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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Tattered Cover Book Store & Candy

Tattered Cover Book Store & Candy

Last week, before the quick FIRST snow that flew in, the girls and I headed downtown to Tattered Cover Book Store to check out their children's books, they always have the BEST, and then I had a hankering for fudge all of a sudden and thought I would introduce the girls to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Writer's Square for a smidgen of the good stuff. Turns out, my girls thoroughly LOVED the book store and resident stuffy, Babar, but this is the second time I have left there, without any books, and my neck in knots.  Somehow, they feel a little TOO comfortable over there in the kids' section that they want to take off their shoes, and take all the books and merchandise off the shelves and run around.  Remy sat through one reading, and I caught site of a couple covers I would love to read through, but we ended up having to leave so they could get some fresh air.  Next time I go to Tattered Cover, I hope it's a date with myself so I can truly soak it in and relax and research some new reads for us properly.  I have fond memories of this place; I used to spend every school day here on my lunch breaks when I attended CU Denver.

I think this is funny: That woman down there in the photos was so sweet, I overheard her whisper to her husband that she didn't think I was the librarian.  I sensed they needed some guidance in the kid's books so I spoke up and offered to help.  Turns out she was so excited to be expecting her first grand baby that week, a girl!  She was picking out some first books for her.  So sweet, I love it...  She asked if I had any recommendations for children's book for babies that had "a lot of rhyming," and I directed her straight away to Sandra Boynton board books!  Overwhelmingly I would say, go for Sandra Boynton books for gifting baby!  Some of our faves are Barnyard Dance,  Pajama Time, the Going to Bed Book, Moo Baa, La, La La and Arlo's is Snuggle Puppy!  In fact, this reminds me of something I may want to ask Santy about- The Belly Button Book, Blue Hat, Green Hat, and But Not the Hippopotamus are missing from our collection!

Not sure about you all out there with littles, but post naps and into bedtime has been a bear around these parts lately do to the time change! It's getting dark before 5 pm!  We used to get a second LONG dose of outdoor playing in and energy out after naps and sometimes until dinner, and sometimes again after dinner.  I am pulling my hair out with the cooler temps and darkness keeping us more indoors.  Hands up if you are in my camp?  I am circling my house and putting little things away ALL day, fixing things to eat, and then cleaning messes all day long and by the time we take out one activity they are onto the next.  And cleanup!  How in the heck do we get two toddlers to help clean up?!  Suggestions welcome in the comments!  No singy-songs please!

Sorry for the interlude vent!

We skipped the mall shuttle and walked the few blocks to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Turns out, momma was the only one really interested in the classic fudge, oh and the tiger butter, um, and maybe the peppermint bark... We could have totally left the store with a candy cane for Remy, (look at her incredible candy cane painted face down there!) and the neon green rock candy for Arlo, but I HAD to get a little something for later!  The dipped apples looked SO amazing, but too large and hard to eat for the girls and although they always look soooo good, I am more of a chocolate gal.

Just outside of the candy shop there in Writer's Square there is a water fountain.  We made wishes with some coins, and also dipped our faces in, 'cause, you know, why not?!

We strolled one more BIG city block to check on the Skyline ice skating rink.  It opens up November 22nd! We didn't make it down here for ice skating last year, but you can see our first adventure in ice skating last year at Belmar here.  Hoping to get some ice skating in again this season!  If you haven't seen us on Instagram, the girls are sort of digging skating and even tried on some frozen water outside our house last week!

A GIANT thank you Amy from Bonella Photography for spending the morning with us and snapping these beautiful pictures of the girls and I!  It is one GIANT goal of mine to attempt to have some special moments captured between the girls and I as we spend these short, sweet years together before they head off to school and then won't even want to be seen with me.  I am usually behind the camera so it is such a luxury, and so freeing to be able to read to them, get down on the floor, make wishes with them, HOLD them, and have someone else sort of hanging out with us who has that eye to snap those special, FLEETING moments.  She was incredible with the girls, both felt immediately drawn to her like they had always known her, really!  Thank you, thank you Amy!  Check out her info page if you want to book her for a family session!


Wearing: Vintage dress (similar here and less than $100!), and boots. Remy and Arlo are both wearing dresses similar to these.  Arlo is wearing Freshly Picked Moccasins, how PRETTY are these gold ones?!   and Remy is wearing these boots.

Now, some of my favorite photos of the afternoon last week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Great Sippy Cup Search

The Great Sippy Cup Search