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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Shopkins Live Tour in Denver!

Shopkins Live Tour in Denver!

We kicked off the Thanksgiving weekend with one of the most fun events I have ever attended, really, the Shopkins Live tour that came through Denver!  AND it was at the Paramount Theater downtown which I have walked past and known about since forever as a Colorado native, but I finally got to sit INSIDE that gorgeous theater!

My girls were beaming ALL night!  Really, they were EXCITED since I told them the news that we were going tot he Shopkins show and explained that it would be with real people on a stage singing and dancing.  That was my momma-takeaway for weeks.  "If you don't finish your food, I'll take someone else to the Shopkins show!"  "If you don't go to bed, you are NOT going to the Shopkins show!"

I had found the Shopkins travel series dolls on super clearance at Target a month or more ago.  I knew we were going to the show so I scooped them up and just put them aside.  I wrapped them up pretty and gave them to the girls before heading down to the show.  They were soooo happy!  I gifted Arlo the Macaroon one from France and Remy the Spaghetti Sue.  I was pretty happy I had been so savvy and clever because ether were selling those same dolls in the lobby and girls were lining up for them, and they were a lot more!  

We got some strawberry Twizzlers and waited on the steps in the historic lobby.  It is just such a pretty theater!  So fortunate we were able to go- AND the best part was ALL asa family!  Even husband was laughing and smiling and said it was entertaining.

From the get go, the first song, Shop, Shop, Shop...something like that, everyone was bouncing in their seats along to the dancers who were phenomenal!  Rainbow Kate and Peppermint Patty were hits with my girls.

My personal favorite performance was by the hip hop set for the Poppy Popcorn and also the night scene dancers.  As a former dancer, who has taken hip hop classes as well, I totally wanted to get up there and learn the steps!  Haha!

The drive downtown and the walk to the car were so festive with downtown all dressed up for the upcoming holidays.  We had such a fun family night, and this show was really surprising in so many ways.  

For all the tour places/dates, check here.  Looks like they have a WHOLE lotta stops coming in the next couple of months- busy little shoppie-kins!  The next Colorado date is January 31st in Grand Junction.

Immediately after coming home from the show that night, Remy asked to play Shopkins in her room!  She has loved the Shopkins for a while now, but that show just drove the love home.  Let's just say when we bumped into Santa on Larimer Square over the weekend, the only thing she mentioned in a tiny whisper was...Shopkins...


Wearing: Remy is wearing a Shopkins shirt I found thrifting! Similar.  Her tutu is from Zara. Arlo is wearing a handed down H&M sweater, similar here, and a thrifted skirt.   Their shaggy pink coats were found on super sale, $10, last year at H&M!  BUT how pretty is this shaggy pink coat from Saks?!  Swoon!  IF you are into shiny shoes, we apparently are, spotted this pair on Zulily for $12.99!  If anyone cares, haha, my pink sweater is Zara, coat is thrifted vintage, boots are Via Spiga a couple years old now, but LOVE this brown suede pair

A HUGE thank you to the Shopkins Live Tour for the tickets!  It's sponsorships like these that truly inspire me to keep sharing and writing about all the fun things happening all around town.  All opinions are my own.



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