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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

6 At-Home Self-Care Regimens for Mamas

6 At-Home Self-Care Regimens for Mamas

Five and a half years after becoming a mama, and five years older, I was starting to see the affects of motherhood and aging in its most despicable and sneakiest of ways, physically.

Evening glasses of wine to unwind during especially challenging weeks with two babies, and now toddlers, and all-day coffee drinking really didn’t help my smile any. I always took pride in having a fairly white set of chompers, although the bottom row have now crowded as I did not extract my wisdom teeth early enough and they had pushed my bottom teeth together. Minus the crookedness, adds character, I was fairly happy with my smile. I STILL want to straighten my lowers with my dentist, and they have come along in faster, and more cost effective ways to do so, maybe I’ll revisit that some day. But, what I really started to notice this year was how they have yellowed a bit from all those unhealthy drinks. Whether you view your coffee and wine as a way to survive or enjoy motherhood, its no secret mommas see one or both of these beverages as vital.

As a full time stay-at-home mama, I try to do what I can at home as far as beauty goes, to save money and time. I took the girls with me last time I got a manicure and pedicure and the whole experience was NOT relaxing one bit. Remy was running behind the pedicure chairs and tripped on a wire and fell and she was crying, I was upset because I had told them to sit at least 53 times before that happened. BOTH girls had to have their nails painted as well. I would have been better off just soaking my toes at home and doing my own nails, as I usually do. It was definitely NOT a treat to take them along that day.

There are a couple things I do outside of the home to feel my best and take care of myself, eyebrow threading, an expensive hair, and pilates. BUT, there are a LOT of things you can do, with minimal cost, all at home, no need for baby sitter money and scheduling, all after the kiddos go to sleep, that make you feel and LOOK your best.

Here are my top suggestions for things that I do at home that really make me feel a little more special and taken care of after I do them.

  1. Teeth Whitening- I had no idea you could do this at home using a professional-grade product like the kind I did through my dentist when I was 19! Smile Brilliant is a teeth whitening product, with molded trays for your teeth and serum, that you can do all from home! They send you the kit, you make the molds yourself (SUPER EASY), mail those back, they send you your trays and you have the serum for bleaching! I slipped these on at night when the kids went to bed, as I blogged or watched a little late-night t.v., I brushed my teeth and hit the hay. SO EASY! And, after about five sessions, I was finished and noticeably a little brighter! My crooked tooth on the bottom didn’t get enough bleach exposure so I am going to give that guy a little more attention, but for the most part, husband definitely notices my smile is a whiter.

  2. Stretching- The former dancer in me MISSES dance and mostly the STRETCHING and lengthening of muscles! I was into yoga for a while, I did pre-natal yoga during both of my pregnancies which I HIGHLY recommend because it is gently on your changing body and also exercises the mental aspects of preparing for child birth. So every now and again at home, I pull out my yoga mat, and start doing some planks, lunges, leg lifts, crunches and light stretching. I had goals at one time of making this a daily thing. Maybe I was reaching too high. Maybe I can aim for once or twice a week, keep my mat out and unrolled and try to make that a healthy habit.

  3. Body Scrub- I NEVER buy myself fancy soaps and scrubs for home. Like. EVER. But one of those LONG, solo, Target trips had me on the soap aisle. I told myself, “You know what, you DESERVE it. Get yourself a damn soap,” I am pretty low maintenance and prefer NOT to have a lot of bottles in the shower and I am conscious of what I use on my skin, so I usually stick with Dove products. I saw a tub of this exfoliating scrub, it smells incredible! I bought it, and I LOVE it! I use it before shaving and I love scrubbing it all over and it really does leave my skin SO SMOOTH! I don’t use it daily, just when I want to go all out.

  4. Body Oil- I was using one body oil after shower from a local soap shop, you can find body oils anywhere. I recently found one at TJ Maxx, Belly Oil by Provence, that I am going to try. I always used Palmer’s lotion during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks, and for me, it worked, but any weight gain or loss, even outside of pregnancy CAN cause stretch marks, so it’s just something I personally am aware of for ME and work to avoid. We all do things we THINK will “work,” and whether they really do or not, only time will tell, but in the meantime it makes us feel like we are at least TRYING and paying attention to. For me, I like to rub oil on my stomach, sides and back and thighs…I SHOULD add in upper arms! This belly oil or these belly masks might be worth a try too!

  5. Charcoal Face Mask- From that same local soap shop I have a charcoal mask, you keep it refrigerated, and I have put that on to feel really clean. What I REALLY really want and am serious about looking into, a treatment out of the home, is a Hydra-Facial! Anyone out there try one yet?! I have seen some on social media getting them and they seem to EXTRACT the CRAP, literally, out of your face. I NEED this! Any dermos in Colorado do this?! BUT, for now, at home, the charcoal mask REALLY does draw out blemishes and dirt in a NATURAL way. And it feels nice and cold going on and really does make you feel refreshed after washing it off. Clinique seems to make one, and they even have these one-minute mask packs, four for $6, from Walgreens!

  6. Vitamins- VITAMINS! I was always ANTI-extra! (See my comment above on soap. A Dove bar soap is usually it for me in my shower.) BUT, this year, especially since summer, my hair was getting insanely GREASY and oily, I wish that was my belly! I was using the same shampoo and conditioner, I haven’t colored my hair in over 15 years I think, and same shower/water/climate. All I could think was, this is hormones and me getting older. Great. I never THOUGHT maybe my body is lacking something nutritionally! I still WANT and NEED to make an appointment with my doctor for blood work drawn, something I need to do, but at home, I CAN start taking a multi-vitamin and see if that helps! As of a week ago, I have incorporated vitamins into my daily lifestyle. I haven’t noticed any change in energy levels, so I may need to find what is a good natural energy booster, or food, to add in for that, but my hair is less oily and my skin is starting to clear! It’s only been one week, but I have noticed a difference in my face and hair. Here’s a Women’s Multi-Vitamin worth looking into. I am looking forward to seeing results in one month, three months time. I may also start a collagen gummy for hair and nails. Still researching a good one. Know of any you love if you take them? I have heard of Sugar Bear Hair gummies. Wondering if they are worth the cost. Also spotted these at my local grocer, a lot less money and seems to be the same. I also want to start using more Bone Broth in my cooking which has collagen. (Consult a doctor before adding any supplements and vitamins additionally to your own diet to avoid getting too much of something)

Here’s some photos from a typical afternoon with my girls, and that’s definitely my THIRD, if not fourth, cup of coffee of the day to power me through that late afternoon and prepare me for dinner, bath, stories and bed. Once they finally go down, which thankfully has been EARLY, we’re talking anywhere from 6-7 pm which in comparison to the baby stages means SO MUCH MAMA TIME to…. have a glass of wine, or two, before I hit the hay. If you scroll to the bottom you can see my before and after photos of my teeth! If you are interested in trying Smile Brilliant and their custom teeth whitening trays, call it giving yourself a little at-home-mom-job, YOU DESERVE IT, head over here to enter! One winner will be chosen at random from all entries, directly from Smile Brilliant. The lucky winner, you don’t have to be a mama to win either, will get a coupon for a T3 Sensitive Kit, valued at $149! I’d love to hear about ways you love yourself better from the comfort of your home, that don’t require setting appointments, driving across town, paying for sitters, juggling schedules, or spending a FORTUNE. Share in the comments on any products, treatments or little suggestions you have to help this mama out, and hopefully others too!

Good luck everyone! And thank you for following this little space on the www. It’s fun to share about the things I love in life, and have a little community built up from that!

Here’s to feeling an looking our best Mamas!


A very grand and sincere thank you to Smile Brilliant for reaching out and partnering with me on this post! I am so thankful the energy and attention from you all to make this space worth coming to has caught the eye of companies who have a story and a product worth sharing! ***Sponsored post.

These images below were taken before I whitened using Smile Brilliant’s at-home teeth whitening.

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School Day Pass to Guanella Pass

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