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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Play, Meet (four)

Play, Meet (four)


A few weeks ago, Remy and I ventured south to Highlands Ranch for a wonderful playdate with Britt Smith, a writer for Denver Tidbits, and her newbie son, Ford! It was an overcast day, but still warm enough for a blanket in the back yard. We started outside, but once Remy got antsy, and Ford a little hungry, we popped inside. Of course Remy refused the bottle, won't take it in public (too busy exploring), and I was running around Britt's gorgeous home trying to protect cords and books and prevent Remy from swallowing her earrings and eating her emery boards while Britt calmly and cooly breast fed itty bitty Ford.

Oh how the stages fly by! It was an interesting glimpse into the future to see what life might be like with the two. Of course Remy will be 15 months, but it was still a snapshot of what I am going to be living here in a couple short months- chaos. I am worried. Remy is very needy and smart and go-go-go and requires a TON of attention, and I know that newborn phase requires so much of mommy- nursing round the clock. I know I will figure that out, as so many mommas have before, but it will be challenging to say the least in the beginning.

Anyway, back to this stunning momma, who looked fit and tan and as happy and healthy as ever! I first met Britt and her colleague over a year ago when I was pregnant with Remy. We met at the Kate Spade Denver store opening, or maybe it was an event at Madewell. Either way, I remember Britt at every encounter we have had as being so polite, bubbly, cordial and warm. She always makes you feel welcome and it makes you more at ease, because this hospitality is radiating from one of the most beautiful women in the room! I remember talking baby names with her before she was pregnant, and laughing and chatting about blog land, so it was really cool to meet her after she had her baby and see how such a fashionable and sweet lady is tackling motherhood too! Babies are instant bonding and I was very excited she obliged to do this little play date thing.

Of course when we arrived, she had homemade pumpkin loaf, tea and lemonade ready for us, and her home was as modern and stylish as I thought it might be. She was very relaxed and calm, even though I was a hot mess when Remy was investigating every nook of her home and kept crawling up her staircase a dozen times...Britt truly is as beautiful on the inside as she presents herself to the world on the outside.

And, um, take notice of how chic her postpartum look is...Pattern mixing and fedoras? A definite do!

Thanks again Britt!

P.S. that pumpkin loaf was delicious!!! I think I forgot to tell you how yummy it was!


britt 1

HH: Name/Occupation, (and hubby) & Ford's full name and birthday.

BS: Britt Smith, Mommy/Writer for Denver Tidbits & Daddy Casey Smith, parents to Ford Ledger Smith born March 5th 2014

HH: I love his name!

HH: Biggest challenge with balancing motherhood and finding time to work on Denver Tidbits? How and when do you work?

BS: I find time to work when Ford is sleeping, that way I can concentrate on being a mommy when he is awake and give Tidbits 100% of my time.

britt and ford sit 1

HH: Favorite thing about being a momma and favorite thing about Ford?

BS: I love everything about being a mom. Currently my favorite thing about Ford are his big smiles and belly giggles. :)

britt and ford

HH: Hardest thing about motherhood?

BS: I would say my biggest challenge is figuring out how to get him to nap during the day. He currently wants to be held for his naps. :) I learn something new all the time and we are figuring this all out one day at a time. It's the best job in the world and I am so in love with Ford and he grows every day so holding him for naps isn't so bad.

HH: Best gear/products... (We touched on this a little) Strollers, carriers?

BS: Bob Stroller- for running and walking, and the Versa City Select stroller, Maxi Cosi car seat, Honest diapers and wipes, Como Tomo teether, Mini fan for car seat- perfect for hot summer days, Baby Bjorn carrier- (I tried the Ergo and the Stokke and Ford liked the Bjorn the best), Ubi diaper pail, Rock n Play- this has been Ford's bed for the last month and it's the best $50 I have ever spent, Como Tomo bottles, Miracle Blanket swaddle, Aden and Anais blankets- Ford loves these, Boppy lounger, and we bought a mammaroo and Ford is just starting to like it. :)

britt remy look up

HH: Wow- what a comprehensive list of your faves! Thanks! We also use and LOVE the Como Tomo bottles, although we just purchased an 8 ounce and find it is having deflating issues, getting compressed. Tips anyone?

HH: Best advice given to you?

BS: Buy a Rock n Play and have your babies sleep in it from the beginning, we just started this at 2 months and it has changed my life for sleeping! Wish I would of known about this sooner. :)

HH: Any advice for new mommas or women who plan to be mommas?

BS: Don't try to start a routine it will eventually fall into place with your lifestyle! We take Ford everywhere. :)

britt and kiddos

HH: Ahhh...I remember those days when I could take Remy everywhere!

HH: Favorite clothing brands/styles for little Ford? What would you say his style is? Well, yours for him...

BS: Baby Boden, Gap, Peek Clothing, Nordstrom, J.Crew Baby, Tucker and Tate, Tea and Freshly Picked Moccasins.

britt asleep

HH: I am a HUGE fan of BabyGap, especially those crazy sales! Tucker & Tate is GORGEOUS and we DIG the mocks here too!

HH: Favorite stores or online shopping sites for Ford?

BS: The Right Start, Giggle, Nordstrom.

HH: How has motherhood changed you, your style, personality or ideals?

BS: I live in workout clothes (lululemon) and anything that is easy to breastfeed in. :) Breastfeeding definitly dictates what I wear.

HH: I hear you on that one! It may seem limiting, but if you have the budget, there are lines out there specifically designed for breastfeeding; read about one called Boob here...and creative scarf, shawl and cardigan wearing in the fall is a an option when it cools down and layers are appropriate.

HH: What do you love most about raising a baby in Denver?

BS: Being outside, walking in the park, living a healthy lifestyle, and great people!

britt kiss

HH: What are you most looking forward to do with Ford this summer?

BS: Taking walks in the park and our neighborhood and taking him to the pool. :)

HH: What baby items are on your wish list or to-get list?

BS: The Uppababy Vista stroller ( I regret not getting this first) and love that it comes with so much and can be a double eventually and also the Oxo high chair.

HH: I did a test drive of the Uppa Baby Vista once and it was SMOOTH! I loved its versatility too. Didn't realize it could be a double later! I too regret my initial stroller buy in retrospect as well! I had NO idea to think into the future and anticipate another little so soon and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would need a DOUBLE stroller!

HH: What is on your agenda for when you have alone time or girl time?

britt remy under table

BS: Getting my hair done, yoga and going for coffee with friends.

HH: Sounds like my list...minus the hair thing. Although I have a trim on the books for next week! (It's been over a year...)

britt swaddle

Thanks for sharing your momma wisdom with us all Britt! For the rest of you, check out Denver Tidbits for the latest and greatest happening around Denver!


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