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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Sunday Daughters and Donuts

Sunday Daughters and Donuts

A little morning donut run to Dunkin’ Donuts!

The girls have been saying, “Mama, let’s go somewhere FUN!” The last few days. I feel them! Since school started it seems we adventure much less and stick close to home, and now that it’s chillier out, I have really been feeling like being a cozy, lazy, bug. That laziness is showing in those hips! Since the girls both are nap free now, and tend to turn in at a pretty decent time, that I am finding myself in total sloth mode after they go down! I need to be careful and get RID of this Halloween candy!

So what else to do about these growing saddle bags, then to go get a DONUT! I know, I know…we haven’t got donuts in a while it seems, so we made a special morning of it, just us girls. (Baba was playing his weekly soccer.) We had a birthday gift to pick up from the very alluring, TARGET, as well, which also put a little pep in their step in getting ready today.

The girls are basically deciding on what they wear now. I make suggestions based on weather and what we are doing that day for practicality and comfort for them, and I may suggest a couple things, but lately Arlo has been making the suggestions and they are actually pretty good, things I am okay with. She decided on her dress. I had wanted black and white polka dot tights with it and we nearly got into an argument over it, but really, they’re leggings, and she wanted these coral colored pair. I said they didn’t match, she pointed to the lips on the faces on her dress and said, “There’s pink, see?” I couldn’t argue with her, and she actually as better sense then me because the color was the PERFECT choice actually. She even did her OWN hair! She says she wants to surprise me now which means she dresses herself from undies on up and now she is apparently adding hairdos. I truly LOVED it! She can pull it off so well and she’s just cool.

Rem too! Arlo had originally ran upstairs to her room to direct her to wear the same thing as her, the baby face dress and polka tights, they do have some matching things because they BOTH have similar taste. Remy decided to also surprise us and came downstairs dressed in her FAVORITE dress, this roller skate one, with my favorite leggings from Zara, the tigers, and she even put on her headband too! BUT, don’t think they are TOO grown for their beloved BABIES that have to go everywhere with them! We TRY and TRY to beg them to leave their babies at home, even on their beds, but every no and again, against parental wishes, one of their babies makes their way into the car, and sometimes into the public for an appearance, like Remy’s baby, Ellie, did today! Husband would be SO MAD< but I have to document it while I can… these days are SO SHORT and SWEET, when her Ellie is wrapped around a bike rack and in the middle of their sister hugs…. I LOVE these photos of my girls….I just am SO BLESSED, and so GRATEFUL. They are my happiness.

I have to say, I was worried about letting go and feeling sad as the time came when they wouldn’t let me dress them anymore, but it is actually pretty fun seeing what they gravitate towards and a lot of it has been things I really adore too, which helps! I have to say that it helps when I still control the purchases and the actual items that hang in the closets for them to choose from, but I am loosening up and finding myself buying pieces I think THEY will love, and it’s fun to see us all jive. I think kids should have fun with their clothes and be colorful and happy and comfy and silly, not serious! I have always felt that way, but I really see it now that they are older and their own little people. I think most kids are very similar to my girls in that the glitzier, the cuter, the better! I was really happy to see some great sequin swith up tees for boys recently at H&M! You know those scenes that switch when you brush the sequins up or down? Well I found these awesome soccer sweat suits there and they had a really cool tee with a guy FLOSSING in the sequin brush up thing… HOW FUN?!

What is REALLY on my NEEDS list for winter shopping for the girls is a waterproof, like a coat for snow, for Lo! I check the thrift periodically, and I find all their snow suits there, because they basically get minimal to zero wear and tear, bu the coats are MUCH harder to come by! A great reminder as to why donating your old coats to the TRULY NEEDY is so important! I donate all of our old coats, but I usually buy them a couple sizes up so we are still in ours from last year. Arlo just grew out of the Carters one that was handed down from Rem, so I may just buy her a new one. Children’s Place and Crazy 8 always have insane deals and sales.

Classic chocolate glazed for Arlo today, shocking, she usually does the pink sprinkled one, and a chocolate sprinkled one for Rem! If you caught my Insta Stories the other day, Arlo has been really into “CHOCK-O-LEEEETTTT!” lately! My Rem has always gravitated to the cocoa flavor! Mama went for maple, AND, yes, I know (my hips don’t NEED TWO) but I really wanted to try their pumpkin donut and it was really good! I am that coffee girl who actually brought in my joe from another schmoe… sorry, I just really do NOT like their coffee…. and I MUST have coffee with my donut! So we made a pit stop before donuts.

It was a gorgeous, CRISP, and gray day here so we pulled out our furry coats! Cute, fun and just the right warmth! If the temps are 50 or below, you’ll typically find me in a knit hat. I just LOVE hats!

We wrapped up the afternoon with Lego building, some Shopkins play, and Scooby Doo movie snuggled on the couch. It was a really nice Sunday with my girls. We’ll be doing things like this through football season….


Wearing: I am wearing a thrifted/vintage polyester tie neck blouse that I scored hopping into the Arc on Halloween Day last week! I didn’t even try it on, I just HAD to have it and luckily it fits! i wish it was a smidge bit longer for tucking, but glad the sleeves fit! Here’s a similar blouse on a budget. But the inspo is really derived from these designers, Ganni, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Chloe, Saint Laurent… My blouse was a fun find that was a fluke, and $6! My denim is AYR which is SUPER comfy, (STRETCH) and a great rise, and flares are making a comeback! Style tip: never get rid of your denim, the styles ALWAYS cycle back. I don’t see this style now, but check out their jeans! My coat is thrifted/vintage (my snooty girlfriends were snooping around once at my birthday dinner a few years ago because they wanted to know if it was real or not, To be honest, I think it is polyester, but then again, can’t tell, and couldn’t care less! It’s beautiful, fits amazing, and it’s warm, and I LOVE it! It has someone’s initials monogrammed inside. I have a lot of furs, ALL found thrifting. It’s pretty amazing… My shoes are western booties by Marc Fisher. I paid full price, but I see they are now at Nordstrom Rack! My hat is from Target and it is fleece lined so no itch! Earrings are an Anthropologie find.

Remy and Arlo are both wearing coats we found on super sale at H&M a couple years ago, still fit! Remy’s dress is Molo, leggings Zara, and Converse shoes. Arlo’s dress is Mini Rodini, leggings are Old Navy, and her shoes are Cat & Jack, a Target brand, but I found them at the thrift last week, brand new! This roller skate dress is ADORABLE

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