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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Style: Vintage Coat and Nikes

Style: Vintage Coat and Nikes


Hello 2015! I am not one for "resolutions," but I am all for goal setting, list making and day dreaming.  So far this year, I have had two lovely trips to the coffee shop, courtesy of this hunky babysitter I know, ahem, also known as my hubby.  I had a chance to jot down some achievable goals, self improvements if you will, and one of them was to simply take more time for myself.

When I take just an hour to get outdoors and play with my camera, like I got a chance to do tonight, or read through a magazine, it truly rejuvenates my spirit and psyche.  I come home ready to finish off the night strong.  I hope to venture for longer periods and distances here and there, assuming we can get baby to take a bottle without giving Baba an aneurism, but for now, I will lap up my jaunts to places five minutes from the house.

I have been in a huge personal style rut lately.  I feel so haggard and disheveled.  Nothing fits right anymore and I haven't shopped, I mean really SHOPPED for myself since long before Remy.  I feel like I stare at a closet full of nothing to wear, literally, because breastfeeding accessibility adds other dressing conundrums.  Do you ever feel like the trends and styles are coming and going so fast, before you can even save to buy a piece, it changes again and then you just throw your arms up and surrender to the fact that you just can't keep up but then you feel like you're not yourself when you get dressed for the day?  Whew...that was long winded.   I just see myself, a frazzled, wrinkled and graying mess staring straight into a camera on one of those makeover ambush segments on television someday.  I hope I don't let myself go that far to need ambushing!

Well I took that frustration and I funneled that energy into inspiration and dug some things up in my closet.  Budget be damned... you can STILL look and feel stylish and find your vibe and you don't have to spend a lot, or any at all!

Right before Christmas, I spotted this vintage wool Judi Rich coat at my favorite Arc thrift store.  It was $9.99.  I totally cheaped out.  I mean, this is the thrift store!  When I went back a week later and it happened to still be there, and HALF OFF, I knew something was meant to be, or it's super hideous to everyone but me.  The oversize fit, the wool, the structure, the built in scarf, the color, the length...something about it just pulled at me.  It reminded me of a piece that could be from Celine or The Row.  Now, it may be for a plus size woman, I am not entirely certain, but style is about taking a piece and wearing it in a totally personal way.  The WAY you wear something says more than what it actually IS.  I never pay too much attention to sizes anyway.  I think I may even have some petites and plus size items in my closet.  Most closet reorganizers would say to get rid of it, but if it fits you how you want it to, hitting you just so at the calf or perfectly shrunken or expertly oversized, I say keep it!  That's this $5 coat for me.

Did I mention how heavy it is?!  And WARM?!  So it is practical too- score!  I decided to wear it with leather leggings and try out this sneaker trend.  I see Lucky editor Eva Chen rocking it so well, and so many street style pics.  I admit it was a little scary for me, I don't usually wear sneakers like this unless I am in a gym, but I gave it a whirl and I actually quite liked the look.  Not to mention the comfort level was so easy to achieve that I felt like I was missing something before I left the house!  I wasn't even wearing socks.  That wasn't what I was missing, that was intentional.  When this mama puts baby down and has a short time frame to get out of the house, a sockless look just might be my new look!  Does it even matter what I had on top?!  This coat hides everything!

Here's a secret, the Nike Prestos are actually considered vintage now too!  I bought them from Nike Town Denver back in 2001 when I was working downtown at an office.  Holy crap I might be a hoarder...Or, isn't there a saying about if you keep something long enough it comes back in style?  Either way, glad I have them still!

Now this is the best part...a feel great moment...when I was sitting at Starbucks flipping through the latest In Style issue and I came across this page!  Does this outfit look familiar?!  I hadn't even cracked open the magazine yet, but it was so funny to see a near replica of what I was wearing.  Is this affirmation that I am onto something?  I got a little fashion high!  When I came home I showed my hubby the torn page and asked him what he saw, "That's you!" Here I thought I was totally out of the game since having babies...but maybe not.  Thanks for putting a little style smile on my face tonight universe!


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Book Club (two)