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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Scootin' n Brunchin' in Downtown

Scootin' n Brunchin' in Downtown

Second time typing this post... don't you just love it when your work doesn't save...

Anyway, I'll try to remember how I phrased the original, but the nice thing about redoing posts, at least for me, is that the second version is usually a lot more condensed and more easily digestible- lucky you!

So long story short, I have been spending some quality Saturday mornings with my first born downtown with her as she has a class.  Usually we get some solid solo momma-time in, but last weekend Arlo came along as Baba was out of town for work.  I decided to toss the scooters and their helmets into the truck before we headed downtown last week.  With blue skies and a solid seventy degree forecast ahead, it only made sense to make a complete day of it downtown with my girls.

We decided to scooter around and find some sweet stacks.  We found ourselves at the Corner Office and it was SO. Good.  Loved it!  I had the french toast and it was fantastic!  I usually go for savory eggs benedict or omelets, which they have as well, but I decided to go sweet this time and I wasn't disappointed!  The girls had pancakes and those were GREAT too!  Perfectly golden from the griddle, actually a bit darker, which I LOVED, and they were big and not too thick, and just the perfect texture and saltiness.  loved them!

We also got sides of eggs, and of course momma got coffee, because, "Momma... you Loooooove coffee!"  I sure do girlies!  They "helped" with my creamer and sugar.  We ALL had a thing for that tiny, bronze spoon- so cute!  

Was SO very proud of these too tines on their scooters!  Those tiny legs put in some blocks!  They were also SO incredibly understanding when we had scooted ALL the way over to Union Station, only to discover Snooze had an hour and a half wait time; which I had a bad inkling would happen.  I must thrive on stressful situations because, A.) I am scootering downtown with TWO toddlers and B.) I actually asked them if we should get pancakes across the street, at The Corner Office, OR if we should scooter to Union Station and try Snooze.  Of course they voted the further option, and of course I KNEW there would be a HUGE wait...but in the end, I was able to convince them, and quickly, to scooter on our way BACK to Corner Office, where we had maybe a ten minute wait for the MOST perfect table ever and they got apple juice pronto.  

It was such warm day, and their little legs got in a workout for sure!  I was so worried I was going to lose Arlo when we had to pass by one of our favorite spots, the splash pad outside Union Station, which was ON!!!  Passing it to leave, she hopped off her scooter and almost letter her little water-lovin' heart take over when she said, "I'm just gonna get my feet wet, k momma?!''  I felt HORRIBLE!  And it was the PERFECT splash pad weather!  And she DID have her water shoes on... but by this time it was already noon, I could see their tired eyes, and see the FADE happening, and somehow I convinced her to keep up with us and scoot back to go have pancakes. Whew!

The HUGE bowl of fluffy purple cotton candy they serve up for dessert more than made up for the long morning they had.  They impressed me so much this day.  Not only with the scootering and listening, and stopping and being careful, but also at brunch when they sat, napkin in the laps, and ATE nearly ALL their meal, by themselves!  ODD because at home I am feeding them in front of a blasted iPad.  Maybe nix the iPad?!  I know, I know... we have some terrible habits.  Breaking one at a time folks.  They just were so very well behaved and made this momma proud.

Here's some photos and at the end there's a short video of their scooting' in action!  Don't worry, it's a shortie!  I love that Baba was still with us... if you see that photo of the high rise down there with the blossoms, that was Baba's old apartment on the 38th floor!  I pointed it out to the girls and they were so surprised and happy about that!  

How to top last Saturday this week... hmmm...probably bringing their swimsuits if it's nice and heading to Union Station!  


Wearing:  Both girls are wearing Zara clothing, unintentionally!  Remy's shoes are from Payless Shoe Source and were on clearance for $10!  Not sure on how long they will hold up, but super cute style and we have worn them a couple times with dresses.  Arlo is wearing one of our favorite summer shoes, Native Shoes.  I actually found these thrifting!  Auntie Nahla bought our helmets (thank you!) and their scooters are Micro Scooters- LOVE.

Happy 5th Birthday Remy!

Happy 5th Birthday Remy!

This is Us...In Paris

This is Us...In Paris