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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Play, Meet (three)

Play, Meet (three)


A couple weeks ago Remy and I headed downtown to the Baker neighborhood, just West of Boradway and 4th-ish, and had a little pie and park date with Sessy Spira and her very talkative and personable four year old, "Um, excuse me, excuse me," daughter Arden! It was so fun to interact with a momma of a full blown pre-schooler one on one. I have nieces who are this age, but it is interesting when you get one on one for a play date with a baby who just turned one and a walking, talking, little human who has this amazing memory and recollection of adventures who plays an amazing storyteller. We met around their beautiful home and took a sunny stroll over to Humble Pie Shop. We had quiche, coffee and mini pies and then headed over to Dailey Park for some swings and sand.

Sessy and I used to go to church together many years ago when I was an early teen and she a young girl. I used to teach ballet to her and her sister and I remember doing slumber parties in their back yard and playing Barbies. What I always remembered about Sessy was her smile and her infectious laugh, and all these years later, even as a momma carrying more experience than I even though she is so much younger, it's still there. Now a graceful young woman, married, a serious gardener with incredible body art work and legs to match, Sessy is studying to be a doula and last we spoke, was waiting for one of her mamas to go into labor.

I discovered she loves to bake, and she has an artistic side, (she gave her sister, her parents, her husband's sister and his parents each a wall letter that spelled out, "Arden," and she kept a letter herself, then she asked them all to decorate their letter any way they felt and the final product was a quirky masterpiece representative of all of Arden's family on her bedroom wall- what a great idea!)

Enjoy a little Q & A with this hip, young downtown momma. You can follow Mama Bee Doulas on Facebook too!

HH: Name/Occupation, (and hubby) Arden's full name and birthday.

SS: Sessy Spira - Labor and birth doula, Jeremy Spira - Property manager, Arden Louan Spira

HH: Biggest challenge with balancing motherhood and finding time to work and study to be a Doula? How, when and where do you work?

SS: Finding childcare can be a bit tricky at times, but I'm truly blessed and have both sets of grandparents that are willing to help out. I work mostly on Tuesdays when my mother watches Arden. I try to schedule appointments with clients during this time. My mother, sister and hubby all work together to watch Ardy when a client goes into labor.

HH: Favorite thing about being a momma and favorite thing about Arden?

SS: My favorite thing about being a mom is the love. The unconditional love that fills your life. My favorite thing about Ardy is the way she thinks. She has a broad way of thinking and so much compassion for the world around her. It's truly a wonderful thing to watch her grow and expand as a person.

HH: Hardest thing about motherhood?

SS: The hardest part of motherhood for me is learning how to become a new version of myself. You don't change completely, but you do change. It was really hard for me at first to not feel like I completely lost myself. It has gotten easier.

HH: Tips for taking care of yourself and hubby while having a child?

SS: Schedule regular date nights!

HH: Best gear/products... (Could be things you loved when she was a baby, toddler and now...)

SS: Baby food cooker! It can save you a ton of money.

HH: Best advice given to you?

SS: Don't feel guilty about taking a nap.

HH: Any advice for new mommies or women who plan to be mommies?

SS: Work out. Seriously. By starting a good workout regimen before you get knocked up will help you stay active throughout your pregnancy. If your sweet babe is already here it's not too late.

HH: Favorite clothing brands/styles for Arden? What would you say her style is? Well, yours for her... :) What does she like to wear?

SS: This one is all Arden. She knows exactly what she wants to wear. She is a huge fan of the maxi dress, but any dress will do and NO buttons. She loves pink, glitter and anything that sparkles. She is no stranger to accessories! I would say her style is girly.

HH: Favorite stores or online shopping sites for Arden? Clothing, toys, etc.

SS: Our current favorite store is Crazy 8. Target is our go-to for most things.

HH: How has motherhood changed you? Changed your style or personality or ideals?

SS: Motherhood has taught me to think twice. I used to jump into things headfirst not thinking about the outcome or possible consequences. It has also taught me patience. Children require a whole lot of patience.

HH: What do you love most about raising a baby/kiddo in Denver?

SS: Being able to walk places! I must admit having a baby in the city is not as much fun as a kiddo. Now that Arden is old enough to walk longer distances, it makes living in the city much more enjoyable.

HH: What are you most looking forward to do with Arden this summer?

SS: Swimming. Arden just graduated from survival swim school and can't get enough of the water.

HH: Arden is a December baby, and you may do a "Half" Birthday celebration this year. What will go into planning and party and what does she want for a gift?

SS: We did a half birthday for the first two years but have decided to hold off for now.

HH: What is on your agenda for when you have alone time or girl time?

SS: I mostly work on doula stuff (there's a ton of reading involved). If I'm not up for that, I call my go-to gal, my sister, Evangelina. She is a life saver. She helps keep me grounded and always knows how to make me relax and have fun.

HH: Oh...this is so sweet...I am expecting another girl, so hopefully my girls will be close like this.

HH: You are planning a vacation to Conneticut/New York this summer and planning to take Arden into the city this time. Where do you want to take her, things you want to show her? Any travel advice for parents that has worked for you?

SS: We want to take to a broadway show. We are still working out the details, but should be fun no matter what we decide.

Pack food. Lots of food. It keeps little tummies happy, little fingers busy, and little mouths occupied. Pack a good assortment of snacks as well as a reward for good behavior. I don't recommend too much sugar as this obviously will make your tike bouncy. The key is stay calm even if your little one isn't. Don't worry about upsetting other passengers. Babies cry, even well behaved children throw fits occasionally, and we all survive it. If you keep your cool chances are you can regain control of the situation better.

Oh and for babes still on the boob/bottle. Feed during take off. It will help distract them and ease discomfort with the change in air pressure.

Thanks so much for a fun morning/afternoon Sessy & Arden! Next time let's do a scoop of ice cream at Sweet Action and check out those "kiddie" dress-up shoes at True Love on Broadway!

Thanks for reading!


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