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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Washington Park Denver

Washington Park Denver

Last week a place popped into my head, Duffeyroll!  I NEVER had them before, yet, I remembered a spot off Louisiana and I-25 from when hubby and I were first moved in together near old South Pearl Street.  I also used to hop on the Light Rail stop there at Louisiana.  I passed by Duffeyroll so many times before but I never tried them!  So... thought it was high time I try, two kiddos later! It was gorgeous weather, and a perfect park day so we tossed the scooters and helmets in the car, grabbed a snack for Washington Park and headed out.  BOY has that neighborhood changed!  There's a new coffee shop on the opposite corner as Duffeyroll, call Nixon's- the coffee was actually just so so, but, when in Rome!  The girls loved the fact that they could just scoot right in there!  I grabbed a quick drip coffee, we used the restroom- Arlo is potty trained since the first week of March- yeah!  No diapers, no strollers, is it time for another?!  Ha!  Exploring that another time...

So we scooted around and then into Duffeyroll!  LOVED the maple one and the pecan one!  I ate TWO!  They have mini versions too which was perfect for the girls to try!  Arlo got a green sprinkled one and Remy had an original.  She actually didn't finish hers.  She was too excited to try the fresh fruit ice pops next-door at Aiko!  Again, when you find yourself in a different part of town, you try it all!

We grabbed a couple rolls for Baba to go and popped in Aiko Pops next door for Strawberry Lemonade popsicles and had a great time on the outdoor private patio out back!  We met Christopher the owner, a fromagier by trade from New York, who set up the pop shop about four years ago.  Yup, Remy will be four in May... that timing seems about right that I had missed all this action over here.  Denver is exploding!  I love that, and also hate it...As a Denver native, I am not happy about the nearly 700k people expected to be here next year.  Sorry, not sorry... real estate stinks right now, traffic is a nightmare, and the snootiness meter is rising.  I am BLESSED we bought our house when we did.

Christopher was AMAZING with the girls, makes sense, he has two elementary age kiddos himself.  Arlo had a death grip on her troll dolls, Branch and Poppy, she's obsessed and I am totally supporting her obsession because that movie is just too cute, so he suggested she set them up on the counter and guard the tips until she was done, because she totally dropped her first one.  He replaced it without blinking, I was willing to do a two second rule on it, but he insisted.  He was solo outgoing and engaged with them- made it that much more of a fun surprise.  I had the peanut butter jelly flavor- YUM!  And of course had to finish theirs... After another quick potty break, we scooted back to the car for a short car ride over to Wash Park.

By this time it was afternoon, and it seemed we had the place to ourselves.  I am realizing we are slowly inching out of the baby park stage.  It's sad!  There were some babies in the swings with their nannies/moms and my girls so want to swing, which we do- they still fit, but barely, but we are outgrown with the Wheels on the Bus songs and Gymboree jingles they were singing their chubs as they swung.  My girls weren't too interested in that playground, not much to do there, and as I am mentioning, I think they are outgoing this particular playground.

Remy suggested we go look a tty slake!  Perfect!  I ignored the witching hour of nap time, Remy is inching out of that phase too- hit or miss with naps lately.  Still needs them, sometimes fights them, sometimes we can nix them, but Arlo still DEFINITELY NEEDS one... Instead, we chatted to a momma and her college age daughter on the boardwalk and after they left we stuck around and dangled our bare feet over and fed the ducks pretzels.  We had our turkey wraps we brought and just sat and soaked up the spring sun rays.  It was a super memorable afternoon with my girls.

This week Baba has been on spring break and we have had several doctor appointments and checkups and business to tend to, but we did manage to get down to Manitou Springs on Monday- that post coming soon!

Thanks for reading guys!  Feel free to share in the comments other places around town we should take our scootering adventures to!


Remy is wearing a Miffy sweatshirt we found at H&M (get it here and only $12.99!) and a Bobo Choses skirt I got at Babesta in NYC when I visited on my solo Mother's Day trip- a dream!  The skirt is from a fall collection I believe but love this skirt from their latest spring collection.  She is wearing Target leggings and Supra sneakers, but she would have probably loved these with pink soles more!  Her scooter is a Micro Mini which we just passed on to Arlo, and we upgraded Remy to the next stage in it- it's THAT good!  That scooter is SO GREAT!  Smooth, fast, maneuvers well- perfect!  Poor Arlo on this day was lagging behind and no way she could manage over those sidewalk crake with that plastic Radio Flyer one... We immediately ordered another after we got home actually!  Now we are ready for another scooter adventure!  Arlo is wearing a vintage sweatshirt from my vintage Etsy shop, Rolypolyz, Nike sneakers and Gap skinny jeans- such a great fit on my girls, and LOVE these new ones for spring! Basically wearing all of Remy's old things!


Pikes Peak Cog Railway Colorado

Pikes Peak Cog Railway Colorado

New York in February (Part 2)

New York in February (Part 2)