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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Swimming at Ouray Hot Springs Pool

Swimming at Ouray Hot Springs Pool

What a way to swim away summer, than to spend it in the gorgeous, newly-renovated Ouray Hot Springs Pool! Funny story about Ouray, it seemed that every time we had attempted to visit in the past, we had just missed the season, or the hours, or had run into the renovations, but this summer we made it!  The girls and I first swam at Ouray Hot Springs back in June on our last visit out west.  I was so amazed that I was able to handle the girls all on my own there!  The slides and rock climbing walls were not quite open last time, and they are still too small this summer, but those seem like such great additions for older kids!  There is also a large inflatable obstacle course as well, but you need to take and pass a swimming test by an on-site lifeguard before you are able to play around on that, as it is surrounded by 9 ft. deep water.  Looks like the people that did make it on were having a great time- and sliding off of it as well!

The girls and I love sitting and walking around the 3 ft. deep shallow pool and they feel pretty proud of themselves and confident because they are able to touch the bottom, no problem.  The water is warm like a bath, not intensely hot in the shallow pool, and you are surrounded by these amazing rock mountains with needle trees lining them.  You are literally swimming in between the mountain range there!  GORGEOUS!  On the day we went, it was actually nice with a light breeze!  Closing weekend and it wasn't busy at all!  We lucked out!

We also like to dip in the hot tub area.  They completed the renovations of the pool this summer, and they did such a beautiful job of incorporating the lines of the natural landscape and geography surrounding the pool into the designs of the new features.  If you notice, the peak of the roof on the structure mirrors that of the mountain in the distance.  Also, I noticed last time from walking through the parking lot, that the back of the rock climbing wall, such a neat little area that you can actually jump off of and back into the pool from, is sort of a replica of the mountainside behind it!  The attention to detail, the low steps, and shallow drain areas, the ledges and spill-over waterfalls into other areas are just so thought out.  Bravo whoever had the contract on this reno!

Notes to parents, they are a little strict here.  There are quite a few lifeguards on duty which is fabulous, but very alert and attentive to people hanging on the sports nets, running, leaning on the waterfall ledges, etc., etc.   Sometimes I felt it was a little too much hawk eye happening to let loose and relax because there was a lot of whistle blowing, but it is brand new and I can see how they want to keep everyone safe as well as preserving their investment.  Also, be aware that even if you have a tot who is potty trained, they ask that all toddlers two and under, I believe, wear swim diapers.  Another odd thing, but again, I can see how they want to keep the pool clean and hygienic which I can appreciate!  I can't tell you how many times we have been at a pool somewhere and we see a HUGE, saturated, regular diaper in a pool- icky!  OR, we have seen just undies being used rather than proper swim attire.  So, I can get behind that rule.

This time I also noticed they have a great little snack bar area as well as a cabin-like kiosk stand by the slides that was selling ribs, I think.  We packed our lunch last time, and this time we did a shorter swim day and headed home to eat, but good to know they have some food available on-site.

It was truly the perfect swim to end this summer!  They are open during winter season, but be sure to call ahead or check their schedule online first as their staff drops down seasonally.  Also, the slides and some of the features are closed I believe for winter.

THANKS, Daddy!  My Dad came along for the drive up and it was great chit-chat time, but he didn't feel like dipping so he stayed in the shade and he was so sweet to pick up my camera and snap a couple photos of me swimming with the girls!  The air toss was totally staged, haha, but they had a blast doing them!  My back doesn't like them so much, especially now that they are so big!  We also practiced our back floats and our tummy kicks!  Now that Remy is in school, she has been on a long break from her swimming lessons which ended back at the start of summer!  Now I take Arlo for her first swim lessons while Remy is in school.  I thought Arlo would be so brave and adventurous with lessons, basing that off how she had no problems jumping into the pool this summer with her floaties, but when she started official classes, she sort of froze up the first three lessons.  We persisted and I talked her through it and let her come out for a towel dry, but she had to always go back in and finish the lesson.  I think it is extremely important to teach follow-through.  I also think swimming lessons are necessary.  I took them as a kid, but never stuck with them and I never wanted to get my face wet, I am a terrible swimmer for that to this day.  I really want the girls to feel confident and comfortable in the water.  I am not looking for Olympics here, but survival skills.

Here are a lot of photos! (I tried to blur out my thigh cellulite for easy viewing, but it may have accentuated it more.  Apologies.)


Remy's banana suit is by Indikidual and Arlo's watermelon suit is only $6 right now! How pretty is this one-shoulder ruffle swimsuit?! My navy and white striped bikini is from Target a few years ago now, but I am in the market for a nice, classic one-piece suit.  This black one-shoulder ruffle version by J. Crew caught my eye!  BUT, then I saw this ruffle gingham one, and I think this would add volume in all the right places for me. 

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