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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Suburban Slicker

Suburban Slicker

I wasn’t too sure about these new tan, suede booties to be honest….that was until I stepped downstairs this morning in this thrifted vintage floral dress and I had paired some old black ankle boots with it and husband asked me, “You look cute, but where’s your new boots? You should wear those.” I went back upstairs and pulled them out of the box and I really liked them again! After all, I JUST picked them out over the weekend. I guess I was unsure of the stitching on them which is a little Western. Western can be tricky. Trends can be tricky. I usually stick to silhouettes and styles year round that work with my body type and then I try to incorporate small nuances of trends, sort of sneak them in.

I started with this vintage floral clingy midi dress, SO COMFY! It has a bit of stretch in the fabric, that sort of crinkly rayon stuff I guess. And it has this asymmetrical floral pattern to it which I LOVED, AND it had these tiny little shoulder, petite pads! Just enough structure! I admit, it does not do anything for my chest, but I really like everything else about it. Well, I am not crazy about the totally dated tie back at the waist, but this one is small and barely noticeable so I guess it’s okay.

After the dress, I did the hair in my new go-to-do, which is powder at roots for volume, and a low bun twisty thing at nape of my neck. It somehow pulls looks together and gives me a more DONE look rather than my usual, what I like to call French girl hair, of letting it hang long and loose nonchalantly. Then I added a pair of earrings my momma gave me from her jewelry box. I went silver this day when I usually grab for gold.

Last, I grabbed this incredible denim jacket with wild glitter glue and faux pearl detailing that I found in Delta at an antique shop over summer. Another piece I wasn’t SURE about when I first saw it but as I browsed around the shop I couldn’t stop thinking about its edginess and the possibilities of its boxy fit and couture-like feels. It was like $20, and I don’t regret this one bit. It wasn’t as brisk this morning, but I grabbed it and tossed it in the car in case. I am excited about this as a fall topper!

And there you have it! What I am calling a “Suburban Slicker” look! I MISS getting downtown more often, of course I used to live downtown, and then as life happened and pulled me further away, and now even more distant with my girls starting school phases and keeping me close to them during the day. SO, Skate City will have to do as my back drop. My tr-pod and camera and I really created some nerves from the staff inside the place. Haha! One of the workers came out and asked what I was doing. Are we not allowed to take photos in public spaces anymore without people thinking we are spinning a story about their business? Odd.

Or am I the odd one taking pictures of myself in an empty parking lot of a roller skating establishment at 9:30 in the morning? Either way, I had fun! If blogging is teaching me anything, it’s that you can’t care too much what others’ think. I always get a little nervous and skeptical when I pull out my tripod in public places, but I try to keep focused on the task and in the end, I always enjoy testing the angles and getting the light right and having fun with the challenge.

Hoping to sneak in some more style posts as the girls get older and are getting more independent from me. IS that something you all would like to see more of around here? This is definitely a family/lifestyle/parenting space, but I started out blogging in 2007 with a fashion emphasis, and that has always been and remains a huge passion. I personally love to get dressed every day. Whatever I share for style are things I wear to run errands and be with my girls in, unless that is we are painting wooden leaves in our back yard as we did later this day, then the vintage dress is off and stretchy pants come on. I ENJOY the process of getting dressed, and just LOVE all of it!

October is starting off just right over here! We’ve made homemade witches out of construction paper and yarn for hair, no templates or pre-fab forms just mama and a pair of scissors! I DID go back for those glass “punkins” I couldn’t get out of my head, and found a pretty wreath that will go into holidays and a little gnome, all investments to my “Halloween Decor” trunk that I officially started this year. I also found a spidey and some bats at the Dollar Tree, and forever scoping out the aisles at the thrift for any good additions on the CHEAP, and so the girls and I decorated a bit around the house. Oh and a couple hearty baskets of mums for the porch! Friday is the school carnival that the girls are VERY much looking forward to. Oh, and we got a little leaf peeping in last week. I HOPE we can try for another hills trip soon.


Wearing: Thrifted/vintage floral dress (similar) and vintage denim jacket (COUTURE coat!) and here is a version by ASOS for $87 or this guy at Bloomingdale’s for $128. and Marc Fisher booties (similar).

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