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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Palisade Peaches & Cobbler Makin'

Palisade Peaches & Cobbler Makin'


We picked up a box of Palisade Peaches when we were on our way back from California and stopped on the western slope, here in Colorado.  They are DELICIOUS!  So so lucky to live within driving distance of a wonderful fruit basket, at the present.  So many orchards and even vineyards popping up out west and I only pray the rain and soil and agricultural conditions continue to nourish and edify this crucial produce.  

One evening last week, the girls and I were finishing up dinner and when i would normally herd them straight up to washing up and pajamas, story and bed...I refrained and detoured from our routine, which we know and love so very well, and I said to the girls, "Let's make peach cobbler!"  Husband was working that night, and I hadn't made cobble in at LEAST a year, maybe even two.  Embarrassing!  So I knew we had this BOX-o-peaches and it would be a great way to use a few and get the girls involved.  

Now, I am NO baker, definitely NOT a chef, I admit I do not love the kitchen!  I'd rather be sooo many other places or doing so many other things than in the kitchen.  Not a foodie sort of gal to be real.  Food is for nourishment in my opinion.  Don't hate me!  Of course I love a great dinner out once in a while, and I do love pastries and desserts, but I think I could totally be one of those persons whom consume the same five foods every single day and would be okay.   Unlike me, I did marry a FOOD guy!  Sorry babe!  SOoooo... any tiny little extra effort in the kitchen really goes a long way and impresses.  

So the great thing about the cobbler recipe I used, from Betty Crocker, actually calls for just a handful of ingredients!  You probably have ALL of them in your cupboards and refrigerator right now.  I was shocked that even I did!  The girl without even a hand mixer!  (I use a good ole spoon!)  It DOES call for Bisquick though, if you don't have a box of that- pick one up.  It lasts a very long time and you can use it for a multitude of recipes as well as your pancakes and waffles.  Definitely not gluten-free or paleo friendly, obvi.  

The recipe I used actually calls for CANNED peaches!  The horror!  I used about 5-6 large peaches!  I think I ended up cutting one more because the girls kept sneaking slices!  I did NOT plan to BLOG about it, we aren't styled or cleaned up, the lighting was dark and I was sweaty-faced and wearing my signature, hideous, home-to-knot, but I grabbed the camera.  I grabbed it because it's always on my dining room table or up on my dresser, and I just wanted to capture me and my girls doing something foodie-related together.  And believe it or not, yes, this WAS the outfit I had on that day!  YES, a collared blouse with gingham jumper, and no I had nowhere to go but the post office, I think.  I just like to get dressed!  Anyway, the gingham with the peaches is too much, I know!  Haha!  

We had the BEST time!  It was one of the most fun times I think I have ever had doing any baking!  Honestly!  If this was a clue of what smiles and laughs they are capable of generating by stirring up some powders, then I think we just may have to start some Christmas cookie traditions.  Know any good recipes?!  

This recipe is also SO EASY!  Literally, the girls made the cobbler and I basically photographed them!  They weren't even that messy!  And I think it is pretty fool proof.  As I was gathering some ingredients they definitely were adding them to the bowl, and I think you were supposed to mix in stages.  We got the mixture blended well enough and poured it on top of the sliced peaches in a glass baking pan, and popped it in the oven for an hour.  The girls did head to bed and did not try it until the next day, but husband and I indulged that night with scoops of French Vanilla ice cream on top.  YUM!  Here is the recipe I used.  This is not sponsored or paid for in any way, btw.  Just wanted to share! 

Here we are in a very non-stagey kitchen after a normal dinner one night in early August.  I live for these two faces.  Also, look how great Remy is getting behind the camera!  She snapped the ones of me!

We start school next Wednesday so this is our last weekend of summer this year!  I did the math, and after dropping them both off, I'll get \a whole entire hour to myself before picking them up again!  I am officially in the Uber phase of momdom, and I can't say I am thrilled about this stage. 

I can see how life pulls you in directions and avenues you never thought you would be driving down.  No control.  Hands off the wheel.  No feet on the gas, just blazing down dirt hills in these places you swore you would never be.  I can see how being a stay-at-home mom was once a choice and is now turning into necessity and practicality.  I want to write more about this soon, having a lot of thoughts on the topic.  While I would never ever take an 8-5-er right now at this stage in my life, and sorry, for those of you who may think it's because of laziness or lack of trying.  Not only am I finding I am not getting interviews and may even be experiencing some ageism, and I'm only in my thirties, and there may also be a whif of "family lady" in me to put of a scent of non-commital to the work force because, priorities, but I don't think it is an option to take a job.  Financially it makes more sense to stay home.  I would rather invest in my children than in a corporation, unless it were my own.  My girls will profit immeasurably from this time together, I know I value and praise my momma for her sacrifice in doing the same for myself, and I now am experiencing what all of that feels like emotionally within a marriage and also on the psyche.  I'd be nuts to just, "take a job," and again, I reiterate, it's not because I haven't looked or tried.  I will say that if you have already started a career and love what you do and are thinking of starting a family, never stop working because it is extremely difficult to get back into the work force.  It just is.  Months seem like years, and years now feel like decades.  This next year I am hoping to take small steps in utilizing that one hour a day without the pulls of tiny needy hands and really focus on my personal goals, short and long term.  Because here is never where I thought I'd be, but in that same breath, it's where I also know I need to be.  For now, at least.  And I am sincerely and genuinely HAPPY in this place and time.  Really. Content.  Minus the driving bit...

I am ready to help the girls discover and learn this coming year!  One is off to Kindie and the other in Pre-K!  I am really enjoying practicing things with them here, small things,  and I am excited to see them get excited about all the new connections they are making in the world they are living in.  

Happy weekend everyone!


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