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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

RedLine Young Artists (Part 2)

RedLine Young Artists (Part 2)

Last Saturday was Remy's second photography class! She is enrolled in the RedLine Denver Young Artist program at RedLine art gallery downtown.  They offer classes to introduce different art forms to littles (ages 2-5).  You can read more about it here and see Remy's first class.

Each class starts with a story.  We continued the Mo Willems streak and read another GREAT one, Leonardo The Monster.  We LOVED this one when we checked it out from the library a while back and we may have to get some of Willems' books in our permanent library at home.  So. Good.

Bianca introduced the kids to the original photographic process of taking photos using transparency paper, sunlight, water and simple baubles and objects to create the photos.  The kiddos chose bits and pieces of string, feathers, pom poms, leaves, sequins and other little odds and ends to put on their paper and take outside for the sunlight to process.  This was a little advanced for a two year old, I'll admit.  Also, I didn't have the luxury to leave Arlo with the husband today, and since she refuses a bottle and is teething (cutting her first tooth on the bottom) so I had a baby strapped to the front of me while trying to assist a two year old with a tray full of pieces that Arlo grabbed and spilled several times.

Luckily for us, we had great class assistants like Daphne, George (who took photos of us in the gallery) and another kind woman who held Arlo for me and also helped Remy at another point so I could try to nurse Arlo.  Obviously, if you decide to enroll your little, the best would be to do it one on one with them so you can focus and bond and assist.  Even the four year olds were having trouble focusing on the tasks and get restless I noticed.  There are however other families who also brought along a baby sibling too.

After the photos were processed, they got to bust out the markers again, Remy's favorite, and color little booklets and add the photos.  There were cutout monsters, like from the story, that they could also add in.  Momma ended up doing most of this except for a couple abstract colored pages and she did tell me where to stick one of the monsters.

Class always ends with story time again, but this time the kiddos get to share their stories and work.  We had to miss this part last time and again today.  Remy is good for about an hour, and I was losing Arlo so we had to leave.

We have one class left next Saturday.  I know she is extremely young to understand or even possibly remember any of this, I just read that most memories and recollections are built at around age four, but I know she is still absorbing something and being stimulated by art and people and new things.  After we got home today and I was chaining her diaper I asked her what her favorite part of "art class" was and she said, "TEACHER!"  This made me smile so big!  One of the things I had hoped for her to gain from the class was just THAT- to learn the teacher/pupil relationship.  The importance of listening and respecting a teacher.

She may not come out of this class even knowing how to hold a camera, but if she begins to understand new concepts and basic social norms, I'm a happy momma.  Plus, she has FUN!  Her favorite part of the class today was actually watching the kids come out and expose their photos and dip them in water.  (Tip to remember- a basic RubberMaid bucket of water equals entertainment for a two year old!)  She also had a good time gnawing on bagels and stretching her legs around the back alley.

And...her hair fits in a single high pony tail now!  Just one more month before this little face turns TWO! I am so SO blessed to be her momma and am having such an awesome time experiencing life through her eyes.  There have been some extremely stressful hours, challenging nights and exhausting weeks, but these times are a drop in the bucket compared to the pure joy and love she has brought.



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