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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Putt-Putt Golf Firsts at Kennedy Golf Course

Putt-Putt Golf Firsts at Kennedy Golf Course

Last Saturday we had a family day!

I had mentioned to husband wanting to “hit balls” for a LOOOOOOoonnnnggg time now, and then last week, after driving past countless times, Remy and I stopped at Kennedy Golf Course and checked out prices to their miniature golf course. It was pushed to the top of my list for fun things to do with the girls.

After coaching last week husband suggested we go check it out and the girls and I were dressed in minutes! Arlo chose her new (old) Halloween print dress we found thrifting recently and topped it off with her Birthday Girl headband. Her party was last Friday and her official birthday was this week so technically it was HER weekend. Remy got dressed all on her own too! She came downstairs in this matching dress/headband gettup and it was too cute! When they are SO proud of making their own style choices and go the lengths of putting it all on, hard for me to alter or change anything lately. Since starting Kinder I have noticed she has elminated half of her dress options hanging in her closet. Sigh….

It LOOKS like the girls chose my outfit as well, but on the contrary! I went for a wacky, thrown together, comfy/sporty look. I have had these stretchy animal print pants from Madewell for a few years now and they rarely get worn, so I pulled them out, and this vintage blouse is from Cheap Mondays when we went to Paris back in April and I think this only the second time I have worn it. I didn’t try it on when I bought it, and it is a bit baggy but I love the print and style so I’ll wear it anyway, sort of not-trying-too-hard, disheveled look to it. And the hubz came straight from coaching and made time for his girls before heading to work again so sportswear for him!

I have to say this was one of the most fun afternoons we have had together! We started on course, but after realizing it was taking ten minutes on the first hole, for half of us to putt, and a family or two behind us, we decided to skip ahead to hole number 8 so we could take our time and not feel rushed. I guess there were a couple different courses and we just really cherry picked our favorite holes based on shade and how fun we thought it would be. It was SO CUTE and fun! I really wish, here’s another place, that the owners would spend a little and take some pride and care in the up-keep! It is such a little gem, sad to see the water features dry and debris all over the course. We’re no pros here so a few leaves and twigs didn’t make a difference.

I did get a little competitive with it! On the hole where you have to hit the ball through the castle, the girls were waiting on the other side on their knees waiting for the ball to pop out and as I came around the ball rolled out and hit their skirts and who knows where that ball should have ended up. I definitely shrieked, YELLED, “MooooooooOOOOOVVVEEEE!” Luckily there weren’t any other players on the courses, just us, two toddlers, a dad and a crazy-ass mom. In my defense, I had been the patient one all along, most the way through, and husband was the one snipping and sneering at the girls to step off the green, and not kick the balls, and to watch out, but for some reason I snapped on the castle hole. Sorry girls….

We wrapped up our game after a couple more holes, and I composed myself. How embarrassing. Maybe there was a guy with three toddlers putt-putting out there that day.

We had some hot dogs and chips inside at the snack bar and bought a bucket of balls and some ice cream before heading out to the driving range. Husband and I whacked a few. I had not done that since I was 19! I was a little sore on the shoulders the next day! I posted a lot on Instagram Stories last Saturday, but here’s a little video below!

I want to go again!

P.S. Also, anyone else eye-rolling at all these “bucket lists” in the blogosphere?! I mean, its one thing to have a few ideas of things you want to do on summer break, over the fall season, but making lengthy, lofty lists in calligraphy chalk on the kitchen wall seems to be overkill. It becomes more about ticking things off to publicly boast that you did them rather than letting life lead you on courses you might not have taken like these 8-11 or so mixed up holes at Kennedy Golf course. Less list-making, more living in my opinion. Don’t feel bad about not having a custom print out to cross off, and just live it. Y’know?

That said, what are your fall “bucket lists” looking like?! haha!


Wearing: I am wearing a vintage top and animal print leggings from Madewell past season, but this pair with a flare by 3.1 Phillip Lim is fun! Arlo is wearing a thrifted dress, but found this ADORABLE witch printed dress on Zulily! Her purple pom pom shoes and headband are Target. Remy is wearing a dress and headband from Target from last summer but this fruit print dress from Forever 21 Girls is darling

Striped Silk Blouse for Library Day

Striped Silk Blouse for Library Day

Feeling Escada's Spring '19 Vibes

Feeling Escada's Spring '19 Vibes