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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Third Baby Gifts: Pebble Rattle

Third Baby Gifts: Pebble Rattle

I am a major saver.  Some may call it straddling the line of hoarder and sentimental.  Perhaps it comes from lessons learned from my Mama, that you never know when you might need something.  Or was it learned from living with my Great Aunt, a frugal, smart and savvy woman who lived through the Great Depression and would never toss a moldy slice of bread?  No matter, bottom line is I have STUFF.  I KEEP stuff. And on the off chance I dig around in my "spare room" three years from now and I pull out an unopened, still wrapped, with tags, gift that has been waiting, just WAITING to be gifted to just the right babe, then, well, call me what you will.

Recently a friend of mine had her third baby! Yeah!  The leap from two to three, what excitement.  All the more of it because she was one of "those" mamas who waited to find out the sex of the baby until after birth.  She has two sweet little boys, and now a..... GIRL!  I KNEW that this little girl was THE girl to get this rabbit rattle I have saved for sometime.  This rattle by Pebble, is so incredible special.  Made of 100% organic cotton, and made in Bangladesh by artisans at Hathay Bunano ps, the Pebble company's story of doing their part in,"supporting families in rural Bangladesh, to removing the need for economic migration to the cities and to providing women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes."  For all of these points, and because it is this FIRST pink baby for my friend, I HAD to gift her this very special piece.  

When someone I know already has a baby, a child, on or two or more at home, I really try to put myself in their shoes when deciding on what to gift that third baby.  EVERY baby is incredibly special, a BLESSING, a GIFT and something to be showered and celebrated immensely, no matter if they came first or fourth.  I always think of the stuffies or lovies.  That very first "thing" that makes the acquaintance of those glistening beady eyes when they blink open in their sleeping spaces.  I think about how the baby who is brani-new may be "set" with clothes and blankets and toys, but do they have their OWN special animal or lovie that hasn't met any other tiny knuckles or juicy gums?  I love gifting an animal to call their own.  This rabbit by Pebble checked that box perfectly.  I see that Hanna is carrying them now as well!  How adorable is this mushroom rattle?!

I also try to think of what worked for ME as a momma, things that I thought were useful that maybe this friend might find useful as well.  It's always fun to swap ideas on tools and tricks and gear to other mamas.  For me, I was anti-pacifier with my first.  So much so, it was written in my birth plan to not even dare put a dummy in the crib near her.  Well, she found her thumb!  THAT was a tough habit to break- but we finally did it!  NOT a cute habit once it starts affecting their teeth bite and smile.  I am in no way encouraging pacifiers as soothers, BUT, with my second daughter, I did allow and try a pacifier or two, or five...the only one she took for a time was the MAM.  I JUST received a text from my mama friend tonight that "miracles of miracles happened" and she took the MAM after fighting others.  Yeah!  I get a little giddy when my momma advice actually helps someone!  

I ALSO love to gift a hooded towel.  Both of girls had one since they were born, and they STILL have these to this day!  They're that useful, that durable, that loved, THAT GOOD!  Looks like Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond are even carrying them now.  I thought this "Hello" peachy one was so cute and a fabulous price!

Another gift idea for third babies, muslin swaddle blankies!  A MUST!  For ALL babies and mamas!  I used mine for EVERYTHING!  Car seat cover, nursing cover, stroller cover, changing pad, picnic blanket, swaddling not so much (my girls HATED swaddling) and my second daughter actually used hers as a LOVIE!  We lost her original one which became badly tattered and abused, at Kaiser.  I am SURE they put that thing directly into the red bin marked "Hazardous" haha!  I replaced her original swaddle lovie with another, which she STILL has and she'll be FOUR in September.  Not sure where you are at with the lovie thing, my husband thinks they are annoying, especially when we have to go searching for them on a nightly basis, but so many studies I have read show it is extremely natural, and HEALTHY for babies and young children to attach themselves to a lovie for self-soothing and comforting purposes.  

Along the wedding motto of, "Something borrowed...something new..." I love to gift, so long as the mama receiving is into it, a vintage piece from my collection!  I just saw that I started my Etsy shop Rolypolyz, selling baby and toddler vintage back in August of 2012!  That was before I had kids of my own!  See how passionate I am about thrifting and vintage?!  AND saving... haha!  Anyway, once I found out she was having a girl I raced to my vintage closet and plucked out a few great summer sets for her!  I also had this straw hat from Old Navy that used to be Remy's, getting emotional, and I gave it to her to go with those summer vintage frocks.  I have SAVED and KEPT a LOT of the girls' things from when they were newborns to a year old, but this little hat just won't fit in the bin without being crushed, and so she needed a head to cover.  

And certainly NOT last, DIAPERS!  Moms and dads can NEVER have enough diapers!  Rash creams and wipes get tricky depending on baby skin sensitivity and scents and brands parents prefer so I always steer clear of gifting any medicinal items unless they registered for it or it's all-natural, but I KNOW diapers ALWAYS get used!  EVEN if they are a cloth diaperer, which this mama intends to do, she welcomed these diapers with a knowing laugh and smile.  Because we all know there is that emergency time when you just NEED a disposable diaper!  These are by Honest brand, and I always like to gift diapers in the bigger sizes!  Babies aren't in the newborn size for very long, but the two's and three's- seems like an eternity haha!

I dug up some old posts on my favorite baby gifts here and toddler summer buys well!  Oh, and gift ideas for one-year olds here and here and gift ideas for two-year olds here and here!

A very warm thank you to Pebble who generously gifted this bunny who finally found her home!


Shop the post: Pebble rattles, my favorite swaddle blankies (look at this Disney set!), printed diapers, the ONLY pacifier we liked (adorable summer prints!) (and pacifier wipes!) "Hello" hooded towel, baby straw hat.  This NEW one, "Hello Sunshine" on brim, from Old Navy is TOO CUTE!  And baby and toddler vintage right this way!

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