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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Summer Traditions: Lakeside Amusement Park

Summer Traditions: Lakeside Amusement Park

We may only be four years in on our parenthood journey, but we have already managed to build some summer traditions, Lakeside Amusement Park! After editing the photos for this post, it was fun revisiting our trip to Lakeside last year, and the year BEFORE that!  The girls are growing up right alongside those measuring sticks and each year we add a ride or two to our trip.  Actually, our first trip, Arlo was not even walking yet!

This time around Remy wanted to hit the ground running and wanted to START with the mini roller coaster!  She got to ride ALL by her tiny self!  She was soooo cute and sat in the front and was so brave and would lift her wee little arms up on the big drop.  My love!  They both tried the Pirate's Hook boat ride in the beginning, but Arlo got too scared and they had to stop it!  She practically ran off and into Baba's arms!  They road an airplane bomber ride together and them sitting in one craft together, sneaking glances at each other over their shoulders and grinning ear to ear was a highlight!

We had hot dogs and Frito Lay chips, I was craving those things, and we all had lemonade; fitting since it was National Lemonade Day!  Speaking of lemonade...luckily THIS momma snuck a couple Honest juice boxes of the pink lemonade in my bag before leaving the house!  I was snack less, and the food spots didn't open up until 1:30, and we arrived at noon!  They came in the lick of time!  We sat on our favorite bench near the arcade, sat in the shade a bit and had some hydration and then rode the Merry-Go round before grabbing a bite to eat at one of the snack areas.  After lunch we headed to the train that goes around the lake and the girls had their treat, rock candy!  Arlo chose the red one, and Remy wanted pink!  It was so relaxing and a nice chance to pace ourselves before finishing the day with a couple more rides.

The girls are still talking about the Ferris Wheel, which we skipped.  Instead Remy and I went on a ride and Baba took Arlo on a more calm and mellow one.  They rode the Skateboarder ride, Arlo almost spooked herself but momma talked her into trying it out and Baba called out to her that it was just like a swing.  She finished the ride out!  The girls ended the day with the ride that goes around with horse drawn carriages and bells.  The girls did amazing considering we started the day so late and it was incredibly hot and Arlo skipped a nap.  They both went blank on the car ride home!

I have a tiny little heart flutter for Lakeside, and its not from the rides!   The history!  I walked around snapping photos of the old light bulbs hanging in the restrooms, the marble case in the snack bar which was probably once filled with jars of colored candies and now is a holding pantry for giant tubs of ketchup and mustard, old power lines, the signs... this place oozes nostalgia!  I feel like my shutter-bugging will somehow save the place.  It is in severe disrepair and ignoring it this third post around would be unjust to such a historic Denver landmark, and robbing it of the attention and cry for help it needs!  For all the investing and developing happening around here, its sort of appalling that one of our city gems is deteriorating in front of our very eyes.

The gates were opened late, there were cars lined up at noon, and there were not enough workers to run all the rides.  We went on a Sunday afternoon, the busiest family day, during peak season and yet there weren't enough workers!  Half of the rides were "Out of Order," including the Froggy Jumper ride that Remy was SO psyched for, the motorcycle ride, the ladybug ride, the race car name a few.  The gal who helped us in the snack bar, which opened an hour and a half AFTER opening hours, was rude, and colds, much like the hot dogs.  I know I am not painting a pleasant picture here of what I truly believe Lakeside is to us.  Lakeside IS smiles and giggles and sunshine and weary foreheads and sticky lips from rock candy.  Lakeside is the smell of blossoms with carousel music in the background and faint shrills from coaster-goers.  Lakeside is family.  Lakeside holds memories and love and togetherness, and I hope it remains for years to come.

I guess this is my plea to some magical investor to come in and #savelakeside before it's gone like Heritage Square.  When people from elsewhere ask, "So what IS Denver?  What is one thing or place you would say we have to see or do to feel like a Denverite?"  Well, one thing that comes to mind is LAKESIDE!  While Denver continues to add new citizens in droves, especially over the last three years, I am so very proud of my Colorado native status and even more proud when I get to rattle off my favorite childhood  places.  Developers are quick to come into Denver and scrape down the old and splatter up new, hideous, concrete boxes with no personality.  Rents sore, where ARE these people working to pay the rent here anyway, and old pockets of Denver are changing at the speed of light.  Perhaps it is not my personality to love change.  Sometimes change is necessary, change is inevitable and changes can be rewarding and incredible.  Hoping the owners of Lakeside welcome and embrace the ever changing times and seek out necessary financial help, or prioritize and reallocate current finances, to fulfill their duty and responsibility to care and protect the treasure they hold, Lakeside.

Here's to many more summers spending hot August Sundays in this beautiful place.


Remy is wearing a skirt by one of my favorite lines, Gardner and the Gang.  Love there fun and YOUTHFUL prints!  This butterfly skirt from them is only $19! Her alligator print tank is by Cat & Jack from Target, shoes by Maa and socks by Milapinou Paris.  Arlo is wearing a skirt by Walmart line Garanimals that I found thrifting- love the ice cream print!  This one from Target is adorable too!  Her tiger tee is from Zara when we were in Chicago back in July, but this tiger tank from Old Navy is so good too.  Her sneakers are 10Is, but these black ones from Supra are pretty awesome.



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