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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Pretend Costumes and the Tunnel of Terror

Pretend Costumes and the Tunnel of Terror

Last Friday the girls and I went to Nick’s Garden Center for the second Friday in a row to ride through the Tunnel of Terror, AGAIN! They went through the “scary” tractor ride at Nick’s last week all by themselves and have been talking about it ever since, so I decided to take them again before it goes away this season. Friday afternoons seem to be the PERFECT time to head to Nick’s Fall Fest, when kiddos are still in school! I am sure they are open this week for the holiday too if you want to catch all the fun before Halloween!

We have made going to Nick’s for fall festival a little family tradition over the last couple of years now! LOOK at one of our first trips there as a family of four! And this trip! And then LAST year- you can see Remy was uncertain of the Daffy apples then as well!

This time the girls went on the ride, TWICE! They went alone, completely alone, as in no other riders, the first time, and I think the driver was worried they would be spooked but he told me they laughed and he was waiting for them to get scared so he drove through the spooky tunnel very quickly so he told them they could ride again. So they went with the next set of passengers again and he drove through the tunnel at a normal pace so they could see all the Halloween surprises peering out. They LOVED it! The ride costs four token, $4, each rider.

Last Friday we went with Baba and we picked out a couple pumpkins and got the kettle corn that they make fresh right there. SO. GOOD! Last time they also did the bounce houses AND the train ride, so this time, I said we would only be going for the Tunnel of Terror and the free games, there is a bean bag toss, pumpkin ring toss, hay bale maze, and a few others! It was actually really great to go a couple times this year, since it is very close to home and we went on a school day to bypass the weekend crowds. We could walk around at OUR speed, without maneuvering around a lot of people and having to wait for anything. We got another bag of the classic Kettl Corn, planning to take it to Arlo’s pre-school tomorrow for snack treat! I also got them caramel apples, but neither wanted one! Still sitting on my counter! Sometimes Mama’s treat eyes are WAY larger than any of us can actually take.

I also found a few unique tiny swan neck gourds, $1.49 a pound, that are AWESOME fall decor, well past Halloween and into Thanksgiving now. They are on my coffee table and I notice Arlo keeps taking off with them and I am finding them in her room and seeing her put them in a cardboard pumpkin box. Earlier today she was hanging one on her dress like an accessory. I have a feeling those swan necks are going to get snapped sooner rather than later.

Another FUN and memorable takeaway the girls both are fascinated by at Nick’s Fall Fest is their skeleton in the coffin with the candy bowl outside their market. It never gets old, knocking on th wooden doors of the coffin and waiting to hear the skeleton do its little speech and then POP out and scare the jeepers out of them! The bowl was empty when we got their, but by the time we were leaving the Tootsie pops and Tootsie rolls were refilled and the girls could NOT pass that up.

It was REALLY great setting the expectation with them this time that we would only be paying for ONE ride, that went amazingly well with them. I find that usually my girls do very well when we tell them up front what we will and will not be paying for or doing. I am fortunate that so far they have not been the type to cry, whine or throw tantrums for more, and they have understood, “No,” thus far with minimal rebuttal. So far. Because we only went for that TUNNEL, we were able to be leisurely with all the other offerings- which is a LOT! They did the hay maze a few times and even made a buddy who would find and rescue them and lead them out. More so Remy. She is entering a new little phase of childhood, the chasing-boys-at-recess-phase.

They had fun with the pumpkin ring toss! They had MORE fun with it when I put a pretend value on each colored ring. Remy was backing up and fell right into the basket! Glad she wasn’t hurt and we all got a laugh! SO ADORABLE!

I would be withholding if I didn’t also share with you that I wanted to go again to get some shots of the girls with those big orange globes! I have had these vintage dresses, found at different times, for a few months. I never know when an opportunity comes up, but what better time than FALL or a patch to pull out a little traditional apron dress! Remy was NOT up for this dress at all, at first, that was until I suggested that it was a Alice in Wonderland costume! Arlo liked her dress all along, in fact when I originally found it thrifting I mentioned it was for Remy, her size, and Arlo insisted it was her own. So she had no problem wearing hers. BUT, we did say that hers was Alice’s younger sister to get into the Halloween-dress-up spirit! Remy said her name was, “Courtney.” Ha! So, if you have something that you REALLY want your little one to wear for an outing, try using the whole character/costume thing to get them into the mood!

They are only little for so ling, and it might be the last year I can get away with the whole dressing them up for photos thing, so I am milking it. Every. Time.

We could not have had BETTER weather here in Colorado lately either! BOTH Fridays were in the upper sixties, low seventies! NO tights needed! NO coats! Halloween’s forecast around these parts is projected to live up to Colorado’s reputation, cold and wet! I LOVE that too! I remember VERY well, having to wear the big puffy coat on top of my costumes MANY trick-or-treats.

Have a wonderful Halloween week, guys! We still have not yet carved our pumpkins, and truth be told, I don’t exactly care. It’s not my favorite thing to do. We might just keep them all perfect and whole all season, who knows. Nothing else on the dockit. We did not do any Halloween parties or trick-or-treat streets, husband and I both sort of agree that it takes away from the magic and specialness of trick-or-treating that one Hallow’s eve! So, I opted to take them outdoors to a park and enjoy this glorious sunshine over the weekend.

We’ll probably finish off our apple caramel cake from Kneaders and read our Halloween library books over the next couple of days. I also want to do some neighborhood bike or ride throughs to see some Halloween decorations with the girls! I haven’t seen much in our own area, so I may have to head to Park Hill like last year!

Oh, and we probably need to do our first round of leave raking…. which I actually DO LOVE!


Wearing: Both girls are wearing thrifted/vintage dresses, but this pink dress from Zulily is similar and $10! OR, this Mini Boden dress with vintage vibes at Nordstrom is adorable too!

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