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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

RedLine Young Artists: Eric Carle Series

RedLine Young Artists: Eric Carle Series

Last Saturday was our final class of a three-part series at RedLine Art Gallery in Denver. We woke up early again, oy vey, so we had ample time to get ourselves pretty.  Mom had her crap together, a bag packed, hair and makeup done, and the car loaded up early.  WHAT?!  Who is this mom and what have you done with Glo?!  We headed downtown and stumbled upon a cute coffee shop along the way on 18th.  We took a U-turn AND found parking in the rear, and a fun color blocked wall too! Remy was complaint she was cold, but the momma blogger in me kept snapping, and telling Arlo to "go stand by the wall and say, 'cheese.'" Ahhh.. there's the Glo I know... just kidding. Well. I was the momma who waltzed into the adorable and super pint sized bopping' brunch place with TWO babies, one on the hip, one in hand, only to get a coffee, but the coffee WAS aces!  I am planning to take a mommy/daddy trip back there to have brunch, maybe for anniversary!

The art course ended with the reading of another Eric Carle book, and one we love at home on our shelves too, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.  The class worked built on working with water color paints and paint droppers again, and also worked with painting on parchment board wall hangings, as well as utilizing stencils and the blow dryer to complete their masterpieces.

Class attendance seemed small last Saturday, as temperatures reached 73 degrees in Denver, so I am sure the parks and playgrounds pulled our little  friends away.  Our core friends were their to finish the course strong, even helping each other dry their artwork by holding the blow dryer over their wet paintings.  Several projects are packed into each class, and another take away that day was a water color painting of a stencil animal of their choosing, similar to those mentioned in the book.  Remy chose a pig, and named it Zoe.

Remy has blossomed as a tiny artist.  Although her attention span is still, most accurately at age two, her knowledge of shapes and colors, and understanding of basic color blending has budded and she was able to verbalize exactly her intentions for her creations; orange/brown paint was blended by her from yellow and red puddles. Remy is highly verbal and has strong communication skills aside, but having her in this art course, alongside fellow young students, and guided by another instructor, was a challenge for her.  Taking instruction, listening, taking turns, using our inside voices, not banging on the piano whenever she felt the urge, all while having a ton of freedom in the class to do what her little art heart wanted was the challenge for me as a parent to watch and administer too.  Learning boundaries of where I should step in and help guide, or step back and let her discover all on her own is something I juggle with all the time, art class is no exception.  In a way, having Arlo to watch after has allowed Remy to become more self-sufficient as a tiny person because the facts are my attention cannot be on her 100% of the time.

I did notice how Remy showed excitement in showing her artwork and creations to a fellow classmates' parents.  I admit, tt made me a teensy bit sad.  Why wasn't she excited to show me her work?!  Oh yeah, I'm just "mom."  I guess what I am going on and on about here is that the class was meant for the parents in as much as it was for the kiddos.  I din't snap as many photos this day.  I helped her with her stencil, but I really felt like I wanted to be a fly on the wall that day.  That's sometimes a good thing too, as a parent, to be a fly on the wall.  I am still not able to define what "mom type" I am.  Although, I saw this video the other day, and laughed, truly out loud, at the "Hot Mess Mom," part because I think I identified with that stereotype the most.  Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed looking back at myself as THAT mom, the Paparazzi/Blogger Mom.  "Am I a careless mom?"  The mom who has her girls in sandals when there are patches of snow over there.  The mom who hands her kids the crackers that just fell on the carpet a the library.  That mom that forgot to bring a sun hat and slathered them in sunscreen, scalp included.  That mom, that mom...

I often wonder looking back as I go through the moments of when my tiny people do things on their own that they might have needed a helping hand with.  I only have so may hands.  I only have one set of eyes. I am doing my best, I could do better.  Is that what we all have one repeat? I think I can give myself a pass if my daughter came home covered in paint, wrist to elbow, today and the art studio floor was covered in popcorn from the wandering 18 month old.  We were there.  We made art.  Together.  We were together.  That's what's important!

If you are interested in signing up you and your kiddo for an art session, the next one begins in April!  See more here.  Also here's a look back at our first art session with RedLine Art Gallery, a photography class, almost a year ago!

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Remy is wearing a watermelon tee from Target, (similar) and floral Gap pants with Old Navy jellies.  Arlo is wearing a Zara sweater with an Old Navy skirt and gladiator sandals.  I ADORE this skirt and sandal combo on her and I will be SO sad when this little mauve sweater no longer fits, one of my favorites.


Style: Pies, Playgrounds & Purple

Style: Pies, Playgrounds & Purple

Happy March! {And Remy Says}

Happy March! {And Remy Says}