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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Remy Said More

Remy Said More


I LOVE keeping track of all the funny things coming out of Remy's mouth lately! Some things are just gold, and well, others, are not so nice, like the "s" word.  I unfortunately have been saying, "Stupid dog!"  We have a little yapper right behind us and he is so awesome because he barks every time it's nap time or bed time, NOT!  Sorry folks, not all of us are "dog people."  Or kid people, I totally understand.  Different strokes for different folks.  Anyway, this little "s" word has been making lovely appearances.

For instance, last night when I was feeding Remy and Arlo at the table, Remy dropped the iPad.  We are moving toward No-Media_mealtime, but Baba got her in a really BAD habit over the summer so we had it at the table.  Anyway, it fell and made a really loud sound.  I thought it broke.  I bent over to pick it up, "No! NO! No more!"  poor Arlo began to cry.  The crocodile tears that she has, upturned little mouth.  I had scared her, poor thing.  So I made little fists with my hands and hunched my shoulders and tried to make light of the situation.  I turned towards Arlo in her high chair, "Oh it's no big deal.  Opa!"  Then I hear Remy whisper, "Stupid!  Stupid Song!"  In the same pitch I said, "opa!"  haha!  Stupidddd....stupid sonnnng!

The other night I was making dinner and rushing around.  We have a tri-level house, which actually really sucks with little ones.  Up and down and up and down.  And this one wants up and this one wants to be away from that one.  It's really hard now because Arlo is on the MOVE!  She is fast and into EVERYTHING!  Remy, LOVES to color and has little toys, and has spongey toys... Arlo bites books, tears pages, eats crayons, so its hard to get them situated and happy and allow for me to have a half hour to prep dinner.  Dinnertime has been a THING lately.  An awful, dreadful, nasty thing in our house lately.  Fight causing, stress inducing, terrible hour.... HELP!  So I caught myself saying, "Mama is BUSY, I just need a half hour guys!  Work with me!  I'm really busy!"  They were finally both in the front room playing happily the other night and I felt bad because I overheard Remy with her blocks, "I BUSY mama... I too busy!"  I peered at her from the stove through the doorway, "Oh, Sweetpea, " I said,"I'm NEVER too busy for you!"  Remy answered, " Ohhh.... you're a big girl Mama!"  haha!

Today, we came home from story time.  It was our first day back at the library since the beginning of May!  Of course the ONE day we head back and try to get into a routine again, hubby is back at work, the story time was cancelled!  So I let Remy color, and I checked out some books, for them and a couple for me too! (WHAT?!)  Hoping to read a few pages, I'm hopeful.  Arlo crawled around played with the Duplos and grinned at the other kids and had a great time.  When it was time to leave though, Remy gave me a hard time.  We eventually made it out calmly.  Back at home, its' the go-go-go to get the baby urged and won for a nap and I can tell Remy is tired too, but she screams and is needy and wakes up Arlo while I ma nursing, it's a thing... Up and down, up and down.  Putting Remy upstairs in front of Cailou so I can rush downstairs to get Arlo down in peace and quiet, then back UP to bring Remy down to eat and then take her back UP to nap... I get my cardio in.

So when we go theme, Remy DID say what she had wanted all along, and I guess I could have saved myself some anguish had I LISTENED TO HER.  "I want Cailou and nay-nay. Okay mommy?  Sound good?  Sounds good to me...." Nay nay is food.  At one point I had both crying, screaming babies in cribs, but after I got Arlo down, I settled Remy with Cailou, a cartoon, and then she was ready to sit at the table, media free, eat some lunch, and then we headed up to her room for a nap- no prob!  "Cozy!"  She said as we walk into her room.  I layer her down and and she was down!

One last story.  The other day at the Dollar Store I told Remy it was time to leave and she said, "Hit the road..."  She said it again this morning when we left the library.  haha!  This was picked up from our road trip I think!

Well, I better hit the road and get some laundry folded and dishes unloaded before they wake up!

Have a great weekend!


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