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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Red Dress Sunday

Red Dress Sunday

Yesterday in the late afternoon, after a lazy day at home, husband randomly had an opportunity to play soccer and offered to take the girls to watch him and I found myself with some solo time on a Sunday afternoon!  I dressed up for it!

Well, I didn't JUST take pictures of myself in these gorgeous blue skies, I DID get a coffee and look at books at Barnes & Noble nearby for a bit.  One of my favorite places/things to do alone was always going to a book store and getting a hot drink and a stack of reading and cozying up for a couple hours... I STILL enjoy this.  

I love dressing.  Like, I actually enjoy pulling on tights and looping a belt and tying a bow, choosing a shoe and a hat and the perfect shade of lipstick.  I absolutely love dressing up.  This is something I would wear to drop Remy off at pre-K.  True.  In fact, I wore this very red floral frock, from Target, (initiates gasps and new window pop-up for online purchase,) to Remy's Valentine's Day school party, but with a flat Chelsea boot and no hat!

I have to say I also love, LOVE, and LIVE for classic pieces that NEVER go out of style.  I have had these black moto boots from Elizabeth & James, found at a boutique sale, like 7 years ago maybe, and this black trench, by Diesel is back from my retail working days when I worked at their Denver store.  Look at these boots styled with another short dress and tights from WAAAAY back when Remy was a BABYYYYY!  The zipper broke, but I found it in the deepest back of my closet recently and dusted the shoulders off and decided she is just too good to do away with.  Also, who in the heck knows where I can repair a zipper around here?!?!?

My Gucci purse is another FAVORITE piece and one I will have forever.  Not JUST because it is one of the only true designer pieces I have to date, but also because it symbolizes a unique time in my life when I made a very great paycheck when I worked in the mortgage business as a broker and I EARNED it and I waltzed into Neiman Marcus and I bought it for myself.  It meas something.  It's special to me.  I know it is just a bag, but for me it marks a time in my life when I had some bit of financial freedom to do what I wanted, as I wanted.  Irresponsible, definitely.  Do I regret it, not in the least.  Do you have a purchase like that?

So, yes, this Xhileration Target dress has been paired with some very well-loved closet pieces.  This is a typical way of dressing for me; an off-the-rack, and off-the-cuff, trendy, fast-fashion buy because I wanted something red to wear to her Valentine's Day party.  And, if you can believe it, this is about the first and only article of red clothing I have!  It demanded photos!

Last, I swiped on my most FAVORITE reddish/orange lippy!  It is from Anthropologie a couple years ago, by Albeit, in Poppy.  I can remember the time I bought it as well.  The family was at Cherry Creek mall and Mazen was watching the girls in the play area and I had the permission to go shopping for myself.  I had ended up at Anthro, predictable, and I think I had a gift certificate or something and I ended up getting a lipstick.  It was expensive, but has been worth every penny.  The texture, the color.  I am almost out and I MUST get another!  Agh, update, I searched in a new browser window and it is no longer available and I cannot find it anywhere!  I saw a USED one for sale on Poshmark and slightly tempted... Have you ever loved a lipstick like that?  This would be my first that I actually RE-purchased another tube of.  This gold tube though... reminds me of a vintage, classic you would see on a vanity.  Probably only adds to the reasons why I want another. Damn.  Maybe I try another hue of this brand...

Hope you all had AMAZING weekends!  I most certainly did!  Plenty of time with husband and the kiddos doing a whole lotta couch surfing and cuddling.  Remy has a special day coming up March 2nd, Mother Goose Day!  All of the kiddos are charged with memorizing a Mother Goose poem and presenting and performing it in front of the class and any parents who might come.  We had a Mother Goose book from a long time ago, a thrift find I am sure as it has a Rotary Club sticker on the inside cover, and we read through them again and chose a very cute one.  She got it in just four recites!  She is SO smart and clever and making me VERY proud!  Her little movements and her voice... I can't wait for Friday! 

Have a great end of February everyone!  NEARLY spring....


Wearing: Red floral flouncy dress from Target, can't find on their website, but here is a VERY similar option and only $24! Black boots are Elizabeth & James, old, but LOVE these cutout booties by them just as much.  Black trench is by Diesel, old, HOWEVER, I would TOTALLY buy this PVC floral trench by the Italian brand TODAY if I could... My hat is thrifted, but similar style here.


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