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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Scary House Scouting

Scary House Scouting

We have been having a blast peeping all the Halloween lawn decor around town!

I have been the biggest kid of all lately, downloading Pandora's The Citizens of Halloween channel and playing it in the car or on our bike rides.  We slow down when we go through the neighborhood and look at all the ghouls and ghosts swinging in the trees. We're on the lookout whenever we are out for inflatable vampire Snoopies or plastic graveyards...

This week we were headed downtown for donuts at Beet Box Bakery, MY NUMBER ONE PICK FOR DOUGHNIES, and a park playdate at City Park.  We drove down two of my absolute favorite streets in Denver and we literally stopped in our tracks at some of the decor on these houses!  Life is short, and youth is even shorter.  I take a lot of opportunities to stop, even when pressed for time, usually regretting or feeling guilty for later, but I stop because why not?!  If I had a stock exchange bell to ring (Hey Sex and the City reference!) or a life-saving surgery to scrub in for, then I might be more strict with time, but right now I am enjoying NO schedule.  At least on Tuesdays and Thursdays...

We turned the car around, parked, popped up the tripod and did spooky jumps in front of swoon-worthy historic Denver homes covered in cobwebs.  There is SO. MUCH. MORE. to do in October than pumpkin patches and I am having fun thinking outside of the patch on ways we can get into the Halloween spirit and feel all the fall vibes.  This house though!  When you pressed the spider or came near a skull, creepy sounds emerged.  Or in Arlo's words, "Spoooky..." as she hunches and pulls both her arms up to her chest like Mr. Smithers from the Simpsons when she says it...

I am just thoroughly LOVING being OUTSIDE!  The colors!  The smells!  Last night we took a tiny night walk down the street and back with their little light up pumpkins that our neighbor gave them the other day.  If you see our Instagram stories you might have seen them.  It was refreshing and beautiful and the stars were glittering a little and the leaves crunched under our feet.  The smell!  The smell of fall is the best of all...

We raked leaves yesterday and made piles to jump in.  We are always on the lookout for the best, most unusual leaves and the girls have been DYING to carve our little pumpkin guy we got at a local church last week.  Simple, easy, no crowds, avoiding candy and chaos before the big day....

Speaking of sweets... back to the doughnuts... Beet Box has been a fave for a few years now.  I actually just found a picture of Remy sitting on one of their maroon tabletops holding a doughnut from when it was her FIRST FALL!  Babies dressed in fall clothing is enough to make me want another!  Beet Box had PUMPKIN Doughnuts and APPLE Doughnuts so I had both- eek!  I had pumpkin with maple glaze and apple with cinnamon glaze.  Who would NOT get both?!  

Remy went for pumpkin with chocolate and Arlo had vanilla with blackberry glaze.  We all tasted everyone else's!  They are just SO moist and simple.  I do-nut need, haha, gummy worms on my doughnut.  I am a big fan of doughnuts as a treat but sometimes the cereal covered ones or gimmicky ones are too much.  Love that Beet Box is vegan and the ingredients are all REAL and wholesome.  

So treats.  We may do a little trick-or-treat street before and one thing more, we'll see.  I on the other hand have already dug into the candy corn, AND the fall colored M&M's... Oh no! AS far as activities for kiddos, I'm thinking for us it's a good idea to choose one or two event type things to go to and find more low-key family oriented activities to enjoy the season, that's sort of my personal forte. 

The calendars are FULL and PACKED with harvests and festivals and pumpkin chunkin' and YOU NAME IT, all through October. Thinking smaller this year and having more fun! We made little pom pom bats from a kit we found thrifitng, and we made pumpkin pies and brought one to our neighbors. 

We have been reading Halloween or fall-themed books.  And now that Remy is in pre-school, it has been awesome because they do SO MUCH with them.  They have been studying pumpkins all month, the lifecycle and seeing them and opening them up, doing art crafts with them....She is getting fully immersed in FALL.  We are forever on a nature walk, my girls LOVE fresh air,  gathering leaves and pinecones and sticks, and we attempted to do the crayon over leaves as an impression, but the couldn't quite grip the crayon and shadow lightly for that to work out.  NOT YET.  

Husband mentioned last year that we should just do the Halloween trick-or-treating and that is enough and they kids fall out of the enthusiasm of it by the time the big night comes.  Last year we did a few organized things ahead of Halloween, but they were still VERY much into it Halloween night, but I am sort of leaning towards the idea of saving up our excitement and enthusiasm over the idea of getting treats for that ONE special night.  But it's just so FUN to dress up and party!  What do you guys think?  Any traditions you do?  Are YOU dressing up or doing the whole family costume thing?  I am never THAT clever or organized...

We ended this particular day with a playdate at City Park and we all brought our scooters along!  Remy and Arlo and their sticks...always finding the best...Remy even discovered the ONLY duck with an orange beak!  We love finding uniqueness in things.  Of course we stopped almost every dog being walked, but Noodle was out favorite furry friend this day.  Remy and Arlo made sure to ask the owner when she pooped, how she pooped, and if she needed to poop again.  Remy was concerned about her water intake, happy to report he had a collapsable bowl on his leash.  

This was a great day.


Now for 1,017 photos because I just LOVE them's the lighting guys...

Remy is wearing a vintage, thrifted maxi skirt (very similar!) and a thrifted CrewCuts long sleeve tee (similar).  Arlo is wearing a Koolabah romper.  LOVING this new taco/hot dog print from Koolabah!


Daffy Apple Do

Daffy Apple Do

Pear Picking

Pear Picking