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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

S'mores with Pa

S'mores with Pa

When was the last time you took a nap outside?

I’m telling you, it’s the best! This week the girls got to experience their first time away from mama, ALL day, like for a solid stretch of six hours, and attended a theater camp. I was able to find a week long camp that worked out for both their age groups, and that meant I essentially had the luxury of a mama camp of sorts just BEING and letting the day take me places. Time really and truly is a luxury in itself.

Lo had a sad moment at the last hour of the day on her first day, but she stayed the day out and she never resisted going back the next few days. Rem had a clash with her tooth against another girl’s knee during a game on day one, but gain, nothing to steer her from coming back. Everyday they would bring home a note card saying what their favorite thing was about that day, what they looked forward to coming back for the next day, something they felt they did really good at, and something they really liked doing or learning. Rem is at the stage where she was able to write out her own, and Lo had the help from a transcribe and drew some illustrations. It was an all around positive experience for ALL of us! It was great for the girls to spend some time outside the home this summer, and each meet peers from their own age groups and learn how to navigate that. Also, the State of Colorado just passed a law that Kindergarten is available to everyone, ALL-day now, free or charge for public schools, so Lo is going right into a full day of school come August. I know I had threatened that in the past on our rough days, that I we all needed that full day, but now that it is a reality, I am apprehensive. Lo is a different kiddo, more attached, more sensitive, gets mentally tired more easily…so this camp was a good test to let her know what it will look and feel like when she goes to Kindie.

Yesterday I had a coffee in the Golden Triangle neighborhood in downtown Denver, and then I decided to linger and wait for the Kirkland Museum to open up. As a girl growing up in Denver, my mom used to drive me downtown to Colorado Ballet everyday, where I trained, at the 13th and Lincoln location, and we would pass that little brick house-turned-museum, of Vance Kirkand. I grew up seeing and knowing that name. So when they moved and redesigned and built a new and incredible space down the street last March, I have been wanting to visit it and see what it was about. I was SO happy I wandered in after ALLLLL these years, and learned a little something about this famous Colorado painter. There’s more to the museum than just his work, and includes furniture and decorative pieces from all over. There are also works by other Colorado and American artists. He was a professor as well and some of his student’s impressive work is also on display. Also, that iconic Denver brick bungalow I had seen so many times growing up, is also there! They MOVED the entire building and incorporated it into the new architecture of the new Kirkland museum. Amazing! Even his old door, wash closet, furniture and clothing… truly something to visit if you find yourself in Denver. If you make it there, I had the privilege of hearing some special tidbits from a dossier but if you notice the front door, at the top of the arch, has been cut because it was too small to get some of the larger paintings out. Even his hat hangs by the front door!

There was a moment yesterday, wandering alone, where I did get a little emotional about this next stage in my life. I saw a group of early toddlers, maybe a year and a half to two years old, and the stroller was parked there and this group of maybe eight or so babies were just splashing in a fountain by the Denver Art Museum, giggling and getting soaked. The care takers were letting them cool off and explore the water and it took me back to the days of the girls’ and their first interactions and explorations of water fountains. I saw one baby girl get her face splashed and she rubbed her face and then was wetting her hair and taking her palms and rubbing her hair back, she looked like she was quite enjoying it. I just started crying. I LOVED when the girls were that age. Each age has its fun and new discoveries, humor and joy, also challenges, but this STAGE, 12-24 months is MAGIC, guys. I would do it all over again for THAT part alone. It was that scene, of the babies splashing and stammering around, those gappy grins that it really sunk in, my own babies are going to school in the fall.

Back to those outside naps! Husband and I were able to spend some time together doing a few adventures together around downtown. We tried scooters, we had a beer in the middle of the day, we had breakfast, a relaxing coffee, and one day we found ourselves too far from home, and very close to the girls’ camp, but an hour early, so we parked, pulled a couple blankets from the back of the car and closed our eyes under a shady tree nearby. Today, our movie plans got squashed, we haven’t seen a movie together in YEARS, is it me or is nothing just THAT worth like $50 to see anymore? Anyway, we had a disagreement which ended in me coming home, hey it happens, and I had some toast and went to the back patio. I popped out the umbrella, put my feet up and ended up falling asleep for an hour out there. something about a hot summer day, and a light breeze, quietness and a schedule of nowhere to be immediately. It’s glorious! Try it!

At the beginning of the month, we went out to see my dad. It was a very short trip, shorter than the girls or I had wanted. When I take the girls out there we like to make the most of it and have mini day trips and find so much to get into out in those rural parts, again, another glorious thing about summer in Colorado with a dad who moved out west and has a great place to escape to. Well, when hubby comes, the trips seems to be abrupt. It is nice he came, but he had some things to get back home to so I felt the trip was a little cut short. Anyway, thankful we did go, because it’s hard to get out there across these big mountains in the middle of winter with all the weather, snow, avalanches, so the minute SOLID spring/summer comes, we are more than missing our Pa and Lucille.

We did squeeze in so much to this short trip too, including swimming in Ouray Hot Springs, a trip to the orchard in Hotchkiss, a small jaunt in Paonia, and some great meals together. We also did S’mores! The girls and I LOVE walking out to the back of the property and getting to do s’mores on a real campfire. Something about it… Last year there was major drought, and had been in a drought for years, but with allllll the moisiture this year, we were finally able to trek back up there and make a fire and melt those mallows. Made a little home video below, and a couple pics. Here is the LAST time we made s’mores out there! Surprised the girls even remember how special it is as small as they were, that must mean it really was impactful and dear to them, as it is to me as well.

Hope you are enjoying your spring/summers, and trust me, TRY to get outdoors for a nap before the leaves change…


Wearing: L is wearing a Tea Collection long sleeve shirt and Target leggings, red boots we thrifted right before the trip. R is wearing Zara cropped pants, a Gap long sleeved shirt and Hunter boots. Both chose their own s’mores making looks! Haha! Eventually we’ll HAVE to get these girls, and myself, propper little hiking shoes/boots. With all the rain, the boots were a great thing to have though.

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