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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Spring Play!

Spring Play!

By golly, I think it might, MIGHT, actually be spring for a minute around here! I love snow and cold and all that goes with it, but how about like October through January...not LATE APRIL!

This week's forecast is calling for rain, and I THINK he said more snow... oy vey!  So today, we headed to a playground before things get soggy.

The day started off perfectly sweet and lazy with plenty of snuggles, and playing "tent" under mommy's covers.  Sweet and cuddly mornings mean breakfast around 10, gasp, and finally dressed, diapered, pottited and ready to get in the car near 11.  We popped over to see Baba at work before heading to the park, and the gym classes were outside running the track so we said, "hello," to his fellow teachers and the girls ran the track a lap too!  Teaching healthy lifestyle and fitness early and when we can show them examples!  I am pretty sure they ran more than some of those high schoolers...

So, I was hoping to catch this one park I had in mind for their amazing tulip displays they have had in past years, but this year it was all dirt mounds except for a small narrow row, nothing like what I had envisioned.  Perhaps all the heavy, wet spring snow was too much for them.  I also chose this park because it is right across the street from a playground and it sort of flies under the radar as it is off a busy street.  This one had sand!  Never certain if the park we are headed to has sand or not, I really should just keep our sand pail and shovels in the car with us at the ready.  We bought a whole kit this year at Costco for $10!  I got it a couple months ago in anticipation of the nice weather, and I am glad we got it as we have used it several times already.  Nevertheless, we did come upon a couple random digging objects anyway.

Remy HATES sand, or anything for that matter, in her shoes, so hers were off straight away.  Arlo had on a new pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, and she managed to stay pretty much sand free in the toe region!  That's why I love these things!  I know I have said it before, but Freshly Picked mocs are AWESOME!  An added bonus with them, besides their high quality, is that they are always pushing the bar and coming up with new colors and teaming up with designers and artists, keeping things fresh.  Like this pair- I love the bold pattern on top with a dash of pink underneath the fringe.

So the girls are getting older, and that means they are needing sturdier footwear.  Freshly Picked has caught on to the needs of its customer base and added a hard sole shoe to its lineup.  Unfortunately those are not an option as a choice for the giveaway, but definitely worth trying out!  I like the leopard pair!  This soft sole pair of moccasins on Arlo is still the original design, and still perfect for her stage in development.  I am all about making sure they have proper footwear for the occasion and setting and for park play, like today, and a moccasin is perfect.  I also LOVE the ease of slipping on moccasins if I know we aren't going anywhere where a ton of walking is required.  So my girls probably won't be wearing these around the zoo, unless they were a bit younger and mostly stroller riding, or in the harder sole shoes, but for short trips, trips to indoor playgrounds or playdates, the grocery store runs, these soft shoes are PERFECTION!

A little side bar: Remy has us cracking up lately... last night she wouldn't go to bed and we finally sat her on the counter in the kitchen after she negotiated with us to get yogurt with "crunches," and promising she would go to bed afterwards.  I know she was serious because she was using her pointer finger when she explained and finished with, "Okay?  Just two minutes."  I started barking the list, yogurt, and back to bed... and she said, "Ay, Ay Cappin'!"  Today she plopped into the grass and sighed and just soaked up the sunshine for a few minutes... She discovered some bigs and found her way to her tummy on the warm sidewalk and fed them tulip petals.  I scolded them time, after time, after time, about NOT picking the flowers, eventually as they grow they will learn, but there were a few petal casualties in the taking of these photos.

Remy is quite the character, super chatty and both of my girls are extremely S.O.C.I.A.L., which I love.  Remy chatted up a momma and her chubby little one year old for several minutes.  When we discovered her baby's birthday was around Remy's, Remy told her momma the month and day and explained how she found the perfect striped candles!  Remy has been on a BIG birthday kick lately...everyday she runs through a list of people she wants to come, and what decorations she would like.  She knows exactly what she wants.. Cake, decorations, and to sing, "Happy Birthday!"  My sweethearts!  I am sooooooo BLESSED to get to spend all my days with them, even if some are more challenging and test my patience more than others.  EVRY DAY IS A GIFT.  Truly.

Now for the fun part!  One lucky reader has the chance to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins!  Just comment below with what pair you would get and where you imagine taking your babe wearing them this spring/summer!  One entry per person.  Contest ends Friday, April 29th at midnight MST.  (The winner could not have won a pair within the last year.  Only open to U.S. citizens.  Does not include the hard sole shoes.)  One reader will be chosen at random and contacted directly.

*Contest portion of post is closed!


Both girls are wearing vintage rompers.

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