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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Pinball & Twists

Pinball & Twists

I’ve been into Mutiny Information Cafe several times before. In fact, the GIRLS and I have been into Mutiny together a few years ago, CAN YOU EVEN, but this summer, THIS SUMMER, my girls and I ended up downtown for art camp and we stepped in again and they have fallen in love with the game of pinball! Glancing back at the first time I had taken them into Mutiny, they were little buddies infatuated with the chess table and into the books, much like today, and Lo took her shoes off then as she does NOW. Today, Rem is picking out graphic novels for herself at age 6, and able to read them herself now! We picked up Rapunzel on a pinball pit-stop after art camp when it was just she and I a couple weeks ago, and this time, Snow White came home with us.

Last Friday was a PERFECT day! Husband had coaching, so I decided to take the girls downtown specifically for pinballing at Mutiny, and then soft serve twist cones from the vegan market, Nooch, next door. I love how when they were pint size babes we did almost an identical South Broadway romp! Although, this year, we discovered Pie Hole pizza and they too have pinball machines! My only regret this visit was I did not bring NEARLY enough quarters! Luckily for their cuteness and excitement for the game, an older gentlemen looked on encouragingly and handed over a few quarters their way to continue their play. This was Lo’s first time playing, and Rem’s second. Lo actually had impeccable reflexes and quite a push on that ball! Rem was VERY talented with those buttons and timing too- its definitely a game to get you hooked. I LOVE these photos of them, just being submerged in those glass boxes… they didn’t even know I was there. They are my favorite subject to shoot- and it is always fun when they are together because they completely forget all about me and do what they do and I am a fly on the wall in their world. I’m just the chauffeur and the wallet.

Favorite memories are Lo literally climbing ONTO the machines and making herself at home to get a better look on her sister’s game, the facial expressions from BOTH are priceless above the glow of the game, Rem turning to me while Lo played one of her first games and saying, “She’s pretty good!” We came with leftover candies that they got from Baba’s indoor soccer arena, they love the sugary fruity chewy stuff. Sprees and Sweet Tarts. We pulled those out for fuel while they played.

They both love to handle my camera these days and fight over who will get to snap my photo first. I love that they each are shutter happy because out of the 50 shots they shoot, I get some pretty good keepers! Moments like Rem placing her hands on her sister’s shoulders waiting for the light to change on busy Broadway, Lo sliding off her sneakers and slithering onto that red vinyl booth by the door to look at her sister’s comic book…all of us licking drippy twist vegan ice cream cones outside Nooch Market in the sweltering summer heat on a Friday afternoon…. this was such a GREAT day.

It was made even more perfect when husband came home and said, get ready, I feel like going somewhere different for dinner tonight. He wanted to try Torchy’s Tacos, so that we did! We made our way north for that, and ate on a great patio with perfect weather, and then the girls found a fountain to splash in for dessert.

The next time we go pinballing we are definitely going to make sure Baba is with us! And we’ll bring more silver!

This is the LAST week of summer for us this year, as the girls both enter a new school year next week! Rem is in FIRST GRADE and Lo is just behind her, joining her at the same school, for all day Kindergarten which was just implemented in our school for this year. I know I threaten many days that I cannot wait for them to go back to school, all day, every day, but I think when that DAY finally comes I am going to be a wreck. Maybe not outwardly, but it is already affecting me. The “what next?”

They have been so clingy, and snuggily and CLOSE with me lately…praying that that all sticks around for more summers to come. We did our school supply shopping at Walmart a couple days ago, and picked out some new things to wear at Old Navy and Kohl’s. This year was fun to see them have input and opinions on things we chose. Their personalities are strong, their tastes are forming, styles are blooming…it is a fun time in mamahood. Challenging, YES, but so rewarding and FUN, and I get giddy tagging along on their adventures.


Wearing: Rem is wearing Fresh Dinosaurs shirt and skirt and Reebok shoes, and the Mickey Mouse coiled bracelets she styled herself, which she also found herself the other day at Kohl’s. Lo wanted to wear her “Hello” sweatshirt from old Navy that we bought last spring in advance for school this year, and we paired it with her new Fresh Dinosaurs skirt and some old unicorn sneakers from Target. This newer baseball tee style “Hello” sweater from Old Navy is adorable, and here are the newest unicorn sneaks from Target. This dress or this romper would be adorable for games! I am wearing a vintage/thrifted dress, thrifted/vintage purse, and Nike sneaks. If I could, I WOULD with this dress, and I’d have to see what this shorter hemline would look like on, but I adore the top on this peach Storets number. I need more peach clothing in my life…

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