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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Steam Espresso Bar Denver in Sequins

Steam Espresso Bar Denver in Sequins

I haven't braved the whole sequins-for-day thing ever before, until yesterday! With the holiday hustle in full effect, but missing out on a fancy company Christmas party, I decided to give myself an excuse to dress up and feel festive and treat myself to a lavish Americano at Steam Espresso Bar.  With a little planning, and after much encouragement to do so from my husband, I finally decided to get a baby sitter during the day for a couple hours!

I had the BIGGEST raisin croissant ever and it was so moist!  Three shots of espresso dropped into some boiling water and I sipped on a beautiful Americano while writing out a few of my Christmas post cards.  How adorable is that little ice skating mouse down there?  Decided to send these sweet vintage post cards and opted out of the pricey photo printed cards.  Figure everyone sees enough of us around here.  What do you guys think?  Still sending/getting them?

I found my cards thrifting!   They are from a stationary shop in Colorado Springs and dated 1984.  If you ever find yourself in a thrift store, first of all be sure you have at least two hours to get through all the sections you are interested in, second of all, always check the children's books section, and definitely check the little random rounders or end caps with plastic baggies filled with cards and stationary!  Sure you might also get some return address labels in there for a Velma Smith, but behind those you might get a stack of beautiful greeting cards for a mix of occasions.  I have also found holiday bubble mailer envelopes at the thrift store recently, and our Christmas lights!

Yesterday, I brought along my camera to Steam to practice with my new prime lens!  I attended Mike's Camera's annual trade in/sales event back in November and I sold an OLD Nikon that I had bought on Craigslist a few years ago, and turns out it was damaged all along!  The lens on it had been repaired and the specialist had shown me the warped ring!  Oh my!  Word of advice- don't buy any high end photography equipment on Craigslist!  I will never again... So he was only able to give me $30 for the body and that lens!  I also sold another lens I had for me newer Nikon, one I never even took out of the box that came with the camera, so I was able to put that money towards the new lens.  This one is much trickier to use because it doesn't zoom in or out, you literally have to move yourself forward or back to get the perspective of what you want.  It is supposed to give you the most REAL and accurate proportions from what you see with your naked eye.  Difficult to use in tight spaces, like the bar at Steam, and also very challenging to use on a tripod.  I am sure the cute barista girls had a giggle watching me attempt to maneuver this thing.  Luckily, Steam has an AWESOME outdoor space that I had fun prancing and posing around in after my coffee, with their blessing of course!

So very thankful for the time to just PLAY myself!  I came home to quiet kiddos, a clean house and she led them through a cotton ball-snowmen craft from our activity advent calendar.  We are thinking of budgeting for this time on a more consistent basis, for my stress management as well as for the girls to have fun and play and interact with a new adult other than myself, and for everyone's well being.

Did you guys send Christmas cards this year?  Receiving any?

Just 9 days until Christmas..... eek!  Are you ready?!  I am CLOSE, just need to finish up Arlo!  She is so tough!  She hasn't asked for anything in specific, or maybe it's anything she sees at the time you ask her.  So then she will be happy with anything I am sure...

Thanks for reading!


P.S.  I LOVED wearing sequins for day!  Might do it a few more times before the New Year!

Wearing: Thrifted vintage sequin jacket, actually NOW is the time to find all the sequins in thrift stores- they put it out for holidays, but THIS LC by Lauren Conrad version is a similar cropped version and only $60!  THIS Givenchy track jacket is a DREAM!  since the jacket has a very boxy cut, and cropped, I layered it over THE coziest, warmest flannel ever from Wrangler, mine is actually a men's Small, (similar here), and layered that over a thin sheer black blouse from Forever 21 that I bought a long time ago, but (similar here and $35.)  Faux leather leggings (similar here by BP and only $29!), and black boots from a long time ago, but these would be gorgeous!  Thrifted purse.



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Denver Christkindl Market

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