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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Vegas Pit Stop

Vegas Pit Stop

Hello Memory Lane!

I usually NEVER ever, okay RARELY take an unexpected corner down my hard drive and jump head first into old folders, BUT, we the family and I were eating together the other day and we all took notice of an old framed photo in our dining nook.  It was a photo of all FOUR of us, outside a brunch spot in Ventura, California.  I remember that trip OH SO WELL, like VERY well, and yet, as the story goes, it does seem totally crazy that husband and I had accomplished such a LONG drive with TWO babies.  We came out alright!  

That photo prompted me to think about that trip again, and then I had wanted to cue up the ole blog, because you know it didn't REALLY happen unless its living on the web when you're a blogger, no, NOT TRUE, I just swore I had blogged about this trip from summer of 2015.  But, no!  Not here!  I think it got LOST IN TRANSLATION when I switched over from Wordpress to Squarespace.  So...I just couldn't have THAT!  I dug around the file, and found some gems from an extremely short and sweaty stop in Vegas.  Husband has wonderful, GRAND, plans sometimes and had thought we could all stop and stretch our legs and get a gourmet buffet at one of the big hotels.  This was the SECOND time I had ever been IN Vegas, not a place I like to visit, sorry, but since we were passing through to get to California and it was time to stop, Vegas made sense.  Silly us, we even thought we could walk outside and see the fountain show!  Ha!

This was as far as we got.  The hotel lobby of the...!  Sorry!  Okay, I was right, I just did a Google search to confirm, this is the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel!  STUNNING!  Wait a minute, now that I see the vibrant and bold squares of Skittle colors in this Google search, my photos look pretty bleak in comparison.  So I guess, if you're still not convinced about popping in the Bellagio after seeing this post, do give it an adequate internet trolling because if any hotel you were ever to stumble into with greasy hair and sweaty thighs from sitting in a car for twelve hours with a little breast milk stainage in your bra from feeding your babe in the backseat here and there along the way, well, then I would definitely say THIS is the lobby for you!

I am sad we didn't get to try the delicious food, but there was NO way we could have waited in ANY line, not even one person deep sort of line, not even a give-us-your-tele-and-we-text-you-when-were-ready-line!  Like NO WAY with two babies who had been cooped up!  Then imagining a BUFFET where you have to go and get the food and bring it back to the table... the messes, the high chairs, whoa!  Mind bursting just thinking about it- even today!  Anyway, we enjoyed their gorgeous display and blasting air conditioner and we got the heck out of there.  

I don;t even think I had posted these on the old platform because at the time I think I was still scarred from that pit stop.  I was still very much feeling that day or something, because I couldn't see the beauty in them.  THREE years later, goodness sakes, Arlo is four in September, and I am seeing the strength in these as parents.  I couldn't stop clicking my arrow key ahead, to see the faces, to smell those baby hairs of theirs through the screen and bite those thighs!  I wanted to zoom in and crop into the heart of them and really feel what we felt that day as MOM and DAD.  I could see it... the tiredness on husband from driving straight.  The tiredness from ME from breastfeeding on demand, scrunched in the back seat, and at times holding an unhappy baby who did not want to be in a carseat.  The exhaustion on their faces from being in an uncomfy, unfamiliar situation, out of the ordinary routine for them and I see the HEAT.  Ugh... are we ready to drive to California this summer again?!  Ha!  I think so!  

With so many road trips under our belts now, many to Glenwood Springs, and Grand Junction and out to see my Dad solo with my girls many ties, we ARE READY FOR YOU CALIFORNIA!  I love this photo series.  Things I hated about the photos of myself then, me looking chubby, hating my outfit, seeing my blemishes and running makeup, they don't bother me today.  The photo series signifies so much.  A lot of changes since then.  I'll leave it at that.

Hope you don't mind me sharing three-year old photos with you!  I especially LOVE the last photo at night when we FINALLY arrived at the hotel in California!  SMILES!  Happy traveling and family memory-making this summer everyone!


Wearing:  I am wearing a red Rachel Comey blouse found at Buffalo exchange, BUT look at THIS floral cropped number from RC!  Also wearing thrifted, vintage acid wash denim high waist shorts.  I wore these on my latest road trip to see my Dad!  Are they like my driving shorts or something?  Ew!  Their not the cutest either!  THESE are MUCH cuterOr these which are only $24!  Remy was wearing a kitten printed H&M dress, love this EASY style of sundress they make!  Here is another EASY little cotton tank dress with a kitten. Her sandals are See Kai Run, and another thing about travel, you always LOSE something!  I was SO SAD when we lost one of these on the beach the night we got there we had to walk on the beach at night and it popped out of Baba's pocket.  It looks like they have redesigned their sandals since then, but these are GREAT shoes, and very easy and comfy.  This yellow pair is darling!  And Arlo was wearing a watermelon printed set either from Kohl's or Walmart.  I think it was Kohl's because HERE is their newer version in PINK with a ruffle collar and only $10!  Grabbing my purse...


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