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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Sweetest Santa Sighting

Sweetest Santa Sighting

The BIGGEST, sugariest thanks to Colorado Ballet for giving such a warm and lovely to Santa as he passed through Denver last Saturday to check on the boys and girls here! The brisk morning air had us in fur vest toppers and tights, but Miss Remy and I put on our finest and headed downtown for a morning breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus under a heated tent on Skyline Park at 16th Street and Arapahoe.

We found the PERFECT street meter parking just around the corner and had a fun walk over, snapping a couple pics along the way.  LOOK at this crazy blue sky, and YELLOW fall leaves!  STUNNING!  Sure, Santa usually is seen in snow, but he was so happy to pass through Denver a little early to catch the turning of the leaves here in Denver, as he mapped out his route for later next month.  I captured Remy's reaction to meeting him for the first, well second (last year was not so sweet and coy but tears and shrills) and it was THE SWEETEST.  He held out his white gloved hand for her and she grasped with the tiniest little fingers... and that smile!  Pitter patter...

The breakfast was such a delightful and cozy time under a heated tent.  There were gorgeous linen tables with festive scotty dog centerpieces, and the catering was kept simple, but delicious.  There were french toast rolls with syrup and two types of strata.  Hot cocoa, juice, tea and coffee.  As we sat and ate breakfast, Santa and his silly better half acted out the classic tale of The Night Before Christmas and had three dancers from Colorado Ballet, in Nutcracker costumes, there to assist the telling of the story.  Then they had the kids get up and act out a few things.  It was kept brief, great for small attention spans, then the kids were invited up for visitation with Santa, the perfect photo opportunity.  Mrs. Claus asked Remy about some popular movie characters to see what she liked.  She asked her about Frozen, but Remy has never seen the movie.  She asked if her favorite was Anna, or Elsa, and Remy answered Anna, but I don't think she knows who they are.  Now, had she asked about Bubble Guppies, Mickey, Peppa Pig, Olivia, Masha and the Bear or Caillou there might have been more excitement.  Santa assured me she had been a very good girl.  I question his sources.  No, no, she is!  Most of the time...

Afterwards, as we were leaving, the kids had gorgeous cookies to decorate.  Remy went gaga for the assortment of sprinkles!  A plate of sprinkles and her day was made.  Then as we headed out she got to take one of those fancy Nutcracker balloons home!  He was almost as big as her!  I want to remember THIS.  We headed into the tent next door for the artisnal market also hosted by Colorado Ballet.  This was their first year doing this, but it looks like they plan to do it annually this first weekend in November.  Genius timing right?  I think so.  For those who have teacher salaries, once a month, or others, bi-weekly, this is perfect timing to begin holiday shopping.  The tent was PACKED and bustling- the spirit in the air, and card swipes keeping the square warm.

I took notice of unique jewelry, expertly iced and packaged cookies, gorgeous wooden cutting boards, pecan pie in a jar, crafty gourmet spice combos, wind chimes, Christmas decor, children's toys including art kits in vinyl ballerina travel bags, one of a kind, handmade, cloth dolls from repurposed fabrics (THESE dolls are everything, including out of my budget), and ornaments.  Remy picked out her annual Christmas ornament, a ballerina pig (see above mention of Peppa Pig and Olivia), and she kept pointing out other ornaments, "for Arlo!"  She especially wanted a boiled wool mouse ornament for Arlo.  Ohhh....  Everything was, "Arlo would like this..." in a tone that questioned, "Can we get it for Arlo?"  So generous this girl.  She hugged a couple stuffed animals, and came across these mini, chubby ballerina gerbil stuffies.  One for her, the orange guy, and one for Arlo, the white one.

I LOVED this Saturday morning date with her!  It's impossible to see ALL of the emotions processed by one kid at something like this when you have another baby you have to keep from choking or tripping or losing.  I LOVE my Arlo baby too, and we'll take her to visit Santa as we get closer to Christmas, but it was nice to have this experience with Remy.

To round out the weekend, husband painted Remy's BIG GIRL BED, which we hope to transition her into within the next few weeks, we picked up potty training Sunday afternoon, but KEPT it going into evening and MADE HUGE STRIDES (just a tiny dabble of an accident and one tiny oopsie pee pee, BUT MOSTLY DRY DRY DRY) after having a rough, terrible, no good, very bad start Friday morning (we are talking FIVE "accidents" within an hour, all before momma had a cup of coffee or could toast toast.  A post on our potty training diaries might be in the future, but one piece of advice I would LOVE to offer up to you now, if you ever think to START it, KEEP going, don't stop and put a diaper back on!!!  But you already knew that... I made this HUGE mistake!  She went on potty way back in spring before turning two- we did the whole HOORAY dance and jig and then we had accident after accident on my sofa every time I went to change baby sister and I felt she was too young, not ready, or was it me not ready?  Anyway, WE ARE READY.  WE ARE DOING THIS. We went cold turkey tonight.

Anyway, a LOT of photos below from the Santa visit.  Santa, we LOVE you and thank you so much for sharing your precious time with us Saturday to have breakfast and meet us!  Colorado Ballet, thanks for arranging the Meet Cute.


Remy is wearing a dress by Marimekko Designs, found on clearance.   Pretty sure it is a spring/summer piece, but the fabric is thick so I winterized it by adding a long sleeve tee underneath and thick tights and boots.  Tights and vest from Target and Hunter boots.  She has a better wardrobe than I do.

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