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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Push Pin Your Town: Cherry Creek North

Push Pin Your Town: Cherry Creek North


Last night, Remy and I ventured over to Cherry Creek North for a presentation about some of the development happening in the area and a fun walking tour to several of the shops. I didn't exactly plan this one out ahead of time as far as sorting out a sitter, and knowing hubby had work, I thought I might attempt to bring a baby along ONLY because the walking tour seemed like a nice evening stroll to stimulate her senses and it was a great opportunity to try out our new double stroller, used as a single for now of course. Also, a chance to find out what's up with all the cranes and cones. After being inside all day, the warm evening sunshine and surprisingly still air were refreshing and just what was needed after all the wind and chill we had this week in Denver. The first stop on the agenda was Thrive, a co-working space on 2nd & Milwaukee. When we rolled up and saw the staircase, I have to admit I was very intimidated and questioned what the heck a 21 week preggo with an 11 month old baby was doing going to this event, but after an encouraging phone-a-friend call, I strolled around the block and after turning up empty on an elevator, I parked it out front and took her up in arm. The welcome reception we received and the helpful assist we got with the stroller up the stairs perked us right up and made us feel like we made the right decision to venture out and see what Cherry Creek North is buzzing about lately.

Whole Foods catered the opening reception, and after yummy "nay nay" as Remy calls it, we had a brief run down of the new construction projects around the few blocks just north of the shopping center and we broke into two groups for walking tours. Remy and I were put into Group B, which included a pit stop at Sugarlicious candy shop where we were able to pick out our own candies to fill a mini plastic cube. I spotted Draft Beer jelly beans, but decided to try these funny little apple flavored army men, fudge covered mini Oreos, and strawberry banana gummy bears. No, it was not pregnancy cravings, it was being pressed for time that I hastily made these selections! When you are standing in front of an entire wall filled with candy the choices could take a while! We'll be back at some point, I'm sure. They also try to keep their chocolate case stocked with locals like Ziva, which I had never heard of before. I would like to go back to try some!

Remy was most impressed however with the paper fans hanging from the ceiling at one of the last stops at a fun shop called Elizabeth Lindsay. I will have to make it back there to get a Token Tag necklace engraved with Remy's name! This is a fun shop, packed to the brim, and probably a place where you'd find a great gift for anyone from your neighbor who watched your cat, to your personal assistant or cousin visiting from out of town.

The first stop was done up right with pizza at Patxi's! I am not going to hide it, I tried a slice from each pie present, well except a couple. YUM! Definitely heading back there for a pizza night with hubs- he loves trying new pizza places and I think he would love this style; not to crispy, and not too saucy, with delicious tasting cheese!

We also were able to get a peek inside the fancy jewelry store, Oster Jewelers, and I made it into Simply Moore, a cosmetics store that I had always been curious about. Simply Moore was neat! You can get custom foundation blended up for your complexion, and you can create your own tube of lipstick in any shade you think up and even create a lipgloss with a flavor like Carrot Cake! This would be such a fun place to take mom for Mother's Day or go with a couple girlfriends before heading to a sushi happy hour at Hapa on a girls' night.

Remy was an ANGEL for the intro and 7 of the 10 stops, but it was hitting her dinner/wind down time and we cut the walking tour a little bit short. We issued out on the wig shop, Le Creuset and Pismo Fine Art Glass, but I am glad we made it through most all of the tour without any meltdowns whatsoever, AND she stayed in her stroller! Remy is not a fan of being "tied" down, and this was our first long go with the new stroller, and I was SO impressed with its handling, maneuverability, and comfort for her. So far, so good...

There is always something new popping up in Cherry Creek North, and whenever I am passing through to go to a pre natal class at Belly Bliss, or meeting a friend for coffee, or heading to Right Start for baby gear, I am always on the look out for the newest restaurant or retailer in the neighborhood. A sort of mental checklist of places I'd like to check out, and I was really happy I got the chance to get a personalized tour of several shops.

Best of all, I can assure you that Remy and I were welcome in all of these places mentioned above and they were stroller and baby friendly! Cherry Creek North is one of the best areas for outdoor strolling, and she LOVED the water fountains on Milwaukee by the Dazbog coffee. That may be a date in and of itself- coffee and playing in the water, and perhaps some reading at the Denver Public Library right there too! The stops on the other tour seemed just as good. I would have liked to check out the new Aviano coffee, sampled Enstrom Candies and stepped foot inside Hermes too! Always something to do in this hood...

What are some of your favorite places to go in Cherry Creek North? I'd love to get more recommendations for my checklist! A BIG thank you to Leslie Horna, Director, Marketing and Communications for the Cherry Creek North Business improvement District for the invitation and for arranging the awesome lineup and samplings!

And THANK YOU for reading!


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