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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Third Trimester Kit: Things That Got Me Through

Third Trimester Kit: Things That Got Me Through


I am feeling VERY preggo over here at 37 weeks! The exhaustion is slowly creeping back, and my hip joints and lower back are so stiff and sore that I look like an 80 year old woman come 4 am, making my way to the bathroom for my wake up potty call. It is still so incredible to be able to feel and SEE this baby move around, sometimes so strongly my whole tummy jerks. Tonight in pre-natal yoga, the class was dedicated to the celebration of pregnancy. We were reminded to not take pregnancy so seriously, even though the doctor visits, the tests, the unknowns, the future, the bills are all stress and labor inducing. It was a nice hour to reset, balance and SMILE! We have a baby coming! Remy has a baby sister coming down the hatch!

I have been SO very blessed and fortunate to have had two easy and relatively enjoyable pregnancies. I have caught myself saying, "There's nothing like your first," and there isn't. It is such a surprise and treat and so special the first time around, but on my drive home tonight from yoga what popped in my head was that there is nothing like your second either! This baby is going to be a surprise, and there all of the unknowns of how Remy will react to a sibling and having another baby in the house, and then there is how Mazen and I will react and how our hearts will grow and we'll learn what it means when you hear people say, "I didn't think I could love this much," all over again.

So as I am wrapping up this pregnancy with a bow, and soon to be swaddling and snuggling this baby that has been cooking, I wanted to do a final post on what got me through this last trimester. Honestly, I am not super high maintenance, as I am sure you have gathered by now, and there haven't been any fancy gadgets or lotions or potions that I had to purchase. That is the awesome thing about pregnancy, your body was built to do it, and nature does it for you. Sure there are things to ease discomforts and treats to take tension off, but overall, you don't need much when growing a baby it turns out! So, don't let magazines, or commercialism, BLOGS, or the world tell you otherwise or scare you off from growing a baby!

Third Trimester Kit 2 From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Hanky Panky undies: These are stretchy enough to still accommodate this huge tummy, as they sit low. They are also smooth enough to lay flat under most dresses I have worn this summer, and they come in a rainbow of colors. Not terribly "cheap" but they do hold up well with washing. Victoria's Secret has a similar thong, but the quality is just not as good as these guys.

2. Dove deodorant: I have used Dove for years. I have needed more swipes of the classic underarm freshener this summer.

3. A Pea in the Pod Maternity Swimsuit: By the time summer was in high gear, I was unable to get by with ill fitting pre-pregnancy bikinis, and it was also right around the time we planned our baby moon to Mexico that I FINALLY decided it was time to invest something into a proper maternity swimsuit. On a mission, I found this one at Macy's and on sale! It was the only one left and I happened to catch it after the sales woman showed me the maternity section one more time. It fits amazing and I love the sweet blue and white gingham pattern with halter strap. Who knew a pregnancy suit could be so cute?!

4. HATS: I have a couple hats I frequently topped off with almost daily. One was a panama hat from J.Crew and one was a straw hat with black band from Target. Somehow I felt more dressed up with a hat and I felt it was the perfect supplement to a face full of makeup. I found I went makeup-free a majority of the time.

5. Sleep Pillow App: I love this thing! We used it in New York when we stayed in a bustling Brooklyn apartment and needed to block out the street noise for Remy, and we have used it here lately to block out Remy's crying so we could get some shut eye! Let's just say she is not a happy camper when she is teething and there were several sleepless nights around here this summer as she cut four molars. (Don't worry, we used the app after tending to her needs and caring for her sore little gums.)

6. H2O: Water, water, water.

7. S'Mores: YUM! We don't have a fire pit or a gas range, but you know what, the microwave makes a pretty darn good s'more if you ask me! There was a phase where I had one every afternoon! I even made little self s'mores kits as thank you favors for our guests at our diaper party.

8. Perfume: Another easy thing that made me feel put together before heading out, that took no time at all, was fragrance. I was sent a sample rollerball of the Marc Jacobs Daisy scent and I wore it quite a bit! I never liked it before but maybe my pheromones changed during pregnancy.

9. Dried Apricots: During my entire pregnancy, both times, I had some constipation. I found that 3-4 of these, found in bulk at Sprouts, helped a little. Also, they are a super food for pregnancy diets so it's a win-win!

What were some of your third trimester must-haves?!

Hope you enjoyed these little trimester kits! See my kits for the first trimester and second trimester if you missed them...


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