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Toddler Toes: Summer Sandals

Toddler Toes: Summer Sandals


Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, and the weather around here, lightening and thunder storms, hail, on and off rain, would have you definitely believing it is still very much spring, however, with pools and splash pads open and hot days intermitenly sprinkled in there lately, I have toddler footwear on my mind. Last year, Remy had just turned one mid May, and wasn't really walking on her own until July.  A couple pairs of jellies, her Freshly Picked moccasins and a pair of Native shoes were pretty much what we rotated with.  This year is an all new ball game with her not only walking, running and jumping, but dancing, climbing, chasing and everything else she can try to get her little body to do.

I recently found her a pair of brown, leather Saltwater Sandals while thrifting for 30 cents!  That was a total score!  And they FIT!  Weird... She has a pair of canvas slip ons we got her from Target by the Genuine Kids by Osh Kosh brand, but they are a little too big and slip a little too much.  She also has her moccasins and some Nike, Converse, Superga and Munich sneakers, but where are the sandals?!  At the last couple of birthday parties at the pools and splash pads, I noticed the sporty, waterproof sandals and shoes a lot of the toddlers had on.  While not the cutes or most fashionable, they are most practical and SAFE and smart decision for a two year old.

SO I did a little research on the topic, and these are my favorite picks of the toddler girl sport sandal category.  I did not fully investigate the reviews and ratings, only glanced until I really narrow down a purchase, but these are the styles, color schemes and brands I am looking into.  In the meantime, I just picked up a new pair of Native slip ons which we loved last year, from Nest boutique.

What about your toddler's toes?  What are they wearing on their tootsies this summer?  Any I should look into?


sporty sandals

From left to right, top to bottom:

Nike Kids Sunray Protect- $34 This has to be one of my favorite pairs! Love that these are open, breathable, have a heel strap which is Velcro, and the color scheme reminds me of Watermelon Bubble Yum.

Merrell Hydro Junior Sandal- $40 Not really all that in love with the loo of these, BUT, they also come in purple, they are available at Stride Rite so you know they must be good footwear, they have rounded toes to reduce trip and falls and they have a thick, sporty sole for activity,  Oh, and Velcro of course!

Nike Sunray Adjust 4- Girls' Toddler- $29.99 More Nikes!  A simple sandal, but looks comfy and heel strap with Velcro looks easy enough!  And there's that color scheme again!

Kamik Oyster Sandal- $35 These look a little more sturdy.  More of a hiking shoe of sorts, good for all terrain or more activity.  Again, great heel strap and Velcro, plus easy tightening draw strings.

Keen Kids Harper- $50 Pricey, but probably because they are the best quality.  Not sure.  I had never heard of this brand before.  Oh, and they come in a neat purple and teal combo and a turquoise and orange combo!  They just look like you could probably be in them for a good chunk of time and easily stay cool.

Tidepool Children's by Teva- $32 Probably the ones I am leaning towards most.  Look super bendy and flexible on the sole.  Velcor adjustable top as well.  LOVE the color!  Can't go wrong with a name like Teva!

Which is your fave?!

(Worth mentioning that I looked into L.L. Bean and Patagonia, but didn't run across toddler waterproof activity sandals.)



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