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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

School Day Pass to Guanella Pass

School Day Pass to Guanella Pass

On Monday we called in absent and headed up to the mountains! We got the leaf-peep-bug or something this year!

I just know we’ll NEVER be the family that gets those certificates for “Perfect Attendance,” and you know what, I kind of gloat in that. There’s life to live and things to see and family to be all up and annoying around. We do plenty of reading and extra work, it’s worth it to me to stop, look up, and take in these very sweet, SHORT years with them as being SMALL curious girls who still look forward to family outings. Hoping they always do, but puberty does a number on us doesn’t it? Of course the girls packed back packs full of their most treasured items for the LONG journey (a short day trip up and back) which included mostly those very microspic plastic molded bits that have fallen loose all over the back of my car, but you know what, THESE ARE THE DAYS.

We have had some very trying days lately. Major moods and tudes from these faces to the point I AM THE ONE IN TEARS! Husband sent me a video compilation of the girls he had from his phone today and the caption was, I know you ave had a hard time, but remember this time goes by so fast.” He may get under my skin and say the DAMNEDEST things to me sometime, I get under his too, but then he says things like that. We’re in this thing together, forever, and it gets rough and tiring and COMPLICATED, and their only five and four! Partnership is prime.

That’s another reason for playing hookie in my book! Since husband works very long hours, I am doing my best to carve out space together as a family when and where I can, even if that means something has to be missed. It’s prioritizing time together as FOUR over all of us going our individual ways for a few hours. What’s the gain and loss? A worksheet? A new flash card? An art project? Today it might be those things, and for me, that is worth missing if it means we all get to listen to my “Sleepy” music, and nag at me for, FYI It was “Manhattan” by Blossom Dearie that they ALL begged me to stop playing on repeat.

I had popped in to see my neighbors last Friday to catch up and I shared about our little day trip to St. Mary’s Glacier. These neighbors are like the grandparents I never grew up with. I have such love and respect for them, and they are the sweetest Colorado made couple. She told me that they loved to do Guanella Pass, which sparked an idea. I looked up the forecast ahead of time and I knew it would be chilly, gloomy and possibly wet, but I said, “That’s great, it adds to the mood!'“ Well, we hit some light SNOW! It was MAGICAL! We went for color, but we didn’t think it’s be white! We LOVED it! We saw some yellow peeking out under the light dusting, but all those needle trees got a flocking and it was a SIGHT! Some trees with delicate leaves still hanging on appeared SILVER and flickered in the breeze- they made us STOP.

It was a gorgeous drive! I am so thankful we went went we did! We came out in Georgetown and had burgers and pumpkin beer (quesadillas and chocolate milk for the girls) and a little restaurant on the main drag. The town was sleepy and closed up it seemed, since it was a Monday, which I loved even more! We dodged the train trekkers. We actually did the Georgetown Loop two years ago, around this time! I have a thing for Georgetown I think. There’s actually several more things that I would love to do in that itsy bitsy little mountain town when we can get to it! Sort of nice to spread it out over time.

We had coats and hats in the car, and I had another pair of sensible boots I promise, but we jumped out of the car at a stop and snapped a couple photos before getting back in the toasty car. The girls were better prepared than us in their little snow boots and sweater tights and layered up sweaters! We just forgot the gloves! We have new pairs set to go from a sale last year at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but we forgot them and we didn’t realize they would be playing in snow! They LOVED it! They also enjoyed those 10 mph tight U-turns down the mountain, Baba called those parts, “Whees.” “Ready to go down another Whee?!” Look at their FACES?!

Another great family day!


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