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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Laguna Beach Weekend

Laguna Beach Weekend

Last weekend the husband, the baby and I traveled to Orange County for a Laguna wedding and the posh Surf and Sand.  My brother in law's wedding was elegant, simple, sophisticated and beautiful!  I am so happy for him and his beautiful new bride, and my new sister in law! We decided to leave Remy at home with my aunt and my mom (THANK YOU!!!) after much deliberation.  We actually had a Pro/Con list going on whether or not to take her.  Watching her dance at the wedding, Check, check check!!!  Sitting on our lap for two hours, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.  Watching her in the sand on the beach, check!  Co-sleeping at night with us in a bed at the hotel- CHECKKKKKKKKK......  We decided in the end to get a little alone time, and bonding with the babe, and make a mini vacation of it without the dealings of a toddler.  We decided right.

Of course the night before we flew out the baby pulled an all nighted on me.... we were solo exhausted after arriving to the hotel that we decided to nap- all of us!  The baby was a complete angel on the plane!  Not a fuss not a ripple.

Before checking in the husband just had to get a burger from In-n-Out, we don't have the chain here in Colroado.  I still don't get what all the hype is about guys.  Sorry.  Good thing baby was an angel.  We waited in the car for over a half an hour for the grub and I still don't get why people go crazy over it.  We headed back to the hotel and checked in.

After our nap we decided to listen to a tip from a Southern Cali blogger and Instagram friend and headed down to Laguna to the Montage Resort to stroll the grounds.  We timed it to go at sunset and boy was it STUNNING!  We stopped and got iced coffees on the way and what a scene driving in too!  A little traffic, but it didn't phase me- the baby napped the whole way and I got to spot all the cute shops and restaurants along the way into Laguna.

The Montage Resort has beautifully manicured walkways and amazing benches to sit facing the water and soak in the views.  I was able to breastfeed while watching the sun go down over the ocean.  Definitely one of those moments I will never forget and always want to remember.

If you get a chance, the Montage Resort does have public access and excellent strolling walkways and paths.  There is also a nice patch of green grass for picnics which we spotted several families enjoying and there is also access down to the sand and water if you want.  We headed back to the hotel and the traffic on a Friday night was a bit much... after getting back late, we opted for salads in the hotel pub at Embassy Suites where we stayed near the airport, and they were surprisingly fresh and tasty!

The next day we new was designated for wedding prep and we had to be back in Laguna by 4 so we decided to head out early to Newport Beach.  We did get our feet sandy and dipped our toes.  Although the thermometer said 80 some degrees, the water was a bit chilly for us!  We strolled to a little shop along the boardwalk right near our parking spot to Il Gilato for a couple scoops and a canoli.  Try the chocolate banana- yum!!!  Oh, and at this point for the remainder of the trip we were stroller-less- I went to take it out of the trunk and open it and the airline had broke the collapse handle so it wouldn't open or break down... fun....

The wedding went brilliantly with babe!  We were able to open the stroller and attach the car seat and she pretty much fed, and napped in there or we held her.  We did bring a stationary, rocker chair thing that we bought at Walmart in case she needed another spot to chill, but didn't end up needing it.  There was also a perfect lounge area all around the ballroom of the venue and it was peaceful and quiet and the weather was absolutely perfect breastfeeding conditions.  She even napped out there in her stroller!  The only bad point of the evening was leaving!  The stroller wouldn't break down and we had to take all the wheels off and it took the brides' father, brother and cousin, my father in law and my husband to figure out how to maneuver this thing into our small compact rental car.  The baby at this point was crying and done, done, done.... but again... what a sweetie pie she was during the whole thing!  The best part of the evening was when "Lady in Red" came on and I saw my hubby through the window from the balcony and baby was able to be put down for a nap just in time for me to snag him and take him out on the balcony for a slow dance in private...

The last day in Cali, we decided to venture out for brunch, back to Laguna, and again taking this Instagrammer's advice, (Thanks Morgan of Smith Here, Blog!!!).  We made it to a local type cafe called Zinc.  I ordered a Spanish Egg casserole, not my favorite, mostly onions and peppers and quite soupy, so then I ordered an artichoke omelet and that made up for it!  We shared apple Streudel and the husband had the french toast.  We went back, checked out of the hotel and were able to do a tiny bit of shopping, for the girls of course, at a couple Newport children's consignment shops- Lil' Posh and Newport Kids.  We found some great clothes and caught a sale at one and prices at the other couldn't be beat at $6 a garment.  We had just enough time to return our rental car, figure out the stroller situation, and get to our gate... no lines and a quiet baby!

We did it!  Arlo's first trip!  You can read about Remy's first trip to NYC last December here.

Then we came back to SNOW and a toddler with an ear infection... boo...

I am day dreaming of travel and southern California...


Wearing; I am wearing an orange striped button down from Old Navy, similar, with vintage, thrifted floral bermuda shorts and Madewell shoes.  Also wearing a thrifted, vintage teal silk robe dress, (how gorgeous would THIS version be on the beach?!?!) wearing with Toms shoes on beach, with an Ann Taylor scarf in hair.  At breakfast, wearing a Madewell black and fuchsia printed jumpsuit from Madewell I purchased for my honeymoon!  LOOK at this STUNNER from Stella though!  Gasp!  I wore a vintage dress I found at a consignment shop in Florida, haor piece from Claire's. 

Arlo's blue romper with cherries is Janie and Jack, here's a sweet pink version.  Her pink romper with shapes is Nununu, HERE is the newer version with polka dots.  Pale pink dress and bonnet is First Impressions, I believe, but this is VERY CLOSE from Dillard's!.  I can't remember where her floral romper is from, I think it might be Egg Baby, and just LOOK at this pink striped romper by Egg- LOVE!  Arlo's cream and gold polka dress is from Sears, I believe.  Similar.

Baby Colds

Baby Colds

Play, Meet (seven)

Play, Meet (seven)