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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Shop Like a Boss

Shop Like a Boss


Since making a family decision to stay home, we have had to spend a lot less on extras.  That does not mean I don't love to shop or love the thrill of the hunt to find something super great for dirt cheap!  I think that's why I could thrift every day for a living. Before I met hubby, I had been known to drop a pretty penny on a dress, a handbag or a pair of sunnies.  Granted I had a nice income as well, but since meeting my man, a dose of frugality kicked my tail.  He was always a big Ross shopper, and he sort of turned me on to it.  His practicality and sensibility are traits that I love.  Now I have my favorite Ross locations depending on what I am looking for or the mood I am in.  One for house goods may be less picked over than another for baby items, and so on.

When Ross shared with me that they were opening two new locations, Westminster and Littleton, I was interested in seeing what goods might be in store for me up north.  So last weekend, the little family and I took a trip up there to see.  With a bright new store, the shopping experience was easy, well organized and easy to get through the entire store within 45 minutes.  When you have a 10 month old, your browsing time is cut short.

They have great sandals already on the floor for spring!  I also spotted a pair of name brand sneakers that are perfect for park play dates, but they were too similar in color to a pair I already own so I passed on them.  I popped over to the beauty section and checked out these neat eye shadow palettes.  I picked one up in nude metallics for $3.99!  I have been on a 10 minute makeup regime since having a baby and eyeshadow is the easiest eye brightener.

I skipped over the home section, even though I was tempted by these polka dot towels, and decided to stick to my mental checklist that I go into Ross with to keep me focused.  This trip was about finding cute tops or dresses that can be worn as my belly grows or items for the new baby.  With a 10 month old, and another due in September, a trip to Ross for me is never complete without stopping by the baby section.  The Westminster location had two great finds this past weekend- a nursing pillow, and a floor mat play gym!  I am in the market for an affordable, and portable gym for grandma's house and on the go.

I ended the shopping excursion with a stop by the spring dresses.  This pregnancy will be primarily spent sweating it out in the dead of summer.  Yippe!  Some say it's a wardrobe blessing to be pregnant in the summer- just pull on a maxi dress, which sounds great, but the heat, the added body heat and weight can't escape my thoughts right now.  I did find two great dresses that I can wear now and later.  They passed the length test- nothing above the knee now because that means crotch height when the bump starts to protrude. and they passed the stretch test- where I pull the fabric out to see if the garment will have enough give for a bump.

I found this amazing cream colored peasant blouse!  Too bad it had a cinched waistband and I felt it would be too much to have to think about adding a tank underneath.  I am going for simple, but if I weren't expecting I may have taken this home with me.  I also saw these three pairs of loose fitting, pajama style pants!  I loved the neutral colors and patterns, but they were a Juniors size large- not going to work for a a preggo.

In the end, I checked out with TWO dresses and a makeup palette for about $25!  Ironically, Ross was generous enough to gift another gift card valued at $25 to one of you!  You can enter to win the gift card below!  So, what's your best Ross find?

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