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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Play, Meet (six)

Play, Meet (six)


Happy Thursday! Suns out, blog's out (with a new post!)

Meet the bombshell momma, Jessica Trimble and her little flower, Violet!

I actually met Jessica LONG before either of us was married, LONG before baby was even in our vocabulary. We met working together at a mortgage company for a home builder about 10 years ago now! Well, that's according to my math, because I know I was in my early twenties, barely 21. We were both wide eyed, she fresh out of college at DU and definitely the cat's meow with all the goggly eyed guys at work. I mean, have you seen her hair? That;s HER hair. No extensions ladies... I know, I know...

So here we are now, both married, living like grown ups with mortgages of our own and babies! Jessica also has a beautiful daughter named Giselle, my favorite ballet (love this name), who is in kindergarten. I again LOVE sharing these with you all and reading their responses because it opens our eyes to all different scenarios of motherhood. She juggles a newborn, Violet was born a couple weeks before Arlo, and an elementary tot, AND is about ready to head back to a full time career in December. Every time I see Jessica, she is completely manicured, hair coiffed, even when we met at Washington park and she was in her workout clothes. She is a tall drink of water and she's got the brains and determination and drive to go with that pretty package.

She recently switched career directions after staying home with Giselle for a couple of years. She even had to travel to several states and live away from home for training for her position she now holds. She might be that person you know yourself, that one you think to yourself, "she really does go after what she wants and doesn't stop until she gets it."

We had the pleasure of meeting up in early November, just before the temps dropped and the snow fell. We met up at Downpours Coffee on 44th and Tennyson for coffee and breakfast burritos, hello nursing mommas best breakfast food, and chatted until Remy fussed and wanted to get out of her stroller. (Downpours is the sweetest neighborhood shop, we actually chatted up the owner and his daughter was our barista. They serve up Novo Coffee and make a concoction of natural, all REAL ingredients for a pumpkin spice latte!) We took a short walk to the end of the block to Cesar Chavez playground so Remy could run loose. We were able to catch up a little more on a warm park bench as we nursed.

Not gonna lie, Remy climbed up this ladder straight into the air, it was higher than 7 ft, and she tried to climb back down this thing and about gave momma a heart attack. (Image: Me running towards the play area to grab Remy with one arm while Arlo is still suckling my boob under a cover!) Oh, and I am a terrible blogger and my battery was so low I had to keep turning it on and off to snap these pics... but I think I managed to capture a few goodies!

Meet Jessica and Violet!

Jessica Trimble, 32, Acct Manager in Artificial Lift Systems at Baker Hughes (woah, smart cookie!) Violet, 11 weeks, Giselle, 5 years, and husband Nick Trimble, 32, Sales at Sierra Steel

HH: Right out of the gate with this one, what has been the biggest changes of pregnancy and motherhood since Giselle? Similarities, Differences?

JT: My pregnancies are very easy, fortunately for me! Both times, I had no morning sickness or anything, really! However, the only times in my life I've ever gotten heart burn are when I was pregnant (and yes, both of my babies were born with lots of hair!). I gained about 5 more pounds this time, boooo! Overall, though, I am very lucky in my pregnancies - both were smooth sailing, no complications, and healthy, strong babies! And both babies astounded the doctors with their neck strength/head control right out of the womb - what a funny thing to have in both babies, right??

Motherhood with a newborn Round 2, has been different. Giselle was a life changer. I was a first time mom and I remember my whole world being rocked and turned upside down as I was becoming a mother and learning how to put someone else's needs above everything else. This time, I'm already in "mommy mode" so the world hasn't shifted quite like last time. Also, I don't have the luxury of my world stopping like last time. This time around, I also have a Kindergartner to take care of (complete with projects, homework, dance class, friends, parties, and the whole shebang!). That means that I've had to learn how to do all that WITH Violet. Luckily for me, Violet is a more easy going baby than Giselle. She isn't colicky and seems to be very content, which makes taking care of both doable.

HH: Your favorite things about Violet so far?

JT: She is a snuggler. She loves to be held, and she is a very happy baby. Giselle wasn't quite as content as Violet and required more active 'doing' from mom and dad to keep her ok. I have never known anything different than a very demanding baby, so to have one that is so serene is so much fun!

HH: Biggest challenges of parenting you have faced so far?

JT: In general, just parenting two kids! It's not easy to get meals made, lunches packed, hair brushed, baby fed, beds made, groceries bought, laundry done, housecleaning done (yeah right) with two lovies to take care of! Now to figure all that out WITH a full time job.........

HH: I have complete faith in you... and somehow I see dance lessons for Giselle, you joining the PTA, and the baby learning sign language too! Haha!

HH: Most stressful moment so far with two, and most joyous?

JT: Most stressful - the day I decided to tackle a house painting project - painting diamonds on the wall behind my bed. Oh, somehow that day I also coordinated buying a rug for the living room. Add in school for a Kindergartner and wearing a baby, and I about ran myself ragged. Funny, I wound up with strep the next day. I have a feeling hosting Thanksgiving dinner will be my next big challenge...Most joyous - Each and every time I find Giselle comforting her sister - holding her hand, offering her a pacifier, climbing in the crib with her - my heart overflows and I'm reminded that our hearts have the capacity to love more and more.

HH: HOSTING Thanksgiving? WHO are you?! HAHAHA! Best of luck and patience to you!

HH: How has your daily routine changed for yourself? Have you altered any beauty regimes since having baby?

JT: What beauty regime? Haha. My daily routine has become one of haphazard attempts at too many things it seems. I don't have the same amount of time for anything. So I get up, get everyone else ready, put workout clothes on, do my workout sometime when the baby is sleeping, end up in workout clothes ALL day, shower in the afternoon, and put makeup on in the evening. True story! Haha. Pretty soon, it will be back to work clothes, makeup, hair, and heels everyday. Time to adjust the routine again!

HH: Um, you said work out! THAT is awesome!!!! And I LOVE that you put your makeup on later! Seems like a tory my hubby mentioned to me about his momma and how she got lovely before his father came home from work...

HH: Best gear/products from before and this time around?

JT: I am such a minimalist! Seriously. Whether it's for me or for babies, I believe little in special products or trendy fad type stuff. I am using most of the items I had with Giselle. As far as special ointments or creams or anything like that, if you ask me, old standbys are the best. I use good old Vaseline, baby powder, and some baby lotion. Violet hasn't had one diaper rash or problem yet....

HH: Most unique or special baby gift received so far for Violet?

JT: Handmade items are of course my favorite. A blanket from my mom, a daisy knitted blanket from a cousin, a quilt, mittens, and hat from my grandma will be kept and treasured forever.

HH: I agree. These are irreplaceable...and I have seen this blanket and it is STUNNING!

HH: Any advice for new mommies or women who plan to be mommies the second time around?

JT: Like so many things, it's funny how we stress about things and wonder we will be able to do it and yet, when the time comes, somehow we figure it out and it all gets done. My advice would be to worry less, and to put less stress on yourself to do everything perfectly. Our culture seems so caught up in being these super mommies with pinterest worthy outfits, homes, hair, meals, and children and it's so unrealistic. Real life is doing your best by your family, your job, and yourself, and just doing what you can each day to make it great. Doing your best is all you can do and your baby will love you and thrive simply from you giving your best to him/her, even if every meal doesn't come from Pinterest. I have one friend to whom I often say "Did you feed your baby today? Did you feed the rest of your family? Did everyone leave their warm house clothed? And everyone ended up safely together at the end of the day? Then you did good."

HH: I just got goose bumps... The imperfection is what I LOVE! I see random hair clips around the kitchen counters, and step on Cheerios everywhere I go and there are little pieces of evidence that "Remy Was Here" and I SOAK IT UP....

HH: Does Violet or Giselle have a "style?" Where do you like to shop for them? Any favorite brands or outfits on your munchkins?

JT: Giselle isn't the hugest fan of anything overly stylish. We go more classic, cute kid, with some trendy pieces mixed in here and there. She likes to be comfortable for maximum play, BUT she is super concerned about her shoes matching and VERY concerned about her hair every day. She instructs me clearly every day on what she would like me to do with her hair and some of her ideas are......quite creative. Violet gets full mommy treatment, so I love to dress her in classic baby. The baby stage is so fleeting so I purposely don't dress her in adult like clothing so I can soak in every baby moment possible.

HH: My mom and his mom I think HATE the way I dress my babes the majority of the time- dressing them too adult, and in dark or muted colors instead of the frilly pink. I admit, I have girled it up more with Arlo than I had with Remy. But, I still prefer blues and purples and grays... :)

HH: What tips or tricks can you share about juggling two? With one in school and you are headed back to work, what organization or planning are you going to do?

JT: I've already cooked and prepared 15 or so slow cooker freezer meals. That way, when I go back to work, I can just stick it in the crock pot on my way out the door and come home to something yummy without a lot of work facing me after a long day. I also am planning on working out at lunch to maximize time with babies. Oh! I also found that online grocery shopping is the bees knees. There is no other way to go. No rushing around after work, no babies crying or 5 year olds negotiating for some sugar laden processed treats. Those few things should save me loads of time.

HH: Bowing down to you right now and angels singing in background! FIFTEEN?!?!?! You are any man's hero!

HH: How has motherhood changed you? Changed your style or personality or ideals?

JT: Motherhood in general has made me a better person. It's what I've always wanted. Any mom knows it's the hardest, best, most tiring, most fulfilling job in the whole wide world that we would never trade for anything. It's made me put others before myself, it's given me even more drive, it's given me purpose for all the things I do. It's made time more concrete and less nebulous. Goals have end dates based on children's ages rather than just 'sometime.' It's made holidays magical again too!

HH: Any baby items are on your wish list? Things you want to try?

JT: There are some pretty fancy strollers out there that I'd be totally on board for if someone you know, just handed them to me. But in all reality, I hardly use them. I DID also get a pretty cool new monitor too with a TV screen I can carry around to watch her, remote login access of course too, and two way talk/listen feature. I'm pretty excited about that one!

HH: Oooohhh spiffy! That is one thing we had on our second registry, didn't receive, but hoping to get. If not for the baby- for the one who is about to go into a bed someday- escape artist extraordinaire in training I think!

HH: Where did you deliver and explain about your birth and delivery, however much or little you feel like sharing....Was it similar or completely different than with Giselle?

JT: I delivered at Lutheran and it was a wonderful hospital to be at. It's right by my house and having grown up in the area, it felt very homey to me. I delievered Giselle at Sky Ridge which was also amazing, but definitely more "hospital" feeling. With Giselle, she was late and I ended up being induced. I knew I really didn't want that this time so I was hopeful Violet would be on time. Sure enough, on her due date, I started to have intense contractions that I didn't have until I was actually IN the hospital last time. I didn't have anything to compare to so I didn't know if it was 'time,' so I just kept working (from home, but still) all day, making phone calls in between contractions so I could have a normal conversation without holding my breath or yelping in pain. I called the doctor in the evening to tell her about my contractions but she wasn't convinced I was in labor. Anyone who knows my pain thresholds and would have seen me (including my husband who vetoed the doctor's opinion and took us to the hospital) would have been able to tell I was in labor, but I thought the doctor would know better than me (which is a whole different conversation, but I digress). Once my husband took me to the hospital a couple hours later after watching me bathe in our jetted tub with zero relief, and dance around the house in pain like an ancient shaman or something, the doctor told the nurses I was not to be admitted but rather monitored to be sure I was in labor and sent home if not. So I took more baths and tried to relax by sniffing all the essential oils they could give me. When they took my measurements two hours later and realized I was dilating almost at the speed of light, everyone kicked it into high gear. I was already at a 7 at that point and it took two or three hours for the final 3 centimeters. Although I had ideals of not getting any medicine, I was too much pain so I got an epidural. After that, and my cherry popsicle, I seemed to return to my body from the out of body condition I'd been in. At that point, I became aware of my best friend and mom in the room with my husband and I, all three (husband included) looking a little perplexed at me in my otherwordly state I was in. The girls helped me with girl stuff, and Nick did wonderful, keeping his head up my mine (he was scarred last time by a mirror the doctors put 'down there' with Giselle). I appreciated his quiet encouragement and support. I pushed for a short 15-20 minutes and Violet arrived! I knew I was in labor all along....I'm glad my husband listened to his intuition!

HH: After going through two labors and contractions (worse the second time around) and only getting to 4.5 before getting an epidural, I commend you for making it to 7! It is PAINFUL!!!

HH: How did you come up with her name and does it carry any special meaning?

JT: I've loved the name since before we had Giselle and it was a contender at that time. It's classic and beautiful, fitting for both a child or an adult. I liked it before Ben Affleck named his daughter that, that's for sure. This time around, it always hovered around our top choices, but considering it's rise in popularity (thanks a lot, Ben), we kept searching for other names. To make the final decision, we took our top 16 names, created a March Madness-style sweet 16 bracket, and battled names out against one another. Violet won out and it should have been the name all along. It's the name we both liked the best, regardless of if other copycats are hopping on the bandwagon. We know it's our style - a little modern, a little vintage, sweet and cute and not too commonplace (hopefully it stays that way). Timeless and lovely without being generic. Jacqueline, the middle name is my mom's name. Another beautiful classic. She means the world to me and was so honored that we gave the baby her namesake. We told her the middle name was going to be Monroe and didn't reveal the truth to her until she was in the delivery with us and the baby was born. She cried (very unlike her) and we knew we made a good decision.

HH: I am crying! That is so sweet! AND creative, of course I would expect nothing less coming from you!

HH: Any websites or magazine or references you like to visit for mom advice? Friends, mom role models, etc.

JT: I read the weekly emails I get about the development about the baby on In fact, I still get them about Giselle (I have from day 1!) and I still find them helpful. They're spot on about some phases I've seen with Giselle and very helpful in reminding me about things I've forgotten for Violet. Of course, I look to mom and my grandmas too. They know their stuff! Sometimes their practical experience means they have the best advice. Other times, a more modern view (like on potty training) seems to fit our lives. So I guess we kind of mix and match for what works for us.

HH: Couldn't agree more! I find if I am in a pickle its a call to my mom or husband's...

HH: Any traditions or holiday plans you are excited to experience or share with your daughters?

JT: I LOVE the holidays! I am a Christmas freak. The Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving along with the lights and the baking and cooking begins! I'm excited to share it all. Specifically, I am planning a girl's date for Giselle and me to the Nutcracker. HH: I can't WAIT to do this too! Until then I take hubby! :) ) Having danced my entire life and having seen it countless times, I want to share that enchantment with Giselle (and Violet eventually too!). The holidays in general are a magical time and I love the way it brings family, friends and people together. There's a kindness in people's spirit that reminds me of why we are here - to love one another and find the God in people.

HH: Any plans for a third or going to try for that boy?!

JT: No! I'd love for Nick to get to have a boy and do boy things, but two is definitely enough for us. We definitely need a little more calm and control in our lives though and three sounds too chaotic with school schedules, extracurriculars, etc. We've always agreed that we'd rather do one or two really well than to do 3 or more mediocre. And for us, we can only give our personal best to these two and we couldn't be happier or more thankful to God for the blessings we have.

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