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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Off Stage with Tracy Jones of Colorado Ballet

Off Stage with Tracy Jones of Colorado Ballet


I grew up dancing.  I attended the Academy of Colorado Ballet when I was younger, studying classical ballet and had intended on hopefully joining the company one day.  After a string of ankle injuries that never fully rehabilitated, I ended up breaking my foot and ended any possible future dancing career.  My love and appreciation for the intensely romantic and physically demanding art form continue.  My husband and I try to go see at least one or two shows a season and sharing dance with him by participating as audience members has been something very special I get to share with him.  I wish that he could have seen me dance, but supporting our local company is the next best thing.  With the launch of Haleeb & Honey, I want to also share with you all some of my favorite people, places and things, dance being at the top of that list.  Colorado Ballet is something you all can experience and enjoy here in Denver.  By attending just one show a season, you are ascertaining the need for arts and culture in this city and helping to keep it alive and well.  That was my public service announcement.  It comes at a perfect time with the holiday season kicking in high gear, the company is gearing up to perform the annual production of The Nutcracker, one of the most famous and family friendly ballets there are.  (You can purchase tickets here). I was able to meet one of Colorado Ballet's company members a couple of Sundays ago for coffee at the  24-Hour Starbucks on Colorado Blvd.  Tracy Jones, 25, immediately stood out as a dancer in the room of strangers with her super petite frame, hyper extended legs and turned out feet.  She introduced me to her fiance who came with her, Francisco Estevez (also a company member at Colorado Ballet).

Tracy is actually from Ireland, and grew up in London.  She grew up studying and training at the Royal Ballet School in London.  Before moving to Colorado this January, she and her fiance were dancing at Barcelona Ballet in Spain where they were able to dance with the touring company in cities all over Spain for five years.  SIGH...what an experience!  She and her fiance were able to join the Colorado Ballet company via YouTube video auditions they sent.  Luckily there were two perfect spots open for the sweet couple!

Tracy just finished performing in Giselle, and had just returned from a short trip to New York before heading back to the studio to start rehearsals for The Nutcracker.  At the time of our interview, she was unsure of her roles, but did mention she practiced the super sultry, and one of my favorites, the Arabian dance.  I am really anticipating the season finale ballet next spring; an original piece choreographed by the ballet mistress Sandy Brown.  Tracy mentioned that the ballet will be a Denver-themed performance with costumes by local seamstresses, and music by Devotchka.

Tracy hasn't had too much spare time since moving to Colorado earlier this year.  After the tail end of last season in May, she headed to London to spend time with her family and then Kentucky to spend time with her fiance's family.  On their "spare" time, they enjoy working out at their gym in Cherry Creek, and trying new restaurants.  The day I met Tracy, they actually had just come from breakfast at Jelly in Capital Hill.  One of their favorites is Hapa Sushi in Cherry Creek North.  In the summer, she said they loved visiting Washington Park and the farmer's market on South Pearl Street for fresh produce.  Tracy also mentioned that baking banana bread and brownies was also a favorite thing to do on their off time, which the dancers don't get too much of.

On Mondays, Tracy teaches ballet to young girls with down syndrome from the Global Down Syndrome Society in the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself program.  Oh, and on Sundays, her one day off, but you'll find her sewing and designing her own line of ballet skirts!  The line, Tulips by Tracy, is available online and in four stores around the world including Amsterdam, Norway, London and Tokyo.  Truly a global girl with a very giving heart.    Photos on her website under gallery are by her talented photographer fiance Francisco Estevez! (See one of his images below).

As for style and fashion, the dancer hasn't had a whole lot of time to shop in Denver yet, but mentioned doing some "add to cart" online.  Free People, Urban Outfitters and Toms are a few things you would find her wearing when she's not in tutus and tights.  I couldn't help but notice her buttery brown leather jacket and perfect black ankle boots the day I met with her.  Her scarf and jacket are from Ecuador, and her boots are from Spain.  Oh, and that perfect eggplant purple Michael Kors bag was a recent purchase from a trip to Vegas with a few dancer friends.  I had such an enjoyable meeting with Tracy and look forward to seeing her perform in the upcoming season.  Hubby and I have tickets for December 14th!

You can read more about Tracy Jones, and other Colroado Ballet dancers on their blog, and you should sign up for their newsletter Points of Interest to stay up on their performances and news.  They are in the process of getting their very own building sometime next year.  If you would like to sponsor or contribute to the Colorado Ballet click here.

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