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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Santa's Workshop!

Santa's Workshop!

We did it, guys!  We visited Santa already and it's not even Thanksgiving!  Gulp...  I have been waiting all summer to take the girls to the Santa's Workshop at the North Pole in Colorado Springs since learning about it through an internet search at some point. You know what?  It was SO FUN!  We thought November would be a perfect time to visit Santa's Workshop, yu know, before he gets insanely busy and into his crazy crunch time in December, and also the weather was PERFECT amusement park riding weather for fall.  We're talking mid 60's, sweaters, with coats on the side in case, and partly sunny with just enough cloud coverage and fog every now and then over Pike's Peak to give us a whimsical feel.  Pike's Peak you were MIGHTy gorgeous on Sunday with your halo of thick white fog and green needled trees poking out underneath.  You really put us in the Christmas spirit Manitou Springs!  So much more to explore down there!

I had never ever been to Santa's Workshop at the North Pole in Colorado Springs, and I grew up here!  HOW?!  This place is celebrating 60 years in operation, open since 1956, and it's mid century love all over the hills of this place from the rides to the signs to the old school ways of writing each transaction you make inside the park out onto a ticket which you pay pun leaving the park, there is no monetary transactions conducted inside the parks!  You walk around in pure Christmas spirit and bliss, and never have to pull out your wallet- MAGIC Santa!

We HAD to have a delicious HOT funnel cake, so good, and soft pretzel with cheese was just what we needed to add to our packed sammies and applesauces.  I also was treated to my annual holiday ornament, thanks Baba!, a handmade glass strawberry ornament made in Col0rado Springs that I got at Duck's Glass House near Santa's house!  I collect fruit ornaments!  Too perfect...

And the rides!  Oh the rides!  Husband whipped around on the jerky Candy Cane Coaster with Remy, and I whirled around a giant white Christmas tree inside an ornament with Arlo.  And THE carousel!  A gorgeous, American made carousel from 1919, less than 200 are still around today, sits and spins around on this beautiful property year after year.  Rudolph, the coveted riding spot was the first to get snatched up when we boarded of course, but we did manage to grab Dancer for Remy and Blitzen for Arlo.That was definitely a favorite of my girls and Arlo rode twice!  Once with Baba and Remy and once with me while they went ahead to pick up our photo.  Here'a a little trivia: did you know carousels are American made and turn clockwise while Merry-Go-Rounds are European and turn counter clock-wise???? I didn't!

It's places like THIS, having adventures and making memories with my little family that keep me focused on what my goals are in life for myself, for them for happiness and fulfillment.  In light of current events and politics that have saddened some, frustrated others, shocked and surprised most, with all the uncertainty that happens each time a new President Elect comes into office, every time from all sides of the aisles, we need to really focus on these little ones and stay hopeful and positive and hold strong to our individual ideals and beliefs.  We can be the good we want for them, we can be the examples of a leader we want them to see, we can be the change and teachers for them that they so desperately need and want.  It starts at home, it starts with us.

That's my blip.

Santa looked incredible this year!  Healthy and spry and the girls were so cozy in his little cottage sitting on his lap, one on each leg!  Both were so excited to visit with him!  {Stay tuned for the Santa pics in another post!}  Remy clammed up a little but managed to whisper out that she wanted a new computer!  Arlo was just happy to grin and dart her big brown eyes to the corner to catch a peek of him without turning her head in his direction.  My SWEET sweet babies!  They looked so tiny sitting there and there eyes were round as cookies.  A very sweet visit and afternoon indeed!

Things I may have done differently: First, next time I will make sure NOT to miss the train ride!  DUH!  All rides are included in the cost of admission, $22 a person 3 and up, including the train and the gondola!  We started with the gondola ride at the very beginning and sort of never made it back for the train!  We were leaving the park and walking to the car and I mentioned I was upset I missed the train and Remy asked, "Are you upset momma?"  Poor thing, she HATES it when she sees or even feels when momma is mad or upset or disappointed.  I wanted to reassure her I was fine, but at the same time I was clever not to mention the train ride...

Also, we learned just before lunch (we brown bagged it which was perfect) in talking to Mrs. Claus outside Santa's cottage that there is a Magical Forest with rides suited for the tinier set and the fun things they can ride without Baba and Momma's assistance!  That could have saved a queasy tummy or two (talking about the adults here!) had we known to go there first!  There are also lots of stair cases, but PLENTY of ramps for strollers which makes it completely family friendly!  Even the potties, which were immaculate mind you, would we think anything less of Santa's Workshop being untidy, had tiny sinks and soap dispensers for the elves, and our munchkins alike!  Next, I would say, don't wear shorts or have exposed ankles if you plan on taking that red and white striped North Pole slide, that huge thing in the center of the park- ouch!  1956 metal slides folks, all I'm saying.  You have to accompany tots under 32" on that one! I took Arlo and that is why she was crying hysterically.  She is in a complete stage of "I CAN DO IT MYSELF," only she will and she will cry and scream until she does.  So here I am sliding halfway down and trying to get my gushy on that potato sack and try to grab Arlo who was refusing to get on my lap, all the while having two boys around age 5 and 6 staring on through at the top.  Haha!  we ended up riding again, AGAIN, on the way out, as our final rides, because the girls insisted.  As you can see, arlo's mood changed about it with Baba at the helm!

Last, I am NEVER offering two lollipops of tow different flavors to these TWO girls ever again!  After lunch we were headed to more rides, and I made a dumb momma move and offered lollipops that I spotted in my pocket of the stroller.  "They were doing JUST FINE!"  My husband scolds me!  I agree... sorry babe, I just wanted to give them a sweet treat and it totally back fired!  Fighting, arguing, outing, near meltdowns, but with a quick scold and threat to leave and then actually starting to walk and distracting with a new ride, we were over the lollipop fiasco.

Also, on a day like that, an ALL DAY sort of adventure, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT come home and start laundry and try to package things and do a million things- just sit down!  I sort of had a momma break down that night because I was so tired and didn't take care of myself well that day and I snapped and screamed and stormed out of the house at 7 pm, without shoes, without a purse, and drove a block away just to read a text and return phone call.  I ended up popping back home 20 minutes late to the sweetest, calmest scene of my husband bathing the girls in a dark, quiet home, all picked up.  I need a breather.  Thanks for giving me one babe!  I tapped him and he came out and I gave him a big squeeze, apologized and thanked him.  He asked where I went and how much money I spent and he laughed when I said to the cup de sac over to text a friend!  He encouraged me to entertain that friend's offer of going over to her place for a drink and some chocolate.  I debated, but you know what, I did go!  She is 7 minutes away and the girls were nearly in bed and he had the situation under control, and we as moms NEVER go, we feel guilty, we convince ourselves that we are needed and we must stay, but I did the opposite.  I left!  This time with shoes and a proper driver's license, but I went!  I had a great conversation, highly politically charged, more of a debate, but it was fun and refreshing and time away from talking toddler talk!  Also, you all MUST try this Pineapple Cider from Ace, I believe, YUM, oh and with day old birthday cake.  Thank to a friend, and thanks to husband, thanks for the time out.

Here's some fun photos from the North Pole!

Have a great week everyone!


Wearing: Vintage high waist tan slacks, vintage brass cord belt, Clark's boots from a couple years ago (similar here), red and white striped tee from Madewell a couple winters ago (similar here), Michael Kors sunglasses (similar here) and Aldo hat (similar here).

Remy wearing: Thrifted, red floral corduroy Kenzo Kids skirt (similar here) Circo leggings, Supra sneakers and Quinn & Fox sweatshirt purchased in New York on my last trip there during Mother's Day, but similar here.

Arlo wearing: Popup Shop sweatshirt dress, (similar here and on sale!) Cat & Jack leggings from Target and Converse sneakers.  Oh and can't forget her VERY FIRST pigtails which I adore!

Santa's Workshop! (two)

Santa's Workshop! (two)

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Glenwood Springs Trip (two)