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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Sunflower Picking

Sunflower Picking

Last week Remy started her Pre-K morning lessons and that left Arlo and I to amuse ourselves! I am realizing this Pre-K business is very deceiving in the sense that your THINK you will have ALlllll this free time, when in reality you can go just far enough to feel like you are being productive, but have to stay that much closer to turn around and do the pickup.  Not complaining... YET!

We enrolled Arlo into swimming lessons to convinced on two of the mornings Remy is in school, so that means I will start my "soccer-mom-shuttling" on those days, so last week we took those two initial days to test the waters on just how far we could go and what we could pack in before picking up our Rem.

We made it to the library and she was able to join the group story time last minute.  If you follow along on Instagram or look at Insta Stories at all, you might have caught Lolo dancing along to the storyteller- ADORABLE!  She cracks me up!  Something about Arlo is just more SILLY.  She is jokey and makes funny voices now and sometimes she just will do something that makes you truly laugh.  We explored around a it after the story time which had some interesting information about adding in map lessons with littles.  Suggestions and tips were posted in the back and the story time revolved around travel, trip, map related theme.  I thought it was a great idea!  It helps with spatial awareness which is something I REALLY plan to help the girls with as they grow.  Not only their immediate vicinity, um, those are my toes you are stepping on, but also how to get home, where their school is.  We are already working on this every time we leave the house.  Both girls are highly observant of their surroundings.  I started from the time they were in their carseats with me, point icons out as we travel along.  Eg. "See the huge flag flapping in the wind, girls?!  It means we are almost home!"  See the fire station guys?"  Also, driving the same way to and from places routinely plants little location seeds in their tiny brains like you wouldn't believe.

We had a little time to buy a few used books and share an almond croissant together in the cafe.  The Smoky Hill Public Library branch in Aurora is so GREAT!  They have a nice coffee shop in their with beautiful natural light.  The children's area is just so well thought out and organized.  We really like this location, and lucky for us, it is near Remy's school.  Oh, and one of the nicest parts of the morning, was that I also got to make a phone call!  Gasp!  I actually called my father back and had a conversation!  Granted, Arlo was running across the bench in the coffee shop and there was a pile of croissant crumbs on the floor, but by golly I used actual airtime minutes on my cell!  Anyone else out there feel similar about the phone?!

On Friday, we did a trip to French Press Cafe in Aurora, also, dangerously within proximity to the school.  The eggs always call for me, especially when I miss breakfast myself!  At first we had intentions of getting a single pancake to share but when Arlo saw the pastry case she HAD to have the Rasberry Lemonade cupcake.  Since it was one of our first special outings together, and she did have a good breakfast, I let her get it.  She tried it, but declared it yucky and ate the cupcake part partly, and left all that icing.  I will say they were not very good... they were also rock solid from being in the cooler.  Not one of our recommendations.  The Eggs Benedict was just okay.  Bummer.  The sauce was only on one of the muffins and the muffins were not toasted enough.  I am probably coming across very negative, its just when you are there for a special day and you pay $20, which is a LOT for one person, you do EXPECT more!  We will go back because we have been before on several occasions and it IS very good normally.

Then we had  to do a quick trip to the post office.  We were all buckled in the car ready to leave after mailing our packages, when I went to back up and spotted all these sunny yellow dots out my back window.  My eyes narrowed- sunflowers!  There, in a field next to the post office were hundreds of wild sunflowers!  Change of plans!  With some time to spare, I turned the car off and Arlo and I walked on over and picked some special stems to give Remy and her teacher at pickup.  They were a lot pricklier than you would think, so I carried Lo into good open spots where she could stand and pull.  And they were also a lot sturdier and stubborn than you might think!  They were quite tough to pick!  One of my favorite images of Arlo is her face straining to tug one of these.

THIS, the sunflower picking at random, is what I look forward to throughout the next school year with Alro.  Sure we will have swimming lessons and errands, places to be and responsibilities to tend to as well, BUT, taking advantage of those moments is what I REALLY strive to instill in my girls.  EVEN when we have places to get to, I always want to seize tiny, special moments that make life, LIVELY!  What a perfect start to this new chapter for all of us!  Remy LOVED her flowers and it was our way of letting her know she was very missed and we thought about her while we were away.  We also snuck in THE fastest #targetrun I have ever done before!  We made it only as far as the Dollar Spot area, but man can you do some damage there, and in such a short amount of time!  Dangerous mapping out the nearest Target to her school.... haha!  Any other Target fanatics out there like me?!  Then watch this video from SNL...I STILL laugh every time...

Happy school years ahead everyone!


Arlo is wearing a yellow dress from Old Navy, handed down from Remy.  From last year, but this style is adorable too and only $22!  and sequin sneakers by 10IS.  HOWEVER, these gold sneakers by Sam Edelman are right up our alley... Hmmmm...maybe a second pair???   I bought Arlo new "school shoes," to feel the back-to-school-buzz too.  We all get excited laying out our clothes and shoes the night before!  




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