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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Remy Said

Remy Said


Remy turned two last Monday!!! To me, she has felt like a 2.5 or 3 year old for awhile now.  Since 15 months, her babble became words, which became word combos and then morphed into short phrases and now small sentences and occasional long form jibberish and sometimes pretend reading!

She is constantly surprising us with things she has absorbed.  I jot them down in my notes but I thought I'd share some funny things here too.

A few favorites:

I was preparing her Evite for her birthday party at the kitchen table. I had her in her chair and Arlo in the high chair and feeding them while trying to sort the invitation out. I had what I thought was the perfect poem all written out when the Internet had lost connectivity and everything I worked on was lost.  Mommy blurted out a bad word, "What the hell?!"  Later, I put Remy on my lap to show her what I had been focused on and pointed out the jumpy graphic.  She said, "What the hell?"  Just add a twang at the end of hell to make it sound more like "hail."  I couldn't help but laugh. I explained mommy had said a bad word but the reaction she got from me was enough to keep saying it... It has sort of fizzled out, but she does spit it out once in awhile to get a rise out of us.  Now we try to ignore it, and of course watch our tongue.  It becomes funny when she says it out of the blue but in proper context.  A few days later in the bath, trying to wash her hair, she is on her tummy and swats my hand away, "No. Stop it! What the hell?!"  The not funny part, the one time she said it in public in Target in ear shot of a stranger.

Not sure where she picked this up, but she says, "Sure do!"  For example, "Remy would you like some milk with cartoons?"  "Sure do."  The way she says this kills me!

Not so much what she said but what she did.  She saw an episode of Daniel the Tiger yesterday morning and it was about going potty.  Since that show, she now wants to go potty! She has been on the potty for tinkle several times the last couple of days and her diaper has been more dry!  She even had her shorts on, sans diaper while we did yard work and went potty before we went outside!  She is impressing me with her willingness and determination to be a big girl and go potty!  This morning, she said she had to go potty. She had a diaper in and I was in the middle of feeding Arlo so I asked her if she could hold it for a minute.  I know, of course she can't, she is 2, and she is learning and I should have dropped the food and rushed her to the bathroom, but I didn't this morning.  About two minutes later she comes into the kitchen holding her potty training toilet seat saying, "mommy I hold it.  I hold potty."  I died!  Those Clorox beach commercials are probably based in truth. #forlifesbleachablemoments

One morning, I went to put Arlo next to her.  They like to wake up with milk in our bed after I get them from their cribs and change their diapers.  Remy shook her hands and head and said, "No! She wants boob."  As in, get-her-out-of-here.

Of course this list is not started without the biggest heart wrencher, when she finally said. "I love you too..."  Unfortunately I don't recall the exact day or moment, and she doesn't often say this one, but it came from such a pure place and so natural but because we never had heard it and rarely have since, it made me cry I am pretty sure. In fact one day I was crying at the kitchen table while feeding her.  I think I had a bad day, obviously, and Remy offered me a bite of her food so I took a bite and she said, "Better now?"

One night we were having what we call a "rough landing."  Meaning Remy would not go down to bed easy.  I was losing my patience and I said, "Remy! Mama and Baba are the boss!"  She said under her breath without missing a beat, "Remy boss."

This age is so SO much fun! Exhausting  and challenging and I am praying for more patience every day, but man I  am so in love with these girls!


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Speer Park Saturday: Wynkoop Downtown Denver Playgrounds

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