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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Remy Said Lately (+Photos from the Zoo)

Remy Said Lately (+Photos from the Zoo)

This age is SO challenging, 28 months, and we have experienced some serious tantrums recently, BUT, it REALLY is incredibly fun and sweet.  It is the biggest mystery how this can be.  One day, this past Wednesday, your toddler is screaming and moaning for ice cream over and over in public outside Union Station at the splash pad, and progressively getting more distraught, and now adding kicking into the mix, and there you are, one panicky and embarrassed mom, flustered, sweating, in a haze, who now doesn't want to cave because she said, "NO ICE CREAM," a hundred times and now you would be rewarding this psychotic behavior and now there is an audience and a baby crawling around who does happen to be enjoying herself amidst her chaotic mother and belligerent sister.  So what to do?   Well, the inexperienced mother, this is all me if you haven't figured it out, forces said toddler, Remy, into the stroller, I only had one seat on the two-seater, I gather up all of our splash pad falderal, scoop up Arlo and rush off, leaving our play date pal so abruptly.  The plan?  There really was none.  It was a "fight or flee" moment, and this was me fleeing the situation.  Where to go in the middle of downtown during lunch rush?  Here Remy was kicking my compartment and everything spilling out, me walking as calmly as I could down 17th, apologizing to people gawking as they walked by.  I found an alley a block away and ducked in there until I could calm Remy down and get her off the subject of ice cream.  A kind, KIND man, thank you Mr. Help wherever you are, peeks down the alley and offered a hand.  He actually said, "Do you need a hand?  Seriously, I have two little ones..."  I was crouched down holding Arlo on my knee as I dug through my beach bag looking for my cell phone to text and apologize to my friend or call my husband and ask his advice.  No phone... no phone...I was so MAD, and so confused and so irritated at the whole situation and now on top of everything, I lost my phone! Remy was calm again as we strolled back.  Once we were there, BOTH girls were happy again.  Me, not so much.  My friend watched the girls, THANK YOU, so I could rush around for the next 30 minutes looking for my phone.  Asking the man tiling outside Union Station, asking the front desk at the Crawford Hotel, and finally the valet, YEAH, FOUND, it turned up at the valet stand!  After that things calmed down a bit, but what a wild and frantic and stupid morning.  Looking back, I should have just given her the damn ice cream and saved myself a LOT of headaches... My personality type is such that I hate to back down, give in, and probably very head strong, too much, to a fault as you see here.  A ram, to a T.  So, now that I am a mother, is THIS, is being a mother going to finally chip away at these horns of mine and make me a little more flexible?  I sure hope so because it will probably prevent a lot of unnecessary ego roughness later.

Anyway, where I am going with is this- that one day, or hour, you have this toddler above, and the NEXT, the next half of the day, the next 20 minutes, you have this SAME toddler telling you things like this: "You're my best friend momma.  Best friend in the whole world..."  I die.  AHHHHHH!!!!  Toddlers are your roller coaster ride folks.  Hold on tight!

So here are a few things I jotted down lately that Remy said, and then following, a bunch of photos from a trip we took to the zoo last Friday when it was nice and cool in the morning.  BIG thank you to my sissy for treating us to that trip that day!

Today: Remy was sitting on her diaper changer after I changed her.  I was kissing her and hugging her waist and smothering her and she pushes me away lightly, "Go away mommy, go away,"  I tell her, "Hey, that's not nice..."  in a sweet, singsongy tone.  She responds, "looking up out of those doe eyes, "You wanna cry?"  YES!  Yes, I do!

Later today: "Remy do you want some water?"  "Sure!  Oh goody!"

The other day at Target:  We picked out cards for Baba's birthday earlier this summer, and our anniversary before that, and now, whenever we go to Target she wants to pick out a card for Baba!  She's my little greeting card reminder!  I did have a couple to look at.  I mentioned to Remy that Arlo's birthday party was coming up and she would be getting lots of cards, as she did when she had a birthday.  I always use these little opportunities to prepare Remy for all the fuss about to happen over Arlo's one year.  So I suggested we pick out a card for Arlo together.  She actually did find a birthday card for sisters.  Eye level to Remy.  She handed it to Arlo in the stroller, "  Here Arlo!"  Then she marched off and pretended to read one, "Happy Birthday, Arlo!  I'm glad you're here!"  My heart flopped over!

The other night before bed, Mazen asked her which book she was going to pick out for mommy to read and she answered, with her finger to her lip, "Hmmm, I'm just not quite sure..."

A few weeks ago, I was taking her to go potty on big potty, "I like your jammies," she said.  "Thank you."  "I like your necklace."  Thank you!"  "I like your brown eyes."  Gah!

A few weeks ago we strolled to Starbucks, Remy was seated in the top seat facing me tis time.  I told her I loved her so much, and said she was my whole world, she responded, "I'm your best friend! "  I can't.  She KNOWS this gets me too!  Whenever we snuggle after story time, or after watching her Caillou at night and I am smelling her and kissing on her, I love to tell her how she and Arlo and Baba are my whole heart, my world, and now she responds with that.  I hope she always stays my best friend, even when she's a teenager and hates the world.

Recently, my back was hurting and I came in her room to get her out of bed and I mentioned my back was sore.  She asked to kiss it and then said, "Wanna talk about it?"

One evening recently Remy couldn't sleep.  She was up, and up, and up again, and just not going to sleep.  So we brought her down to sit with us while we enjoyed a late dinner together.  We sat around the kitchen table.  It was late at night and dark outside and the glow from the kitchen light made the window into a big mirror.  Usually when it is dark outside, we use that as an indicator to her that it means bedtime.  So we asked her to look outside and asked her what she saw, thinking she would respond that it was dark out.  Instead she said, "I see a man, a man eating noodles."  It was Baba, eating his dinner, his reflection in the window that she saw!  So funny!

It's not all tantrums, mom losing her mind around here, we have a ton of fun and games and cuddles too.  How about a little on Arlo now?  Arlo had a HUGE day today!  Her first year shots AND her first steps!  I was folding laundry on the sofa, Remy was down for a nap, and Arlo was playing behind me.  Out of the corner of my eye I see her, doink, doink, doink, right into the middle of the living room.  I look at her surprised and shocked, happy as all can be, and say, "ARLO!  Are you walking?!"  She looks at me, gives me this huge grin, and slowly, controlled, squats down to the floor, then lays flat on her tummy, still grinning.  I started to pay attention to her and left the clothes.  I was on the floor and she was playing, and then, bing, bing, (wobble) there she went again.  My phone was on the floor and I grabbed it and was able to capture some first unsteady steps!  So exciting!  I shared on Instagram if you haven't seen, @gschinagl.  Life around here is never dull, that is for certain, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

And now some photos!  If you get a chance, there is a cool Lego exhibit at the zoo, through early November I believe. Throughout the park there are sculptures made entirely of the tiny plastic bricks!  Really neat!  The day we went it was cooler in the morning and this got me SO excited for fall!  I used it as the perfect opportunity to slip their tiny skinny jeans and vintage sweaters on!  We actually wore clothes!  Layers!  Sorry summer lovers, I am OVER the sunscreen, the swim diapers, the wet suits, the sand in the sandals, and ready for dressing, like actually putting socks on and sleeves.

Happy, almost, fall!  Have a wonderful weekend!



These Four Walls

These Four Walls

Happy FIRST Birthday Arlo!

Happy FIRST Birthday Arlo!