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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Sun Sweaters

Sun Sweaters


Hello! Sorry for the lapse...this pregnancy, plus raising a baby has had me a little preoccupied.  I am now 13 weeks, and ending the first trimester.  With a crazy cold January/February combined with super low energy, I didn't leave the house much, less apply makeup or put accessories on and getting bundled up for photos in negative degree weather didn't really sound like too much fun so that is the explanation for the lack of mommy/daughter style posts.

Lately we have and spotty days of sunshine and sixties though!  That means park days and plenty of swing time for Remy!  March is finally here!  Colorado's snowiest month typically, and we did wake up to a wet white blanket of the stuff on our trees and lawns this morning, but March means spring is around the corner.  Today I finally felt in the mood to "dress."  Jeans and a sweater looks pretty basic, and it is, but throwing on a necklace and actually putting time and effort into my hair and makeup really made me feel better.  A floral, or dressy sweatshirt is the best addition to my casual closet these days!  The fresh air also helped tremendously!

I will be the first to admit that I was one of those who always questioned mothers who had in inability to get themselves presentable and out of the house on time.  Now I get it!  Some days it is everything I can do to feed Remy, change her diaper, get her ready, feed her again, occupy her while I try to get ready-which means moving her from my closet to my bed to the floor- and all the while she gets into cords, bags, everything she is not supposed to have.  I have discovered that the thing I ought to do is get myself ready before she wakes, but let's be real, a tired, pregnant momma is going to suck up every minute of z's she can.  So now I think it best to put her in her crib, where I know she is safe and occupied, while I try to get ready in ten.  I will be back to myself, partially, and I will make more effort, but right now, right now being pregnant and taking care of an almost 10 month old, well that means my eyebrow threading can take a back seat.  My thoughtful hubby bought me the sweetest gift certificate for Valentine's day, a mani/pedi.  It had been since before Remy that I went!  I really really enjoyed it and it was really a treat.

I won't entirely be "back" to my old self however.  I am no longer working in an office so the pencil skirts and heels just don't fit my day to day lifestyle any longer.  That doesn't mean I run around in yoga pants, well at least not if I am in public and not working out, although I ran to King Soopers tonight in them to get prune juice, sexy I know, and a guy said I looked cute in my pants, hence why they should not be worn in public besides the gym or a park.  Anyway, I am not sure when or to why degree my enthusiasm for passion will come back, but if my excitement, or lack there of, for the Oscars last weekend is any indication, it will be awhile.  And, that's okay.  It's okay that hobbies and interests change.  It's okay that my blog has changed.  If things don't change after having a baby and your priorities are the same, that's where I see a problem.  That said, I try not to have screens in front of Remy.  Texting, checking e-mails, and definitely blogging are out unless she is napping or she is occupied with her father or it is a quick ten minute thing.  So blogging has also taken a back seat to nap times and after hours.  With more energy now in the second trimester, I will squeeze it in when I am compelled.

So there you have your dose of reality.  A slice of being a full time mommy.  No, I am not going to itemize what I do with my time all day like those lame e-mails going around the internet about what a stay at home mom actually does all day because you know what, when I worked I didn't feel I had to justify what I did all day by publicizing a checklist.  I will tell you that today we had a very exciting trip to the post office and JC Penney to look at curtains.  I bought these boots in January and have pretty much had them on heavy rotation since.

So here's my joy for spring like weather and thanks for popping in to read this thing!  Big thanks to my handsome and sweet hubby for taking these!


Sweater: Zara

Jeans: Gap 

Boots: Clark's

Silver Necklace: Was my Grandmother's

Sunnies: Oliver Peoples

On Remy

Sweater: Zara Boys

Denim Shorts: Gap

Tights: Zara

Boots: Bop














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