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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Remy's Nursery

Remy's Nursery

I wanted to share Remy's room with  you all! First off, because it is one of the only entirely finished, decorated rooms in my house.  Secondly, I wanted to share how the different stages have affected the decor, from newborn to now nearly nine months.  It was so much fun putting her room together!  Almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant, the barren "guest room" next to ours would be turned into her nursery before the first trimester was over- well almost!

I knew from the start that regardless of the sex of the baby, yes we were planning to find out ahead of the arrival, I wanted to decorate in a gender neutral manner.  I am not one to lean towards lace and roses and frill, so even if it would be a girl, which she was, I did not want it to be too proper and romantic.  Not my style.  Instead, I wanted something, some place, that I would love to be in as well.  After all, I would be in here almost as much as the baby with breast feeding, diaper changes, reading, bedtime rituals, morning wake up calls- it had to be a place I loved.  So bright colors, eclectic decor and an artsy modern vibe was the tone.

Not one to mull over paint swatches, take polls and spend an enormous amount of time thinking about it, I pulled the trigger and did the what I think of now as super trendy turquoise and brown.  With paint projects, I have an idea in mind, head to Home Depot, go straight to the Behr Ultra section (this is paint and primer in one and about $35 a gallon) and start taking out the chips and deciding there.  I usually nail what I envision within one to three samples, which only cost a couple bucks each.  I ended up going with one turquoise accent wall in Aquatic Green and the conjoined wall in Toffee Crunch.  The other two walls remain cream.  On the same topic of paint, I am hesitant to paint walls in my house.  Even though it's my house, and some out there may have come in here after moving in and wiped out all the cream with stark white, but I am a little more cautious then to go crazy painting all the walls a different color, or going all white pretending I live in a NYC loft.  I know you can always paint over, but I just hate to muck up a professionally painted cream wall!  Call me crazy!  That said, we do ALL the painting ourselves.  Tape it off, grab a ladder and roll it on.  It's actually really fun, and not rocket science folks.

The furniture:

The crib was from Walmart.  I don't care what the nay-sayers out there say.  I don't have a Design Within Reach or Restoration Hardware Budget, and it's a crib.  A crib that she will be in maximum of three years and then onto a twin.  I looked for design, and the ability to turn into a toddler bead and twin headboard if I want to keep it that long.  I will say I will not choose this design for the next one.  We did not like the solid sides and the "no bumper" situation.  That's a bunch of hooey if you ask me.  Baby rolls and her feet poke out the bars and she scoots and bumps her head on  the ends.  Next crib, a standard style with bars all around is something I am looking for.  I have liked the quality, and how light weight this is so far though.

The arm chair is a rocker and the matching ottoman, are both from Walmart online as well.  Don't expect either to be superb quality, but comfortable and they get the job done.  The rug is not my favorite.  It is a little rough on the hand and collects hair like crazy (your hair falls out in strands after pregnancy, mine around 6 months), and the blue does not go with the teal wall at all.  Somehow looking at the room as a whole however, the mixing of blues is unnoticeable.  The rug was from Overstock but it was a fantastic price.  A better source for rugs locally is probably Home Goods.

The orange night stand is from World Market.  The diaper changer is from Target online.  The "Hello" tray was also a Target find, and the tissue box and jars were thrift scores.   The dresser is the Hemnes three drawer from IKEA which we had from our old apartment and I swapped out the knobs to little brass snails found on sale at Anthropologie.  The book shelves are from Crate and Barrel, bought from a gift card from my old co-workers, but these are way too shallow for books in my opinion.  I think these are more for gallery style photo display.  They can only hold two books max so this may have to be chained in the future, or not.  I just started adding books to the floor and I may get a cushy little comfy shair for this reading nook when she gets older too.

The curtains were found randomly at Z Gallerie in the sale nook and the curtain rod was from Ross.  If you need curtain rods, go to Ross.  The frog humidifier is by Crane and from Target, a baby shower gift, and has been incredible.  We use it every night and it's the perfect amount of white noise.  You need a flat surface to place it on, but you also should have it positioned near the crib, so I used a breakfast tray that was a wedding gift, Crate and Barrel, and it's the perfect size and height for it.  The shelving inside the closet that hubby put together was by Martha Stewart and from Target.  This extra shelving was perfect!  I put diapers, wipes, folded bodysuits, pants, leggings and shoes in here!

The horse lamp on the dresser was a vintage find I had long before baby.  The floor lamp by my chair is from IKEA, but not really necessary.  I may take it out as we never use it.  The multi-colored striped pillow is from Crate and Barrel, and SO SOFT, and the heart print pillow was a local artist find.  The black and orange pillow in her crib was actually a crazy tube top I had from the late nineties that I sewed a pillow into.

The toy basket is from Target, and her scooter was a purchase.  I had to have it!  The alternative to the classic rocking horse!  The play vacuum by Fisher Price in the corner was mine from when I was little!  I have a lot of my childhood toys and dolls and can't wait to pass them along to Remy someday.

We also added a ceiling light/fan from Home Depot.  As for a diaper pail- not necessary in my opinion.  Take them out daily.  I bought a basic plastic waste basket by Umbra from Ross for about $12.99 and I empty it every other day or so.  Evry time there is a stinker- well that goes out immediately.  Who are these people hoarding buckets of dirty diapers?  If your a cloth diaper user, different situation set up.

The art:

The tapestry hanging above the crib was found randomly at this antique place called Red's, which is now closed. It was tucked away under a lamp on a stand and was $24, but I knew the bright colors and animals were perfect for a nursery.  I framed it myself with a plastic frame from Michael's, but did a poor job as it's sagging now.  The art above the diaper changer is something I did in kindergarten!  So glad my mom kept some our art from when we were little!  I matted this and framed it myself at Michael's as well.  The man and woman prints hanging behind my chair are actually cut from a paper Custo Barcelona shopping bag I had from a trip to Chicago in my early twenties that I had saved for some reason.  I cut them and pasted them on poster board and framed them one weekend.  The other print above her books was a local artist find that I framed.  The mobile above her crib is wood and was found randomly at an antique store on 6th and Santa Fe for $24.  The mobile above her diaper changer, best idea ever, was a baby shower gift and from IKEA.

I think that about covers it!  Did I miss anything?

For the next one:

Yes we also plan to find out the sex of this baby before its arrival as well.  This time, I have no designated "nursery" for it, but instead have a very large entry way into our master bedroom that will be transformed into a nursery.  When the babies are older they can share a room, but as Remy is sleeping through the night and as much as a new baby wakes, I think it's best to keep them separate until they are older.  I already managed to find one piece and have an idea of what I want to do, but this time, I am not jumping the gun to decorate as I want to find out the sex before doing any color scheme choices.  Also, this room has to tie into our room.  Our room has been severely neglected in terms of decorating, but I have an idea of what I want to do so I will hopefully have something to share there too when its all said and done, which very well could be nine months from now!  I am also a firm believer in buying one piece at a time.  AND, I'll say it again, there is no need to spend thousands on cribs and gliders and nursery furniture!  Be smart!  There are consignment shops filled to the brim, and plenty of willing sellers on Craigslist.  Let someone else spend the big bucks and gloat in a good score!  I personally wanted to buy my own crib new because of style, but if you have a family member or friend with a used one- take it!  As for a rocker, these can be UGLY.  The one I found was decent looking AND it is actually comfy.  I don't sleep in the thing, I sit in it, so reclining features, cup holder and massage back are completely unnecessary.  Get in, get out, that's my moto.  The bedding is from Land of Nod but after I purchased a couple sheets, I saw the exact same purple and white elephant printed sheet at Target.  For the next kiddo I hope to be a little more creative in this department, and we want to get the bumpers.  I do love how  her bedding can be mixed and matched with anything though.  As you have gathered, a lot of her room is a mix of old, new, handmade, crafted, thrifted and big box store buys.  This was what I could put together on our budget, but whether yours is big like Beyonce's or small like ours, the bottom line is FUNCTION.  Do your research, shop around, and shop and build and buy EARLY!  I knew I did NOT want to be nine months pregnant helping hubby with the crib- yes, he can put it together, but there still needs to be a spotter.  Gather inspiration and ideas on Pinterest boards and blogs and try to have it all sorted out by your second trimester at the latest so you can sit back and wait for that baby!  I was so glad and relaxed having done my early.  Regrets might be paint choices as I am almost getting tired of it, but hubby says I am crazy and we;re not changing it so...


I have to say, for my first go around at the whole baby thing, we did pretty darn good at preparing and anticipating the needs and function of a nursery.  Yes, I am tooting my own horn here.  Little has changes since Remy has come home to this room.  The position of the humidifier changed, I have more clutter on her diaper changer tray, including Baby Orajel and a concoction of Clove and Olive oil for teething, her comb and nail clippers and a few other odds and ends.  Everything she wears is hung in the closet or folded in the shelves in the closet.   The dresser is for blankets, sheets, burp cloths, bibs and the top drawer, with an IKEA sorter, is for socks, hats, mittens, tights and the like.  I did get a storage bin from IKEA later for summer clothing which slides under her crib.  Oh, and there was a point where she was rolling over and waking herself up so we went on a hunt for something to wedge her in.  In doing so, we ran into a woman who worked at a daycare and suggested we cut pool noodles and slide them under the sheet as built in rails!  Genius!  It worked, for a while, but we just took them out as she rolls over them anyway at this age.  Overall, not much has changed besides packing away her tiny newborn- six months clothing and adding a couple new stuffed animals and books, mostly gifts, since her arrival.  This might change next month when she starts to crawl, walk, and or when she is older and crawl into her bed herself, but at that point it won't be a nursery any longer.  Tear...

After all that, I would love to add that if you are expecting and can't even begin to think about any of this, or have absolutely no desire or interest, I would LOVE to offer my services in nursery prep!  Seriously.  If you would like to hire a consultant to handle this for you, me, drop me a line!

Thanks for reading and would always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!


 (Most photos by Kelsey Bigelow and  a few taken myself)


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