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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Style: Momiform Variation I

Style: Momiform Variation I

I haven't done a style post in awhile... Dragging a tripod somewhere in the snow somehow hasn't seemed appealing to me lately!  Oh Colorado...but I decided I might start sharing what my "momiform" looks like from time to time.  Here's my variation as of late.

Momiform is a REAL thing guys.  It was coined for a reason!  Some have their favorite pair of yoga pants, I still need to find myself a special pair, some have their favorite dress or pair of jeans.  What's fascinating is that those articles of clothing you grab for on a day to day basis, out of comfort, style, or convenience, have sparked bloggers across the board creating what they like to call, "capsule wardrobes."  Is it not an age old thing?  A uniform?  A momiform, if you will!

Basically what a "capsule wardrobe" means is a having only  few select pieces, basics, some might say of higher quality, impeccable fitting, KEY pieces that mix and match with one another, but that makes dressing simple and minimal.  I have followed two blogs in particular that have both tried the Capsule Kool-Aid, and eventually faIlen off that Minimalist wagon.  It's just not our era.  We have too many options, trends, too much allure and dazzle and newness out there.  Why should we deprive ourselves?  Limit?

I am not one to waste.  Quite the opposite.  I am a thrifter.  I use, reuse, and use some more.  I save and keep and store.  But, you know what, I also consume, and that's not a sin.  I am not one for hauling out all of my closet and having seven staples dangling there in my closet.   It's just not me.  I love to dress according to my mood, my vibe, my outing, and my ever shifting shape.  Minimilaism is not me.  However, a momiform IS what's happening in the style parts of my world lately.

My style has certainly evolved as my postpartum body has changed.  I once heard a mother say that she really didn't start to see her body "come back" until after breastfeeding.  I had no idea before because I was pregnant with Arlo when Remy was only seven months, and I breastfed her for a whole year and then had Arlo and breastfed Arlo for an entire year too.  So after the milking metamorphosis happening over here, I can say that I somewhat agree.  I have been milking-free over here since September, and I can say that my body has changed in that amount of time.  I can't scientifically attest to it being the fact of hormones and breastfeeding, but I bet it has something to do with it.

I personally felt that it takes at least a year for a body to slowly shimmy back into some sort of shape after pregnancy and childbirth.  A new shape, your old shape, but it takes time.  Some "bounce" back immediately after the baby, for others it takes sweat and tears in a gym, but for most everyone, the common denominator is that it just takes time.  Time to see what your new life and schedule are like.  Time to get TIME to be by yourself for a light jog or an hour yoga class.  Time to be in your own mind and body to even want to think about doing anything for yourself and outside of caring for that little baby.  It takes time.  Time to care.  Time to think.  Time to be.  Time to not care.  I don't believe in putting pressure on ourselves to be a certain size on a tag or weight on a scale.  I personally don't own a scale and I don't give two glances to modern garment sizing.  I go with what fits and how I feel.  No diets, at least for me.  Give me a glass of wine, hand me a dessert, stir my sugar in my coffee, please.  And with the end results of my lack of self control, I go with the flow.  Everyone is different.

That said, back to the momiform.  For me, I was so SO tired of having my rear end hanging out when bending over, all day, everyday.  I found it high time to get a new pair of, HIGH pants.  I found these High Waist Skinny Jeggings from Aeropostale and have seriously been LIVING in them.  I feel confident and comfortable, best of all, HAPPY in them!  For me, it was thrilling to be able to wear a more polished look again.  For me, I prefer to get dressed over the casual look.  I can wear a belt again!  I can tuck in a shirt, no breastfeeding to consider!  It's the small wins.  So, on most days, you'll truly find me in a variation of this: skinny jeans, blouse or top, Chelsea boots or bootie.  I haven't been wearing dresses lately, but maybe because it's chilly and the only pair of black tights I have are maternity.  I want to share my momiform with you all periodically.  Variations of the same pieces, adding different accents, different hair, a different lip hue, adding a jacket or topping off with a hat, can elicit entirely different looks.  For me, the foundation piece  currently will probably be the jeans, pairing them with different tops and silouhettes, and chaining up my footwear..

I think it's completely OKAY and actually AWESOME if you find your key "look."  A signature piece, maybe an accessory scarf, or maybe it's hats, or wearing all black...I find it fun to shake things up, but I completely admire those who KNOW their bodies so well and dress for it time and time again, a la Kim K, Jane Birkin, Grace Coddington (who just left Vogue! GASP!) and so many more fabulous style icons.

The wrap top I am wearing in these photos was a thrift find from a long time ago.  The top is sort of cropped, almost too short, and I can only wear it with skirts or high waisted pants, so I was happy to pull it out again.  (See my above comment about not getting rid of things.)  The belt was thrifted too- but totally a cheapie, not real leather.  The boots are Via Spiga from TJ Maxx the year before last.

So what's your go-to outfit lately?  Do you have a capsule wardrobe or momiform going lately?



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