a “cup o joe” kindda gal. I sat in a sunny corner booth for a minute before heading out onto Hudson again. I was headed to Square Diner in Tribeca, but that is a LONG walk for breakfast! I eventually discovered Oscar’s Place and decided to detour for a Croque Monsieur on the patio at this corner cutie.

I eventually did get down to Tribeca, but first I cut over through SoHo and wandered around there a bit. I stopped in Shake Shack for a chocolate milkshake and at that point it was clouding up, I thought for sure I’d need my trusty travel umbrella, but it was a perfect day! I found myself right where I wanted to be! 208 Varick Street! That is the spot where Pete’s Luncheonette was filmed for Muppets in Manhattan, only now it’s a McDonald’s Express. Snapped a pic for the girls because we watched and loved that move before I left for my trip. I ALSO passed Little Prince restaurant on Prince Street in SoHo at lunchtime and the beautiful windows were open, and low and behold who was sitting at a table as I passed, but Jenna Lyons! As in, THE Jenna Lyons of J. Crew fame! YES! Made my day! I had told this story that evening to someone I was sitting next to at dinner, yes I talk and meet strangers when I am dining alone in NYC, and they said, “How did you even know who that was?! I would never know that!” I think it says something about me interest and attention to fashionI

I stumbled back down towards Houston. I was going to get something tasty at a Bakery, but there was a line waiting outside just to order and I said forget it. and I discovered the Arlo SoHo hotel- AMAZING! This STUNNING hotel is a dream. Would love to be able to stay here one day! Not only is it my daughter’s name, but the staff and the amenities and that courtyard garden where I stopped and had a coffee! Pretty special. All the details of this property spoke to me- even the font! Intelligentsia coffee, Dylan’s Candy Bar mini shop, and the interiors are candy for the eye- and did I mention THAT GARDEN?! I had the privilege of meeting the designer who tended so dutifully and heartfelt to this outdoor space. #helloarlo

I was on my way to the Canal Street Market but somehow I stopped and I went south. I wanted to shop for the girls so I headed towards one of my favorite kids shops, only it had closed. I was bummed. I continued on down to the Oculus and consoled myself by stopping in And Other Stories, a favorite store, for myself. I had fun playing dress up with the shop girls and found a great white, cord jumpsuit! I jumped on the subway after this and headed back to my hotel for a quick change. I wanted to catch a New York sunset!

I changed into a floral skirt I got in Paris, and a thrifted white silky tank, and purple strappy sandals from Target. I dashed over to see the Hudson River in all its glory at dusk and it was MAGICAL! I LOVED that evening so much. I made a video for the girls about how much I missed them and wished they were there at that moment with me- there was a perfect playground and splash pad right there too. I got a little weepy, but it was a sweet ending for my last night in New York this trip. I be-bopped over to The Whitney (Museum of American Art) and caught a “pay-what-you-wish” Friday night and saw their Biennial show- which had some pretty incredible pieces. One of my favorites was a short film, Spook Sport, 1939 by Mary Ellen Bute. I was also fascinated by these incredible sculpture type assemblages, framed pieces with a multitude of objects all entwined and tangled together by artist Robert Bittenbender. I could have spent my entire time there studing his found objects. I did make it outside to the balcony areas to take in the night time views and summer breeze. The Whitney is one of my FAVORITE museums. This outdoor space is everything. All museums should incorporate more outdoor square footage. Caught a cute couple canoodling and headed out.

I was HUNGRY by now! I treated myself to fish tacos and vino at Mole in the West Village and it was a GREAT last supper of my trip to New York.

Who is bored of these New York City recaps yet? I could read about NYC itineraries endlessly… sigh… until next time!


125th and Happy in Manhattan

125th and Happy in Manhattan

Highline to Hudson Yards

Highline to Hudson Yards