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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Second Trimester Kit

Second Trimester Kit


I am officially in the third and final trimester- already! Can't believe it really... The second time around, there is less time to think about it I guess, no time to check in on the Baby Center app to see what's going on every day. With Remy, the nursery was done at the beginning of the second trimester, this time, I am still debating paint or no paint in our combined master bedroom/nursery nook situation. There's a whole post coming about the differences between your first and second trimester, but this one is about what little things got me through that second trimester. Luckily, we haven't had a huge heat wave yet. I think the first day of summer was over the weekend- it came and went it seems without much of a fuss here in Denver because I believe it tainted, or it was cloudy and breezy. LUCKY for me there haven't been too many hot days...yet.

Oh, and there isn't anything to really aid insomnia, which I have had horrible this time around, except blogging!

What were some of your comforts during your pregnancy?

Thanks for reading!


Left to Right, Top to Bottom

second trimester kit

1. My Baxter Stripe TOMS Shoes and these Metallic Chevron Espadrilles from Walmart have been on heavy rotation lately. With zero time for a self pedicures, and a minimal budget to even consider spending extra on "feet," the closed toe slip-on shoe has been my go-to. Thank goodness for cooler temps. AND, this time around, I have noticed my feet are already more swollen than the first time around. Bending down for buckles is a chore so I save that for "dressing up," days.

2. Sanitas Vitamin C Serum, can be purchased at Pharmaca, has been a nightly thing around my eyes. The insomnia, the late nights with a teething baby, the left over makeup residue, the dry Denver air, this oil takes care of it all pretty well!

3. Merona Scoop Neck Tank Tops from Target. Affordable, SOFT, and the size large is long enough to ensure no peek-a-boo belly button. I love these and use them for sleep, exercise, casual wear and layering.

4. An extra pillow. Not one to go blow $40, or whatever they cost, on a "pregnancy" pillow, or body pillow, I have found that slipping a regular sized pillow under my belly for support when I sleep on my side does the trick. I aways wonder what people do with those ridiculously large, snake-like things, after baby arrives.

5. Prenatal yoga classes at Belly Bliss yoga (multiple locations including Hill Top and DTC), have been incredible. Not only is prenatal yoga great to work out the kinks, get the heart rate going, at a healthy speed, and get the blood flowing, it is really great to share the pregnancy experience with other pregnant mamas and have that emotional support- even if its a brief 30 second intro and thought before class.

6. Iced coffee from Starbucks with cream and sugar please. Again, late nights...insomnia...a one year old...walks to our local Starbucks are a weekly occurrence.

7. THIS ice cream is SOOOOO yummy! Hubby picked it up once, because he knows how much I love mint chocolate chip and my Junior Mints...and this is so perfect, and cheap! A Safeway brand, try the Mint Moose Tracks...let me know what you think! So, any ice cream really in our house will do. Hubby and I like to have a bowl late night in bed, yup, even when we aren't preggo. Simple pleasures in life...

8. TUMS Berry flavor. On the night stand. I had heart burn with Remy too. Not sure when it started, but it has been in full swing lately. With Remy it seemed it was triggered by tomato foods, and same goes for this time. Also seems to flare up late at night, when it's time for bed, back to the sleepless nights... Also, greasy food and a full, full tummy will do it too. So the other night when we had a date to the movies, it had been over a year and the last show we saw was Gatsby, I think I may have overdone it on the tub of popcorn and paid for it later.

9. Last, this black, short sleeved jersey tee dress by Liz Lange Maternity for Target. It was like $20, and SO worth every penny! Such a GREAT fit! So COZY! I love this dress so much! Easy to dress up or down, accessorize it, and throw in the wash and repeat.

Play, Meet (four)

Play, Meet (four)

Style: Coral on Colfax

Style: Coral on Colfax