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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Prezi Time! Christmas Gift Ideas for 18 Months

Prezi Time! Christmas Gift Ideas for 18 Months


I LOVE doing my shopping last minute!  I REALLY do actually! I know there is a cliche floating around out there that only men wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping,  but I actually prefer it!  I FEEL more in the mood and spirit when I'm out there so close to the countdown.  There's something in the air, the energy, the bustle!  Sort of reminds me of Christmas Vacation when they all go shopping as a family and accidentally lock dad in the attic.  That movie always give me good, warm cozy holiday feelings.

So, in the coming days husband and I will set out to find two special gifts for our love.  Technically this is Remy's second Christmas, but since she was only 7 months old last year, this one is really the ONE!  This is the year where I hope to hold her at the top of the stairs and gaze down at her "Chee" with her Christmas morning and see a magic wash over her little face.  Ever since she hit 15 months, her vocabulary exploded her personality just burst out and real interests and traits are becoming apparent.  She is hilarious!  The other day husband might or might not have broke wind, it could have been a "barking spider" as my father used to call it, and Remy blurted out from downstairs, "Babaaaaa!"  Lately I have caught her saying, "What?"  The way she says it though!  It is very short and blunt and in perfect context!  I will be talking aloud about how she needs to be getting her shoes on or something and I heard, "What?"  The emphasis on that "t" kills me!

We are by no means showering her with a million gifts, and don't plant to as the years go by.  Have you seen this CUTE video from a UK father who pranked his tots with early Christmas gifts?  A MUST SEE!  His thoughts align with ours in that our kiddos are happy with the simplest things.  We hope to give a couple of special gifts that really speak to her and hopefully she loves and hangs onto longer than 5 minutes.  No, not produce!  Of course, Santa will visit and spoil her with a full stocking, if she's a good girl!

You can see what we were thinking about getting her last year here if you have a baby under one to shop for and still need some suggestions.

So here's a few things we are thinking about for her this year.  There are a couple other ideas we have up our sleeve, but we're waiting to just be surprised ourselves when we go shopping and see what we discover in the aisles.


Left to right, top to bottom:



1. A miniature cleaning set.  Remy loves to help Mama and Baba clean up (her messes)!  She's been twirling the large broom about, time for one her size.

2. A table and chairs set her size!  Overstock had a lot of options.  (This one is Baba's idea, but we may gift this later next year after we find the perfect set.)

3. A new BABY!  She LOVES her baby dolls!  I catch her stealing Arlo's pacifier and holding it near her doll's mouth and she straps them into Arlo's bouncers and carseat.  This little Cabbage Patch has a paci that fits in the mouth!

4. Speaking of babies, this adorable doll high chair and feeding set by Fisher Price is perfect!

5. Remy loves bath time! We introduced Mr. Bubble a couple of months ago and a few bath toys we had saved until she got old enough to appreciate and she really enjoys her play time before bed.  I found these bath crayons by Munchkin a while back and can't wait to see how she likes them!

6.  These may not be under the tree by Thursday, but a new pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins is in order for these growing, and moving, toddler toes!  ANY color!  We absolutely love the construction quality and aesthetic of these.  They are easy and STAY ON!

Hopefully this might spark a few ideas for you all out there struggling for that last tot on your list!

Snow is in the forecast for us here in Colorado on Christmas... here's praying we get a white Christmas!

Until then, happy shopping!


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