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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Del Mar Swimming Pool Aurora: Punch Pass Pool Day

Del Mar Swimming Pool Aurora: Punch Pass Pool Day

We made it toDel Mar Park pool again!  

We somehow, miraculously went during opening weekend this year, and then time happened, and we woke up and realized we were basically at the end of June and hadn't visited the pool since Memorial Day weekend! 

I actually tried to go last weekend with the girls but by the time we suited up and strolled outside to "check the weather," it literally started POURING on us!  Scratched that.  So we waited until this week and Baba was with us too!  Yipee!  

I was able to take the girls swimming at the beginning of June when I went to visit my Dad as well.  We played in the water, but I did also try to mimic their swim instructors they had back in spring and do some light practice of tummy floats, back floats and bobs under water.  I was really impressed to see they have gained so much confidence in the water and this last time at the pool Arlo was doing back floats all by herself!  Of course we had her arm floaties on for extra safety, but husband and I looked over and there she was basking in the sun on her back!  Towards the end of our pool day they were practicing jumping in with Baba.  Remy was a little more reseved and sort of slithered in, but Arlo was leaping and catching air and finally went down a few feet over and jumped in without having Baba there to catch her in the water!  Again, thankfully she had her arm floaties on. 

One child seems to be fearless, while the other is more cautious and timid and prefers warming in the sun, wrapped up in her towel, as opposed to blasting down freezing cold water slides.  I love how their personalities are exploding and their preferences, opinions, self expression and individuality have been in high gear lately!  

We had a great morning at the pool together, but next time, I think I'll get in.  I am the one who prefers to stay dry usually, and while I had fun documenting my three splashing about, next time I want to play swim coach and think I'll slip in.  I wasn't loafing on the side getting a tan!  I was pretty much stationed at the edge of the pool and was grabbing towels and slathering them up with sunscreen, trying to find their hats, wait now their toys, wait, oh you want your kick board now, okay, yes now your tube okay... I was definitely the gopher/lifeguard!  

Del Mar Park Pool is located in Aurora off 6th & Peoria and is a public pool through Aurora Parks and Recreation.  Super affordable, very fun, with lap pools, two diving boards, two "big kid/adult slides" and the water slide/splash area with several slides toddlers can slip down all by themselves!  So empowering for the girls at this age to feel like they can get up the stairs and go DOWN a HUGE slide, all by themselves!  Well, I could see Arlo relishing in that freedom and autonomy from mom- just look at her down there!  She has always been my "don't touch me, I can do it myself" kiddo.  Remy was shivering and frowny faced and said, peace out, I 'm going to get my towel.  I can't fib, I'm with her.  That water is FRIGID!  BUT, they BOTH LOVE getting in the deep!

See a past visit at Del Mar Park Pool here.  How do you all plan to stay cool this summer?  I wish we had a true community/neighborhood pool we could just bike or walk to!  We had a recent park date where the kindergartners from her upcoming class year got together for popsicles to get familiar.  The park was right next to a community pool, which sits next to the school she will attend come fall.  When we were leaving I saw a couple young girls throw on their towels and hop on their scooters and were heading towards the houses tracing the perimeter behind.  Pink cheeks, sheaths over dripping popsicles, wet pony tails dangling behind, bare feet...I WANT that for my girls someday!  What a treat to be able to meet your friend at the pool and scoot home for supper!  Del Mar has definitely proved to be the best within a short drive for our family right now. There's also Utah Park pool but that is all indoors, and there are a couple other Aurora pools we plan to visit this summer-we got a punch card pass which was a great deal!  Of course we have the ole hose-n-sprinkler settup too which is secretly my favorite.

It's been terribly HOT here, in the triple digits, give me my orange leaves and coats!  Stay cool everyone!


Wearing: Arlo is wearing a green coverup from Target last year over a vintage swimsuit.  I found THIS navy two-piece tankini that had umbrellas on it by Roxy!  Remy is wearing a Bobo Choses dress over a rainbow Children's Place swimsuit. LOOK at THIS darling navy suit with a rainbow and heart from Land's End. I am wearing a green spandex ice skater dress from American Apparel (old)! 

Kidtopia Kool at Shops at Southlands

Kidtopia Kool at Shops at Southlands

Vegas Pit Stop

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